Hokie Hoops Central: Week 3 Other Games

This week there will be quite a few great games to watch. Looking ahead at the Hokies schedule of Minnesota, UNC, Dayton and Oklahoma State, will include their games below. Keep in mind there are quite a few games TBD based on Feast Week Tournament results.

For those worried about the loss to College of Charleston negatively impacting the Hokies, in the short term CoC actually received more AP Top 25 votes this week than Tech. If they continue to do well it will end up a Quad 1 Loss on "Neutral court" which is not a big negative.

Currently #3 Kansas has their hands full with the 4-0 Wolfpack on ESPN.

Other big games today
Dayton (3-1) vs Wisconsin 230pm ESPN2
#21 Texas Tech vs Ohio State 230pm ESPN
#10 Creighton vs #14 Arizona 5pm ESPN
#13 Auburn vs Northwestern (5-0) 830pm CBSSN
#9 Arkansas vs #17 SDSU 10pm ESPN2
Minnesota (4-1) vs UNLV (5-0) 1030pm CBSSN

Thanksgiving Day
#1 UNC vs Portland 1pm ESPN
#24 Purdue vs WVU (4-0) 10pm ESPN2
#18 Alabama vs #12 Michigan State 1030pm ESPN

Hokies play Charleston Southern at home at 8pm
#25 Iowa vs Clemson 7pm CBSSN
Tulsa vs Oklahoma State 8pm ESPN+

Kent State (5-0) vs #2 Houston 230pm ESPN+

Saint Louis (4-1) vs #13 Auburn 3pm SECN
Prairie View A&M vs Oklahoma State 3PM ESPN+

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Maui invitational officials about as bad as Shriners. Murder down low but ticky tack on the edges