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The Key Play needs your help to continue to publish its first-rate content, stay online, and maintain top-flight server speeds. Moreover, we want to continuously expand our coverage for you, the diehard Hokie fan.

The Key Players Club is a group of benefactors that serves our entire community. Its doors are now open and welcoming generous and selfless TKPers to join.

If you have some extra cash, and not only value TKP's content, but want to enhance it for the good of everyone who reads The Key Play, whether they're in The Key Players Club or not, then come on in.

Membership comes with some swag and perks too.

Most notably is TKP's keychain bottle opener. It's appliance grade stainless steel (304), 3.5" long, and .12" thick. Most importantly it is only available to The Key Players Club patrons and one is yours when you initially subscribe. It will never be available in our online store.

Hi-resolution photos from The Key Play's "Virginia Tech Football Prints and Photos for Sale" are complimentary. They look great printed and framed, or as a digital wallpaper.

Select articles will be published exclusively for The Key Players Club members.

Ads, except for direct buy sponsorships, are removed from your TKP experience.

Management will occasionally solicit and consider your feedback before important decisions and new commercial ideas reach the wild.

For good measure, you'll get a TKP circle logo sticker (exactly like what's in the navigation bar) too.

And from time to time there will also be exclusive meetups for The Key Players Club members, so we can thank you in person.

How much does The Key Players Club cost to join?

It's $84 a year (automatically renewed). That equates to $7 a month (touchdowns are good), or 23ยข a day for unmatched film studies, in-depth analysis, features on players and coaches, recruiting interviews, post-game stories, media session reports, fast server speeds and a commitment to make The Key Play better each day. (TKP's unique, measured, intelligent, and hilarious community is priceless.)

Who can join?

Anyone with a TKP account is eligible to join. Please note, this is not a get out of jail free card for those who could not follow the community guidelines. Membership is non-transferable and will not affect an account's status.

How many people can The Key Players Club hold?

Well it's a 64-bit version of MySQL storing the data, and the primary key is an UNSIGNED INT, so... Oh, that's not what you meant... Well, we're hoping 1,000 TKPers join in 2016. It's a lofty goal, but one that will afford us financial flexibility to make great things happen.

Are all sales final?

Yes. All sales are final. There is no trial period or discounts. Your credit card is charged $84.00 immediately. It's a recurring yearly subscription. (If you join on 2/21/16, your membership will renew on 2/21/17, then 2/21/18, etc...) You may cancel a subsequent year's renewal at any time, but sales of a previously paid year's membership are final.

I need help.

Email accounts {at} thekeyplay [dot] com.

Read the fine print.

The Key Player's Club comes with absolutely no warrantee of any kind. Its terms, mission, and goals are subject to change without notice at any time.

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