Jackson Out Indefinitely

Hokies lose their starting quarterback for an unknown time due to injury.

[Mark Umansky]

Virginia Tech will open with a new starting quarterback under center against No. 22 Duke. Justin Fuente announced Josh Jackson is sidelined for an unspecified amount of time due to a fractured left fibula.

Hokies' backup Ryan Willis will start against Duke. Willis completed 9 of 18 passes (50%) for 131 yards and 1 touchdown after Jackson was injured against Old Dominion. He also added 30 yards on 4 rushes.


Fuente added that Jackson could maybe return this season. Maybe not.

So that's nice and clear.

Honestly, were we expecting any other kind of answer at this point? This staff is rather tight-lipped.

if JJ is out for an extended amount of time and recovers just prior to the end of the season and Fuente decides to start him again then we have had a monumentally bad season. I think Willis will do well enough to ride out the rest of the year, IF JJ is indeed out for that long.

I was able to recover from a fractured fibula in about 4 weeks, so it is possible. Depends on how rehab goes how quickly he can come back.

To do what? Walk? I would think it might be a bit longer to participate in a high-stress (physical) athletic activity.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Have you ever had a broken fibula? It's not the tibia. As I previously stated, rehab will determine how long it takes.

If he has complications, such as the bone not healing very quickly, that will obviously take longer.

I broke my fibula playing rugby in college and actually finished the last 5 minutes of the game. Obviously my break wasn't nearly as bad as Hokie Hounds' was. I didn't need surgery, or even a cast. I was back at practice 4-5 weeks later.

As for JJ, it all depends on the exact nature of his injury and how quickly he heals. And of course, if he develops any sort of complication, such as an infection resulting from the surgery, then all bets are off.

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Apparently it was a bad enough break to require surgery. Not your average broken fibula.

Fibula shattered into 12 pieces for me. The healing time isn't the problem. The rehab will determine what he will be able to do.

You're both right and wrong. The average healing time for broken bones is 4-6 weeks. So yes the healing time is in fact the problem. You were on the faster end of the healing scale. Jackson could be as well. But Jackson also has to return to game strength and be able to withstand D1 hits, so my guess is 6 weeks is the safer bet.

Rehab can only go as fast as the healing process allows.

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The good news for JJ is that he is in great physical shape, and has plenty of strength in the affected area. That will help speed his recovery, as long as there aren't any complications. The 6 weeks is a safe bet.

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So you're saying because his body fat percentage isn't single digits he is not in great physical shape?

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I am saying that he is not in as good of shape as his competition at the Division 1 FBS P5 level. He should do better, yes.

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Based on what? Most true QB's aren't built like chiseled statues. Just look around the NFL.

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Anyone have memory of this type of injury on maybe another year, team or maybe their NFL team? I have no idea the "normal" expectation of timetable like I do for like an ACL tear (9-12 months).

Believe it or not, with advances to medical science the expected recovery from an ACL tear is now more like 8-10 months depending on quality of rehab. There was an interesting article about it on The Athletic a few weeks ago.

My guess for Jackson's injury is that it could depend on the severity and location of the fracture on the fibula, and that's why it's so unclear.

True, I guess with a break/fracture there's levels to it instead of tear/not torn. And interesting, 8 months is crazy considering it used to be feared that the athlete might not come back even 20 years ago.

Broken bones, in general, heal much quicker than tissue injuries. In middle school, I suffered a spiral fracture in my femur (imagine twisting a twig and seeing how it breaks), which the doctor (an experienced pediatric orthopedic surgeon that was supposedly flown in from another state) said was the worst "simple" fracture (ie, bone didn't break the skin) that he'd ever seen. Was in a wheelchair for about 6 weeks, and on crutches for another 4. After about 4 months I was cleared for full activities, and even then if I were getting weekly x-rays instead of every 4-6 weeks it probably would've been done much quicker.

Since the fibula is so much smaller, if it was a clear break and the bone stayed in place, it may be as quick as 6 weeks before he can return. Source: also broke one of those as a kid.

