2023 Racing Thread

Kicking off 2023 with sad news in the motorsport world.

Ken Block Dies in Snowmobile Accident

An absolute legend in not just motorsport.

In F1 news, Next month should see at least three F1 teams launch their 2023 car... .

As well, alot more smoke on an eventual Andretti bid for a new team in 2024.

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Going to the Rolex 24 for a bachelor party. Will be the first IMSA race I've ever been to and the first time I've been back to Daytona since the 2020 500. Pretty pumped.

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Dude, that is awesome. Are you going to stay the full 24 in the infield or just going for the start and finish.

Totally jealous, that one is on my bucket list.

I have no idea, I'll leave that to the bachelor lol

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If the weather is nice enough you can just take sleeping bags in with you go up and find a nice quiet corner of the stands and lay down and sleep.

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The 24 hour is fun for any auto enthusiast. Hope you enjoy it as part of the bachelor shenanigans. Sounds like a great time to me.

Would love to see Andretti join F1. Would really like to root for an American team, but Haas just doesn't look to be putting forth the necessary effort (read: funding) to compete. If Andretti joins, I really really hope they're going to have the budget to be competitive.

What smoke are you seeing, BingeLiving?

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Recent tweet from MBS (FIA chief) about formalizing the expressions of interest process for new teams, combined with Andretti's plans for new headquarters in both the US and UK.

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Idk, I seem to be competing ok in a Haas in F1 22, so I don't see why they can't do it irl

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Andretti-Cadillac seems promising. It would be exciting, and GM should be able to provide some resources.

Hopefully this helps them become a series option for expansion.

I've been hearing rumblings that things might actually be moving in the right direction to get another team into the fold. With Andretti now potentially being the works team for GM forming what would obviously be the US entry into F1 (sorry, HAAS), this would explain that recent change in tune.

Wonder if this would spur Ford to exploring options with someone like HAAS or McLaren

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Sadly, the response to this announcement over the last few days has been incredibly predictable. The bottom line is, between a strong desire to keep Formula 1 a European series and locking out American makers and teams and a strong desire for current teams to keep all of the money for themselves and not share with any newcomers, this is strongly unlikely to ever happen.

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I think that's a bit of hyperbole here. Sure, there is some desire not to want to have their revenues decrease due to dilution, but I don't think it's as much a function of locking out American makers.

Just read an article from motorsport.com that is hinting that the GM/Cadillac involvement isn't so much of an OEM effort but more of a rebranding operation. From the article:

When it came to the Andretti entry, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff was clear that any new team really needed manufacturer support if it was going to bring a benefit to rivals that exceeded the loss of commercial rights income that will come from having an extra entry on the grid.
"If a team comes in with an OEM and says this is what we want to do, it's obviously a very different game. And will trigger different considerations."

Andretti getting GM on board appeared to be a direct response to this.

However, as teams have dug into what GM is planning to do, they do not see the American manufacturer's plans being on the same level as what a full-on works effort from an OEM would be.

GM was quite coy last week about what it was up to on the engine front, suggesting that while it would start out in collaboration with another manufacturer, the company would help develop technology going forward.

Mark Reuss, GM president said: "We have a signed agreement with a power unit supply to begin with, and then as we move forward, we bring a lot of our expertise to create things for the future as well."

That talk of 'collaboration' made it logical to assume that Cadillac was potentially looking at a partnership with Honda – with the two companies already working together on road-car technology.

In the world of F1, it would be inconceivable to think that Andretti could sign a customer engine deal with Renault and the French car manufacturer and then allow GM to tinker with changing elements on the power unit.

Reuss certainly did not dismiss the Honda idea last week: "On the EV part of it, obviously we do have a large partnership with Honda. We also compete against Honda in series like IndyCar as well. So we have that natural respect and relationship which is not problematic at all."

However, it appears that the Honda element is a red herring and that such a tie-up is not being considered.

