TKP 2022 NFL Survivor League, Week 5

No changes this week, everyone still playing made it through to Week 5.

Rules reminder
- Pick one team each week. If that team loses, you're out. If that team wins, you move on to the next week. Ties advance to the next week.
- You can only pick each team once
- If you're the last one standing, you win
- If you haven't picked by the time the first game to be played that week has started (e.g. the Thursday night game, Bills at Rams, for week one), you can still pick, so long as you pick a game that hasn't started yet.

Games This Week
Thu: Colts @ Broncos
Sun 9am: Giants @ Packers
Sun 1pm: Falcons @ Buccaneers, Bears @ Vikings, Lions @ Patriots, Texans @ Jaguars, Chargers @ Browns, Dolphins @ Jets, Steelers @ Bills, Seahawks @ Saints, Titans @ Commanders
Sun 4pm: 49ers @ Panthers, Cowboys @ Rams, Eagles @ Cardinals
Sun night: Bengals @ Ravens
Mon: Raiders @ Chiefs

Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Little Bobby Tables Ravens Packers Bengals Chargers Vikings
Twick Colts Rams Cowboys Packers Bills
VTMaroonOrange Browns Broncos Bengals Bills Buccaneers
Roll Turkey Saints Broncos Chargers    
07Hokie Bills Chiefs Giants    
vtdirk12 Colts Rams Chiefs    
HokieAlum6144 Colts Bengals      
HightyTighty Colts Bengals      
DFWHokie Colts Bengals      
Dmhbeaver Ravens Bengals      
jrvt10 Colts Browns      
hokie47 Colts DNP      
PMS208 Commanders Steelers      
LifetimeHokie12 Colts DNP      
VPIhokieME Colts Browns      
RealDiehl 49ers        
Horkie Bengals        
Mr Storm Your Field Cardinals        
jgladish Broncos        
gobble gobble chumps Broncos        
AZHokie22 Broncos        
NewportHokie Titans        
HokieHi62 Titans        
hokietopher Titans        
heuplek Titans        
804 to 757 Hokie Jaguars        
brockman_148 Titans      
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Week Five Picks:

Please make your picks for Week Five as a reply to this comment.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Give me the Buccaneers and 10 points.

...I can ask for points right?

...I can ask for points right?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.


ME Class of '16
VA --> AL
I'd rather be golfing.

I went with the Vikings. The Bears are awful right now.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

@VTMaroonOrange if you run out of B names will you be able to cheat a bit and pick Baltimore?

Onward and upward

I was looking to see what "B" team was up for this week. He might have to pick the 'Boyz...

Guys, it's about going 1-0 each week. A former coach taught me this is the recipe for situational success. I can't get caught looking ahead like I did last week and rely on scoring 20 unanswered points with a walk-off field goal. Not every defense is going to be anchored by a Tim Settle and an Edmonds, possibly no other defense is.

I mean this week I've picked a team with the oldest QB in the NFL right now. Mere months ago this guy wasn't even working for a living!