DJ Harvey Enters Transfer Portal

[mod edit: reopened thread to share news of Harvey's commitment to San Jose State]

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Sad to see him go thought he was stepping up for future big time player.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I hope he heals up and balls out wherever he lands. I would guess back on the west coast?

I hate to see him go as I think he could potentially contribute down the line, but not one that is surprising.

Damn. Not a good start. I know there will be names we don't like to see, but hope it doesn't add up to more losses than gains

Damn, thought he was gonna be a baller. I trust Pry though, and this roster needed an overhaul

I hate to see it. Talented kid. But, he played slow. I think his confidence was damaged somewhere in the last couple of years. But, when he is three years end and is still behind Strong and Delane (and couldn't beat out Chatman/Murray) it is probably time.

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Our portal watch:

-Chance Black
-Tajh Bullock
-Kenji Christian
-Jesse Hanson
-Desmond Mamudi
-JR Walker

I'm not really sure which of the WRs are transfer potential. Anybody else who should be on watch?

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Let's make individual threads instead of a catch-all. Makes it easier for people to find the entries via the tracker.

I reopened this thread to share this news given we have the individual threads plus to catch-all master thread.

Harvey has committed to San Jose State, hope he balls out there!

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That's a good program, not what you'd necessarily want from a former 4* but you're gonna win a lot of games and get developed for sure.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

Another one moving closer to home story it seems.

Go Hokies!!