OT: Andor discussion thread (ft spoilers)

The story of Cassian Andor drops on Disney+ today with three initial episodes. Let's use this thread to discuss!

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Oh shit, I need to reup my D+ subscription!

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Slightly OT: I'm way behind on my Disney x Star Wars shows. Haven't seen any Boba Fett or Kenobi. Are those worth a watch or skip?

I liked them a lot because I could watch them while doing something else (working, TKPing, etc). They are fun, entertaining, and nostalgic, but hardly the best TV out right now. JMO.

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Kenobi was pretty good, and Boba Fett is basically The Mandalorian season 2.5 so worth a watch if you like the The Mando.

Can't wait to watch these tonight. Raining in AZ, perfect binge weather

I didn't really know what to expect when this was announced but I really liked this. It's unlike anything Star Wars has done so far.

Yes, the whole vibe of the show is much darker than anything else SW (on screen at least). But in a good way. Same reason why Rogue One was so good.

I thought the first episodes really nailed the "lived in, this galaxy is a real place" feel better than ever too. If you told me I would really be enjoying scenes that can best be described as "middle manager power trips on low level radar tech" in Star Wars, I would not have believed it until that first episode.

Up until now Disney has made two good pieces of Star Wars media: Rogue One and The Mandalorian. Pending the rest of the episodes, I'm willing to add Andor to that list. It's really good, with especially high praise for set design and atmosphere. Hopefully the rest of the episodes will bear that out.

The first three episodes dropping together was a master stroke. After one, i thought it was good and intrigued on where it was going. After two, i liked it a lot and was excited where it was going. Third ep might be the best "tv" episode of any of the star wars live action series and i absolutely jazzed about the rest of this series. Really well acted, shows so many people coming to the realization of the consequences of their actions, connects a small personal story to the higher level star wars story. I love the jumping of the timelines. I love the setting and the visuals. The soundtrack is so good.

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Feel like we are getting spoiled in the visual department lately with Rings of Power and now this. Some of, if not the best, Star Wars has ever looked. Not just the CGI, the physical set design is fantastic.

This is mostly what I wanted from this show in terms of vibes. Rogue One is my favorite Star Wars movie and this seems to be picking up the tone right where that movie left off. I didn't need the childhood backstory, but maybe that'll pay off later. Slow playing the hook for 3 episodes was risky, but with an established character and world they can do that. It gives me confidence they'll let the story breathe. I'm excited for the rest of this series for sure.

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Slow playing the hook is risky but less risky with all three eps out at once. This is basically a ~90 min run time movie to start that sets the stage for the remaining eps.

As far as the backstory goes, I'm with you. But it adds depth to the character and I'm all for it. I think there's still some gap-filling to do as to why it needed to be kept a secret that he's from Kenari, Maarva's wider connections (is she "just a scrapper"?), Cassian's little group of friends on Ferrix (bix, brasso) etc.

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Yeah forgot to add that 3 episode release also reduces the risk, and you're right it does play more like a movie. I think the backstory will pay off eventually, but it reminded me of some of the Mando stuff I wasn't really into and some poor storytelling that other non-SW shows have done with those types of flashbacks. I don't think this will be one of those, however. After that premier I have confidence in the showrunners.

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Also with 12 episodes this season there is definitely time and space to let the story breathe and develop a bit. Love it where it seems to be going so far

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Wow!! The ending of the third episode gave me the same feels as the ending of Rogue One. I really can't describe it but man, I am All In, Hooked.

So can anyone clear up the timeline a little for me in regards to kid Cassian? The dialogue from the episodes seems to imply that some kind of bad mining accident (that massive pit they showed) from the Empire killed the parents of all those kids. But I don't think the ship that crashed had Imperial logos (Separatist maybe?). Given adult Cassian's age, I would think the Republic would have been in charge of stuff at that point so its some time during The Clone Wars.

His adoptive mother referenced the kids killing "a Republic officer" to the other guy when she decided to take him back to their ship.

So it's a little hazy, because the other guy in the current timeline clearly said Imperial mining accident. The ship that crashed was definetrly not Imperial (especially with an alien crew).

Per canon, the Empire was in existence for 19 years before the first Death Star got blown up. Andor was 26 for the events of Rogue One, so he would have been 7 or so when the Empire formed. So it makes sense that whatever the accident was would have happpened sometime after that, and there is no chance the Republic would still have been around if that's the case. The Wookiepedia page says it was a Separatist ship, just maybe just a bit of confusing dialogue with Maarva calling it a Republic ship. Meaning she was just referring to it in an outdated way that she was used to.

Definitely separatist markings, my guess is maarva just used familiar language

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Also, in Rogue One, didn't they say a "mining accident" destroyed the city on Jedha, even though we know it was a test blast from the Death Star.

So I'm thinking it's quite possible it was some sort of weapons development or along those lines that the Empire was testing out that jacked up the planet (possibly intentionally). Everyone besides the natives had masks on, so either it is toxic and they are just used to it now, or the Empire is using that as a cover to keep people from going there and find out what really happened.

So as to the timeline, those flashbacks are taking place sometime in the early years of the Empire.