OT: orders to Ohio

As the title states, we've just received orders to wright-patt, so we'll be living basically in the Dayton area. Any fellow Hokies that are Ohio natives that can give me the scoop on good eats and local dives?

I'm excited to be waaay closer to home (9 hour drive to VB) and I'll likely be going to my first game in Blacksburg this year!

The only downsides, for me, are snow and having to give up the green.

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Give it up? Just be an outlaw...really adds another element of mystique.

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Paging HokieFireman. He has nothing but good things to say about the area.

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The only downsides, for me, are snow and having to give up the green.and Ohio


Jokes aside, the proximity to Cincy is a net positive. Cincinnati might as well be another country compared to the rest of the state.

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Unfortunately the skyline chili had closed so no idea on where to eat now.

I had Skyline in Dayton last summer. I show three there now but not convenient to Wright-Patt.

It was closed in September. At least the one close to wright patt

Going to hijack this thread because I don't have enough legs. I'm headed out to Baumholder, Germany on orders. Any Hokies out in the Rheinland-Pfalz area?

Born and raised in Dayton, now in Cincy. Grew up with soccer practice on the Wright-Patt Fields and learned to drive going around base (before 9/11). You have an email you want me to give you the run down at?

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Hamburger wagon Miamisburg a must try once trip down. I'll have a whole post tomorrow after some sleep.

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So if your not from Ohio don't even bother with chili on spaghetti, don't eat the square pizza fast food crap.
Now for places to eat in the metro Dayton area: Mexican: Taqueria Mixteca Local good places: tanks bar and grill, Chappy's Social House Fried Chicken, Milanos Pizza and subs, Dorothy Lane Market awesome grocery store and even prepared meals like cooked to order steaks, TJ chumps; fast food: Raising Canes Chicken, Hot Head Burrito, Penn station subs. We left 9 almost 10 years ago so a lot has changed.
Are you living on base or have a preferred area?

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If are looking for food only here is the Dayton list
Pizza: Marion's is the standard all others are measured against, if Marion's is packed you go to Casano's. If it's late and you are leaving the bar, hope Cousin Vinny's is nearby.

Donuts: Bill's Donuts in Centerville.

Ester Price Chocolate for occasions and apologies.

Warped Wing is doing pretty well on the local brew side of things

Dive Bar: Kings Table, near base/Wright State, sells tots by the bucket. Timothy's by UD.

Wings: find a Fricker's, can catch the game there.

Subs: Milano's, says pizza and subs, they made their name on subs, the locals do not eat the pizza, see Marion's. Can also catch games since B-Dubs bought the chain and made sure they all have a bar now.

Ice Cream: Make the trip to Young's Dairy, it's practically an amusement park now. Also you can stop by the Import House, you know for glass pipes and tobacco accessories on the way. Rumor was Dave Chappelle bought it a few years back, he has a place out there still. If you don't want to head to the country any UDF or Graeter's has better ice cream than most of the country.

Mexican: Elsa's is where everyone goes. Mostly for the Bad Juan margarita, to but the food holds up, especially after a Bad Juan.

Mike Sells potato chips are the local variety and I think they put Utz to shame.

If you go to a Dorothy Lane Market, get some Killer Brownies, ask for them to be cut in quarters or prepare for diabetes when you can't control yourself from eating the whole tray.

Skyline is boss, don't let any outsider talk you out of it. Standard order, medium three way and one all the way (chili spaghetti and a Coney dog on the side with mustard and onion).

Burgers: find Sliders in Belmont, hope they aren't busy. If they are Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers isn't far and is also pretty good.

You can get a taste of Shittsburg too, Primanti Bros opened a spot south of the base.

At Christmas go back to Yellow Springs and to Clifton Mills, millions of lights, nice walk around, great hot chocolate, buy some pancake mix from the mill, be prepared for traffic on single lane country roads.

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Skyline and Bob Evans are two of my must eats every time I go through Ohio.

I also can't remember the name of the place in Dayton, but there is the little drive in there that makes their own Root Beer, and it is absolutely amazing.

The Root Beer Stande, like the E makes it fancy or something. I haven't been in awhile, might have been bought out by A&W. I also don't think about Bob Evans as a local chain, there is Frisch's, but it's all just typical Midwestern food, always good, not usually great.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

We always stop at Dogs N Suds in Elyria when visiting the in-laws. Root beer is pure perfection. And Diabetes.

Don't know why, but Ohio has a million of these.

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