Working with ACC brethren, GIT in particular

So, I just started a new job this week; remote work, but based out of Atlanta. The team, and management, (approx 20 people) is exclusively GIT except for me, and a Clemson intern.

I've worked with uva@c guys, and I love to watch them squirm and stutter during technical interviews. I have worked with Miami grads who literally don't care about sports at all (as is par for the course). Also worked with Twerps who will always be ACC no matter what they say. Even ND alum; fuck ND alum.

I will say this: I have never seen a bunch of guys that are competent and smart, they know they are competent and smart, but they're not prickish about it. Now, I don't consider GIT a rival but some do. They definitely consider us a rival though, apparently a big one. Good folks.

Whats the general experience dealing with other alum on the board? I went to hs with a unc alum and she is the absolute worst (think: a dumb Ann Coulter)

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My oldest brother is an ME grad of Georgia Tech and I think he is damn smart and competent. He was also my biggest rival (and fan) growing up.

Working in the ATL area as well, so run into GT alums all the time. I can't recall anything ever too bad when talking sports.

Generally a very competent bunch that can learn quickly as well if just out of college. Some of the smarter folks I've met in my field actually.

Ohio State grads are the worst I've worked with when it came to sports. Felt great when we beat them in the shoe.

We recruit out of VT, Mich, GT, and Colorado. The GT grads are some of the smartest people I have met. Though the all around smartest guy we have is Southern Cal grad

I feel guilty confessing this as a Hokie, but they have my all-time favorite school Fight Song (and not just because of the Song Girls!)

Not sure I'd have that sentiment, if I attended the 2004 Opener. To this day, I know plenty of friends that still can't stand to hear "Sweet Home Alabama," because of the 2009 Opener.

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I also root for: The Keydets, TexAggies, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and Braves.

No way, GIT is miles ahead of everyone wrt fight songs

I been here since day 0.

Well, I appreciate the spirit they show against UGA.

VT '10--US Citizen; (804) Virginian By Birth; (210) Texan By the Grace of God.

Rick Monday... You Made a Great Play...

I also root for: The Keydets, TexAggies, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and Braves.

Right there with you man. Tribute to Troy with that drum beat cadence at the beginning is bad ass. Also the USC marching band does an awesome version of Pat Benetar's "Heartbreaker." (2:22 in video below)

Great example of how good their music is and it's set to a total beat down of the Hoos that I remember watching and enjoying thoroughly.

I actually enjoy working/meeting with alums of that other Tech. I encounter more of them in my biz, than ones from Tech.

They are largely of the opinion we'll whoop them on the gridiron, for the duration. That's how they view their program.

With that being said, I find it much more worthwhile to network with Big 12 and SEC alums. Just the nature of the Energy Sector. They pretty much all hope to see a game at Lane, and I mutually wish to see one at pretty much every stadium in their conferences. Only a handful of gameday environments in the ACC compare, to their home game atmospheres.

As such, if we were to have to bolt the ACC, I'd be all-in on joining the SEC; And we'd be reuniting with a lot of our fellow charter members of the Original SoCon.

VT '10--US Citizen; (804) Virginian By Birth; (210) Texan By the Grace of God.

Rick Monday... You Made a Great Play...

I also root for: The Keydets, TexAggies, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and Braves.

think: a dumb Ann Coulter

... how could anyone be dumber than Ann Coulter?

Onward and upward

My man, she is cut from the mold of the extreme "BLACK RIFLE COFFEE 4 LIFE, BROWNS AND LIBRULS DIE" mold. Except she isn't charismatic enough to be anything but the wife of one of those chuds.

Of course, legacy

I been here since day 0.

In regards to UNC alums, what's crazy is how many of them are Duke fans. Never ceases to amaze me.

I went to a VT @ UNC game and after a X.Adibi pick, they started to get up in the stands and I asked where they were going (thinking they were gonna get food) and they said, "HOME, we're not gonna come back from this far down" and that's when I saw that the students and other fans were leaving in end-of-game numbers.

Y'all it was 14-0 Tech in the *early* 2nd quarter. I've never seen a fanbase with so much Quit in it.

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GT alums have a reputation for being sharp and it's well deserved. It's a damn good engineering school.

I work with a lot of Pitt and UMD alums. They are fine. Beyond that, I don't think I have worked with that many ACC folks

I have worked with so damn many Florida alums. Not ACC I know.

But as an engineer, I have worked with SO MANY UF alums.

For the last year I did. They run the entire gamut from "how did this guy get into college?" to "why didnt this guy go to oxford?"

I been here since day 0.

free florida college is why several brilliant coworkers went uf

Danny is always open

Where I work (Mizzou) we somehow promoted a guy to our department Engineer position who is still a year away from his degree (locally). He's objectively unqualified, in waaaaay over his head, somehow remains overconfident in his ability, and how he hasn't gotten demoted yet is baffling. (He's screwed up every single major project he's encountered- zero diligence and somehow even less knowledge of basic engineering principles).

He was promoted over a newer guy from Rolla (Missouri S&T), and that kid runs literal circles around the more senior Mizzou student. It's maddening; Ideally he takes the job he should have been offered to begin with. At this point I keep hoping the Rolla kid just finds a real job somewhere else where he can be utilized.

The few GT alums I have worked with are top notch. Currently most of my peers are Iowa State, VT and Penn State. They're all good to work with and around. My lead chem E is a uva grad, but I have to admit he is a sharp dude and really good to work with. However I do make it well known where uva is on the Bristol chart.

uva - the taint of the ACC

I had never heard of the Bristol chart before, so I googled it. Definitely going to use this in the future when my wife complains that I'm taking too long.