While there has been no confirmation from Andretti itself, teams believe that the plan is very simple; it is for the American operation to push on with a supply of Renault customer power units that will then be badged as Cadillac.


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Just read an article from motorsport.com that is hinting that the GM/Cadillac involvement isn't so much of an OEM effort but more of a rebranding operation. From the article:

When Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo exist in that exact same fashion already in F1, its rings hollow to suddenly be worried about Cadillac's intent now.



BBC: Formula 1: Andretti bid row reflects turbulent relationship among F1's powerbrokers

GM is a major American company and Cadillac the sort of high-end brand that seems to fit nicely with F1's image.

But many stakeholders in F1 have concerns as to whether, if a new team is to enter F1, this is the right one.

The key phrase that keeps coming up is whether Andretti would "add value" to F1? This is about competitiveness and investment.

Firstly, has Andretti really understood what it will take to run a serious F1 team, people wonder?

Within F1, there is a general sense that many of those racing in America in categories where teams buy cars off the shelf and run them with fairly small-scale operations don't quite grasp just how high the level is in F1, how complex the task.

Andretti is said to have told people his aim is to enter F1 in 2025, but a number of existing teams don't think that is even close to realistic.

They point out that they already have the basics of 2025 cars sketched out, while Andretti also has to scale up a factory, and employ 600 or so people by then.

His decision to base the team in America rather than Europe has also raised eyebrows, even if Andretti is planning what he describes as a European "satellite shop" that will deal with F1 and other categories in which the company is racing.

Andretti says his new facility in Fishers, Indiana, will be "one of the most advanced racing facilities in the world when it's completed".

But an existing F1 team boss described the plan to base the team in the US as "insane" and suggested that Andretti appeared not to have learned the lessons of his own brief flirtation with F1 as a driver.

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The Honda partnership is a BS excuse. The window to apply as an engine manufacturer for the upcoming re-reg is closed as I understand it, so any new team has to use an existing supplier. At least GM plans on taking on development of the engine at the next opportunity. And what's wrong with keeping Honda in F1 a little longer anyway? Their engine has won the WCC 2 years in a row.

Andretti+Caddy is the most attractive new team application since Ferrari in 1950 orβ€”maybeβ€”McLaren in 1966. The rest, like Mercedes and Aston, all bought existing teams.

Fair point. I'll admit, I was confused as to the level of pushback over Andretti joining F1. Still trying to figure this all out.

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At the end of the day the other teams don't want to expand because they want to collect all profits on their own, and do not want to share.

From that same BBC article I quoted yesterday....

The latest F1 contracts, agreed a few years ago, dictate that any newcomer has to pay a $200m anti-dilution fee, to be distributed among the existing teams to offset the drop in income of the prize fund being split between more than 10 competitors.

But as interest in F1 has increased in recent years, team bosses are now asking whether $200m is enough.

One senior insider pointed out that $200m effectively compensates the other teams for just over two years' loss of prize money, and suggested that a figure closer to $600-700m - representing more like five years - would be more appropriate.

They just signed this agreement that set the $200m fee about 2 years ago. So to now see them wanting to triple it? They're just moving the goalposts to keep anyone else out. If the teams have their way, F1 will never expand again

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They just signed this agreement that set the $200m fee about 2 years ago. So to now see them wanting to triple it? They're just moving the goalposts to keep anyone else out.

I read about the agreement in the other article I read, but that one pointed out the explosive growth that F1 has experienced since the Netflix show has come out. If the $200m fee was supposed to represent a compensation for 5-6 years of diluted revenue based on pre-show F1 revenues, then I can see how if that fee were negotiated today, it would be much higher.

Then again, I'm sure that Andretti's push to join F1 right now is partially to do with the current $200m rights fee compared with current (and projected future) F1 revenue.

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If they really care about money, they need quality racing and lots of fans. If they want those things, they should kick Williams and Haas to the curb and replace them with Audi, Porsche and Andretti. Williams is nothing but an investment vehicle for a private firm and a shell of the beloved team that Frank started, and Haas is nothing but screw up after screw up and a constant game of "will they be here next year?"

