Youssef Ramadan wins VT's first National Championship in Swimming & Diving πŸ†


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FAM! Congrats!
LET'S GO.....

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Yay water sports!

Lane 7 has an incredible underwater kick he was really killing it off the wall
Lane 8 looks like he shot his load in prelims

EDIT: I see the lanes market in the video on the second watch and I was wrong on the end of the pool so I fixed lane numbers

EDIT2: okay I'm not insane, the lanes are backwards according to FINA standards, WTF Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center


If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Another one! Congrats and LET'S GO!

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Youseff Ramadan wins during Ramadan?! Impressive!

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I'm assuming this is considered an individual National Championship and not a team one correct? Just trying to see if we are still sitting with Kansas State at the bottom of the barrel.

Touchdown Tech!!!

Correct, an individual national champion

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Loved the interview

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What a bad ass! How can someone swim 100m in 43 seconds?!? Insane.

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Well first they ignore 8.5m by swimming in a yard pool /s

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!

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Just be Youseff!


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