How Mike Young Can Get Virginia Tech's Groove Back

The 2023-24 Virginia Tech men's basketball team just didn't have it this season. But what exactly is the "it" they're missing? And how easy will it be to find?

[Virginia Tech Athletics]

Somewhere, out in the deep recesses of space where time is a flat circle and the hours stretch to years, Sean Pedulla and MJ Collins are still dribbling.

Over and over and over and over

and over

and over

and over


In case you were wondering where I'm at mentally after the Hokies had yet another second-half flame-out, this time against Florida State in the 8/9 game of the ACC Tournament, it's somewhere around here. Contemplating the number of minutes I've spent over the last four months watching Tech's two lead guards dribble before launching what will inevitably be a reckless shot attempt.

We've arrived here: a team once built on ball movement and frequent displays of selflessness falling apart in the second half of game after game, trying to play hero ball and consistently failing.

Yes, the team technically did go .500 in ACC play. They did in fact pick up some eye-popping wins. But it was the consistency and grit in key moments that made a not-great-but-decent conference record feel as satisfying to the soul as a three-day old McChicken.

The Hokies accounted for two of Miami's six conference wins. They lost to super-young, super-mid Notre Dame. After getting back into the NCAA Tournament mix following a 34-point drubbing of Virginia, they were subsequently embarrassed by PIttsburgh and Syracuse in back-to-back double digit losses.

The Hokies just didn't have it this year, and I think we're all tired of rehashing the topic after every deflating loss. So instead of breaking down what they're lacking (again), I thought it might be helpful to define what they should be looking for. What the "it" is they're missing, if you will.

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