Imagine how much more money F1 would generate with those 3 teams and their loyal followers. Surely that'd be enough to make up for any dilution.

Protectionism is fine, but only if you have something worth protecting.

First Gran Turismo Movie Teaser Shows Off Lots and Lots of Race Cars
Based on the true story of Jann Mardenborough, Gran Turismo will premiere on August 11.


Non-racing related question: What kind of bike is that in your profile picture? It's hard to see. Got a larger pic?

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It's a 2007 Victory Hammer premium in Nuclear Sunset Tangerine paint (gold metallic flakes). I'm biased, but I think it was the prettiest factory bike made. Sadly, I no longer own it. 100ci/1638cc Oil-cooled 50Β° V-twin, belt drive. I applaud parent company Polaris' decision to resurrect the Indian, but to do so at the cost of killing the Victory brand in 2017 was a tragedy. I've talked to many Harley owners that switched and will NEVER go back...only met one or two that liked their Harley better! If you're considering a Victory, I can send you a pretty convincing "What you should know before purchasing a Victory" article.
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2007 Victory Hammer in Nuclear Sunset Tangerine


Sucks about Block. Didn't realize he was 55, seemed like he was in his late 20's when he did the Gymkhana videos a few years ago.

Question: Has anyone been to the new garage fan area inside Talladega? Wife and I are generally with a large group that are skipping out this year and we have been everywhere that we can reasonably afford. Thinking about getting some of these passes with cheaper tickets to try the experience this year if it is worth it.

I briefly went in the fall last year (borrowed a pass from some people not interested in going) but for the qualifying session. Overall it was a pretty neat experience. Everything was pretty new and clean. You could get right next to the cars in the garage. Pretty large food court and everything is very reasonable priced. (domestics were like $3). I will say if your intentions are to go and watch the race you will mostly have to watch the TVs as you will get very limited track viewing from in there. Definitely the higher grand stands are the way to go to watch the race imo.

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I'd rather be golfing.

Yep. We usually sit up top near the start finish line and have had the tickets for years. We will keep them, just looking to try new things as well. Did the infield for the October race last year, and it was fun, but I can't keep up with that partying anymore and you can't seem much action. I figure you get some of the same feel while also getting TVs to watch the race and be close to the garage. Thought it may be a good change of pace since we go to both races per year. Of course, the suites would be the best.

Got it, I think I understand a little better now. Its definitely neat to check out, Maybe if they had like a 1 day pass it could be worth it, I just dont know how good the experience would be during the race itself. Last year was my first year and Talladega Blvd is......wild

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I'd rather be golfing.

I haven't done it, but likely would recommend something like Bill's for the Saturday race. Cup, you're gonna wanna be in the stands.

And the Boulevard is the biblical equivalent of Babylon...or heaven on Earth, depending on your mental state lol I'm taking my dad down for his 60th (he's taken me enough, time I pay his party) and I want my ashes eventually spread down there.

Basically, Talladega is the best humanity has to offer to aliens who want to party.

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Netflix's Drive to Survive Season 5 release date announced: 24 February

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Terribly unpopular take incoming: I am not a chili bowl fan. I know it's a huge deal in the dirt/sprint scene...just a little too close to the "just going in a circle" argument for me.

I'll tune in at some point, but it's just because I'm having a hankering for some racing lol

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Flying out at 5:17am tomorrow morning!

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Have a great trip! The 24 is an amazing event. Remember, you have a Coke 600 and a half to go AFTER the sun comes up Sunday morning...

Have you consumed any alcohols yet?

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I've had one or two, yes. It's not my favorite style of racing, but this is a pretty cool event.

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BIG weekend ahead:

A little appetizer today:

The finish to LMP2...holy smokes lol to go for 24hrs and have it come to .016 is insane. Also, looked up at the scoring tower around noon to realize they were keeping up with the laps. They were at 730 at that point lol

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Haas 2023 livery reveal

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