Curious: where did you say UVA fits on the scale?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Definitely a type 7

uva - the taint of the ACC

But blue and orange in color.

Not ACC, but SEC.

I just got back from a football themed conference in Arkansas. I can't speak to technical competence. The people there were wonderful, super nice, and the biggest Hogs football fans you can imagine.

But I am not sure they understand football as a sport. During one talk, the person presenting was making an analogy about starting the season without training camp. They said something like imagine the Hogs are playing Alabama for the SEC title in the first game of the season.

Wait.... the first game of the season?

Another presenter was talking about going the extra mile, and asked the audience to imagine your team had the ball with score tied and one second on the clock. Do you kick it for 3, or go for 2?

Hold on, something seems wrong here....

Anyway, the technical parts were pretty good, but it wasn't heavily technical. The football analogies were... not so good.

I think I have to chalk both of those up to nerves.

Wait, what?

I dunno based on the last couple of years of Arkansas football...

The largest specialty contracting firm in Richmond, ColonialWebb, is run by a GiT alum. Very good on the technical, sort of cared about football, but he was decent to be around.

UNC alums fucking suck. Assholes, don't care about their job, trash talk all day.

ODU alums are quietly very good on the technical side of things, and most I've met work with a chip on their shoulder.

UVA alums, they can get the non-technical stuff well, but asking them on technical matters, well it's almost pointless.

But the ones that take the cake: JMU. Bunch of twat waffles who could care less about anybody else. Selfish pricks, and really look down on anyone who didn't go to UVA.

That's exclusively my experience. Some may have completely different experiences.

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I'm curious, how have people viewed VT alums that have come after them? I'm in the medical device space and have met a number of VT alums, and by all measure they are really sharp and have stood up with the best of those I've worked with...

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I say this in jest, really. The GT grads I know are generally top notch.

I am not in an engineering field but I am in a science field. My experience with GT grads had been a 50-50 mix. Two of them are brilliant, motivated and will conquer any problem they face. The other two.... well one was a dumber version of the main character from that New Girl show and the other one was still learning how to be a real boy and talk to humans. I knew how to work with him but it was exhausting at times. The woman though, was so out there that I thought for a while that she was acting.

I would guess the same would be true of any engineering program.

There are technical skills and there is emotional intelligence. Both are important, and generally speaking the emotional intelligence is even more important.

I live in Atlanta now, married into a GT family, got my MBA there as well. Those people are a different breed - insanely smart, but most of them have been humbled by the GT curriculum.

The thing I really like about GT is that they hammer home the idea that you are going to college to get a job, thus students are taught a lot of practical skills. I'm a product manager at a tech company, and I see that GT CS majors graduate knowing how to code in the most commonly used languages (angular, JavaScript, React, etc). A lot of other 'prestigious' universities send their CS kids into the world, and then they need to be taught how to code.

GT is in a really unique place in CFB. They have a pretty dedicated fan base with lots of rich people, but people prioritize donating to the university over sports, and the university encourages this. A lot of my GT friends are afraid that they'll be left behind in the super league world.

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In CS academia, VT is known for its punishing math curriculum.

GIT is a different breed. A 3.0 student would be magna elsewhere. It no wonder their fight song throws shade at MIT

I been here since day 0.

I remember being shocked at how high GT was ranked when I was looking at schools (7th for ME), but every GT engineer I've worked with has been very competent. I can't say the same for VT engineers unfortunately. Conversely, every LOLUVa machine designer has been utterly worthless and yet very confident in their abilities.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I remember hearing that GT comp sci switched languages every semester and I thought that was pretty solid.

I can see that in the younger guys. Surface level understanding of a number of languages.

I been here since day 0.

Yeah I always thought this wasn't the best idea as you don't get deep into some of the more advanced topics. I can see doing both an imperative vs functional languages.

We were taught that the concepts were more important than the language, and I agree with that.

If you know how to design an algorithm and code, you can always learn a new language. But you'll surely have to know one language pretty well in order to learn the concepts.

True. I think using Java as a teaching language is criminal. Unfortunately, UMich is the only real CS undergraduate dept these days teaching the one true language, C++

I been here since day 0.

The issue is no one teaches that Jave should only be a teaching language and not be used in a professional enviroment.

Sounds like we need to focus recruiting on Michigan, then. We use C++ all over the place.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

I am not in engineering. Former biochemist that went into business consulting - 1 of the 3 best decisions I ever consciously made in my adult life. But I'd nominate Villanova in general and Drexel Biomedical Engineering as a department as the top 2 places where I've been real impressed with co-workers. U. Penn is high as well.

Recovering scientist working in business consulting

In my field, I come in contact with an unfortunate amount of JMU grads. Neanderthal-esque about sums it up.

Go Hokies!

In 2 plus decades working in telecommunications I can't remember a single conversation with a coworker about where we went to college.

They mostly talked about their MOS, and when pressed, I'd sheepishly mention my 2 years of ROTC.

Some were smarter than others, almost all were very competent, and for sure, the ex military have the best stories.

I have had great interactions with NC State alums from their Paper Science program. I assume getting a PhD instead of undergrad degree there makes the difference.

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I have the unfortunate pleasure of interacting with (wouldn't say working with) many WVU fans and JMU alums and I quite frankly hate it. My actual coworkers tend to be Tech grads with some NCSU sprinkled in their and I obviously enjoy most of them