Hokies Wrestling Incoming Class

The Hokies signed six of the Top 250 recruits in this class.

Starting with Gage Wright, #22

He won four WV state titles at 175 lbs and won the Ironman Tournament in 2023 to kick off his senior season. He projects at the 184 lb weight class.

Next is Dillon Campbell, #57

Went 30-3 his senior year enroute to his 4th straight Ohio State Title at 132 lbs. He projects at the 141 weight class.
YouTube of 2023 State Final Match

Matt Henrich, #58

3x medalist in NJ. Primarily at 150-157 weight classes. #1 in his weight class in NJ his senior year and won his second state title. Went 35-3 his senior year. Projects at 165 lbs weight class
YouTube of 2023 State Title

Parker Ferrell #83

Won heavyweight state title in VA in 2022. Dealt with an injury towards end of junior year that kept him from wrestling as a Senior but recently returned to the mat to win the Virginia Wrestling Association Freestyle Championship at 285 lbs. Prior to his injury he was ranked 30th in his class. Projects at Heavyweight

Frank Dibella, #176

#3 Wrestler at 157 weight class in New Jersey. Finished 4th as a sophomore and junior at 150 weight class. Went 28-8 as a Senior. Projects at 165 weight class

Gunnar Garelli #179

State Champion at 165 lbs in Illinois as a Senior. Was also the Illinois State Freestyle Champion at 165 as part of USA Wrestling in May. Went 47-3 as a Senior. Won six major tournaments at 165 as a Senior. Projects at 174 weight class

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