SC 3* DB Misun Kelly decommits from Hokies

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Bye Felicia

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Not sure I can sign off on this sentiment since it implies we don't him. If we offered, we wanted him. I personally wish him well, though I wish he could have done it here.

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We'll you see, it's a defense mechanism. If you're ok with them leaving they (an 18 (maybe, I haven't looked) year old kid just trying to find the best situation for himself, cuz, duh) can't hurt you

I'm still figuring this out.

I figured we'd lose 5%-10% of the class to decommits no matter what. For people who closely follow recruiting is this a big loss?

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Sucks, but I hope the kid is getting the best advice for him and gets what he wants. If VT isn't the best fit for him, then I hope he succeeds at his future spot. Football recruiting is a crazy world.

As I said in the commitment thread, I was always a bit dubious of this one. Clemson and OU (Venables) have connections at his HS like I've never seen with any CFB program and a HS before. If he ends up elsewhere then my trepidation may have been put in the wrong place, but if he ends up at Clemson or OU we never stood a chance.


Wondering if he ends up at a Texas school promising at least 30K in NIL.

i don't think clemson has offered yet, but maybe one is on the way. his best offers at the moment appear to be louisville, coastal carolina, and app state.

edit: welp

That, as they say, is the rest of the story.

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Outside the footprint.

If you mean the 6h radius that Coach Pry mentioned, he is definitely inside it.

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I'm all for CBP, but radius vs. results. Got one from SC, hoping the track record will prove you right.

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. He lives about 5h away from Tech is all I'm sayin

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I'm saying the notion of a 6 hr footprint radius sounds really great, but may well be overly optimistic. We'll see how reality sets in as the track record plays out. It's only really in our footprint if we see a consistent pattern of success Skeptical, but hope we do.

Maybe in the rebuild, the footprint excludes those that are only here to not be in Louisville?

I'm still figuring this out.

So we should reduce, or expand our footprint? I guess I'm still confused by your statements.

I believe Pry wants to get back to the family atmosphere Beamer had. Hopefully be close enough to watch your child play on Saturdays.

New Jersey and Florida probably being the biggest outliers during the Beamer years for major guys such as Brandon Flowers and Jason Worilds areas during our 2000s run.

Thinking on top recruit days since rankings were a thing, I can think of almost all being within the footprint Pry stated. Kevin James, to the Fullers, Macho, Tyrod.

It seems to me you're more frustrated at the ability to close on recruits in the region.

My original comment was intended in a lighted hearted way, not frustration nor intended as negativity. I guess I have a different definition of a recruiting footprint and consider it a core area of consistent recruiting success, as opposed to a core target area. Ideally the two would coincide but not necessarily. SC should def be a core target area for us. Just trying to explain my thinking, and no worry that others view it different. Our level of success in SC is probably debatable, as well, but I'll just stop digging now :-)

I guess I have a different definition of a recruiting footprint and consider it a core area of consistent recruiting success, as opposed to a core target area.

Thanks for clarifying, this is where the disconnect was (for me at least)

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Only took me 3 tries to communicate it clearly. That's why I went to a great engineering school Off to do some Calc problems now. πŸ˜€. Go Hokies.

I understand completely. Just was wondering for clarification. Different thought process, but totally makes sense. Wasn't trying to be negative just more curious.

Unfortunate. That's a real position of need for VT.

What isn't?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.


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Good point, but if we consider a lock-down defense to be our way out of this hell, then CB is one of the skill positions of immediate need on the team.

When there are multiple wide open WRs on the field, then Houston, you have a problem on defense.

Amen. Just watch the UNC film.

Well rather get it over with now. Opens up an offer for a kid that wants to play for the Hokies

Amen, If Clemson was his dream school and they finally got around to offering this morning, I can't blame the young man. Actually, I appreciate his honesty and candor in that he isn't keeping us strung along.

Well he sure made it obvious that he ditched VT as soon as the Clemson offer came in. Probably works out just as well for VT. Recruiting is a wild game

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Wish we had some Virginia guys that felt that way about us lol

Yeah, if we slow play a VA recruit and then offer later on, everyone is all like "Disrespect!!"

right. "How dare you refuse to let me big-dog you later!"

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I think it's funny how to VA recruits, almost any P5 school outside of the state is a "big dog." Penn State hasn't won a national title since the 80s and has even been going downhill under Franklin the last few years. UNC hasn't won anything ever. But those are "big dogs" lol.

Steph Curry.. *ducks*

So your saying, with this decommitment - in a couple years our defense might really be... Misun Kelley?

Came here to make this joke. Scrolled all the way down, getting excited that no one had done it yet and then the very last comment is this.


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Every step I take
Every move I make
Every single day
Every night I pray
I'll be Misun you

It's kinda hard with you not around
Now you in Clemson smiling down
Watching us while we lose to you
Every game we lose to you.

I hope your son realizes what he is missing out on, but I wish him well nonetheless.