Kayana Traylor drafted by Chicago Sky

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Good for her! She is a 3 and D player that can also take it to the rim if the defense is playing man to man.

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I became a big fan of hers in the NCAA tourney.

Congrats to her!

So happy for her. She was playing into bigger and bigger games as the season went on and was a great team player.

I don't understand why, but the team waived Kayana today. She seemed to be having a good preseason.


That sucks.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Because the WNBA is stupid hard to make right now. There's very limited number of spots and the league really needs to expand teams (I expect it will when the new media rights deal is signed in a couple of years). There's 1st round picks getting cut. It's like they can only take 4.0 GPA students and if you have a 3.95, you're out. It's just the way it is right now. There's way more talented women out there than there are roster spots. Support the WNBA anyway you can if you want to see it change. Go to games, watch on TV, talk about it on social media to boost engagement, etc.

Well I was interested in following our players in the wnba, after getting into our team this year. But not gonna watch if VT players all get cut. Kind of a catch 22.

Traylor and Sheppard both cut. Soule is in a battle for the final spot on the Lynx roster.

12 teams, 17 spots per team (15 contract, 2 Two Way players) = 204 spots.

NCAA D1 = 351 teams or 5000 players. 1250 est per class

Average WNBA Career = 3.5 years

204/5000 = Roughly 4% of players make the WNBA

Basically Traylor and Sheppard are in the Top 5%, just not the Top 4%. Hopefully Soule makes the cut.

TSoule waived as well.

For people wondering why Liz Kitley would come back when she was likely a first round draft pick, this is why.

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As someone who watches a decent amount of WNBA, I thought Soule had a much better chance making a roster than Kitley does. Kitley is a great college player, but unless she makes a leap she'll never be more than a bench player in the W.

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How does the WNBA compare to international leagues for women?

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They make more playing overseas.

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They can make more overseas, but the seasons are also longer. It's not really an "A or B" choice when it comes to a player deciding where to play though, since like half the WNBA plays overseas during the league's offseason.

It's mostly both for WNBA and then everyone else gets to fill the other international rosters but those typically have limits on the number of foreign or US specific players they can have so that limits the available spots for other players. Sheppard has a deal to keep playing for Tenerife in Spain where she was their top guard. Traylor and Soule likely have their agents finding them an international spot regardless.