Analyzing the Hokies' Defensive Scheme against the 'Noles and the Three Faces of Caleb Farley

Film review reveals Virginia Tech defensive fundamentals were present in the 24-3 upset of Florida State, but some wrinkles helped exploit Florida State.

[Cory Hancock]

Bud Foster is consistent. He consistently finds ways to bedevil offenses with new alignments and personnel. However, Virginia Tech's defensive tenets remain the same. Fitting the proper gaps and then pursuing to the football, leverage coverage, and funneling the ball to the unblocked defender remain true and continue to befuddle talented opponents. Florida State was supposed to be different. The Seminoles had a new and exciting offense and loads of five-star talent. The Hokies were searching for answers at defensive tackle and cornerback. Moreover, Virginia Tech fielded an inexperienced pair of first time starters at linebacker. What could Foster possibly scheme up that could put his young defense in position to make plays, and would they be able to execute against tempo, talent, and a hostile environment.

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