I suffered a spiral fracture in my femur (imagine twisting a twig and seeing how it breaks)

Jeez dude, that sounds awful.

Mike Vick fractured his fibula when he played for Atlanta in 2003. This was from a article then about Vicks recovery:

"Typically it takes six weeks for a bone to heal," Falcons team
doctor Andrew Bishop said after a further examination of Vick's
leg on Sunday. "That just means the bone is healed, it doesn't
necessarily mean everything else is as it's supposed to be. It
could be as little as six weeks. It could be eight, 10. We just
have to wait and see."

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We've had a few broken fibulas on the team in recent memory. From what I looked up:

Trey Edmunds broke his in '14 against UVA.
Brandon Facyson broke his in '14 (along with the tibia) and missed spring practice.
Ed Wang broke his in August '07 and missed the first 6 games of the year.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

My wife is a physical therapist. She said since he needed surgery, minimum recovery is 6 weeks, with 8-10 weeks being more likely. Fibula break isn't as bad as a tibia break though.

I wish Jackson a full recovery, but I really don't feel like we're going to miss him that much. It's all on the defense. If they don't clean things up, it doesn't matter who is taking the snaps.

Well, lets hope Willis is the gunslinging stud we are hoping for. As one of the few remaining people on this site that thinks JJ was our best chance going forward, I hope RW really takes advantage of the opportunity.

Hard to find something positive to say about Saturday's game, but if there's anything that stuck out it was that the offense didn't seem to lose much, if any type of momentum once JJ went out. I have confidence Willis will be effective in this offense since he beat out Hooker for the no. 2 job. Nonetheless, hate to see an injury of this severity so early in the season.

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Offense didn't look much different but Willis did make a throw or two into coverage that could have been picked.

I expect that Willis will throw more INT's, but will also hit more of the throws to the good guys because he will take some chances that Jackson wouldn't or couldn't. Hopefully, FuCorn will have him understanding where and when to take those risks.

In obviously very limited sample size, Willis seemed to see the field better and get rid of the ball quicker than Jackson.

I actually don't feel like we would have a significant drop-off with Hooker behind center. He has the raw tools and has been in the system long enough to know the playbook and how to read basic D1 defenses. He may not be as quick at it and not always make the right decisions - thus the #3 role - but I imagine he would be serviceable.

In the case of either Willis or Hooker, the rest of the offense needs to step up and help them out.

Don't know what having surgery says about the injury. Hopefully it's to put a screw in to hold things together and heal more quickly. Broken bones are usually a 6-8 week process. We'll see how it goes.

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Most likely to hold things together. Been there, done that on the fibula fracture.

Time to unleash the Willis Rocket

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

Alright. Willis (& possibly Hooker), you're up.

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I went through this before as a Kid and also broke my Arm once. The Healing is generally 6 weeks, another 2 weeks for recovery/rehab, then he needs about 2 weeks to get up to game speed. You looking at 8-10 weeks realistically.

He could be back in time for the UVA game, perhaps they can start willis and then sprinkle in JJ.

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Quite a few friends of mine have tib/fib'd while skydiving and recovery time depends on the person and how well they stick to what their doctor says. Just like anything the answer is..."it depends".

Godspeed JJ. Here's to a quick recovery. Next man up. Let's Go!!

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Hate to see this. Gonna have to put him down, smh

He had a broken leg sooo...we had to shoot him. And now he's got a broken leg and a gunshot wound.

Now, Cole, when you shift the gear and that little needle on the tach goes into the red and reads 9000 RPMs, that's bad!

TL;DR I don't think we will see Jackson at QB again for us. If Willis and/or Hooker perform well enough I think we'll keep whichever one starting.

Next year QP will be done with his redshirt and we'll see where it goes from there.

The only way we see JJ back is if he is healed up and Willis or Hooker suck.

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Haha, I realize we're in full overreaction mode in general right now, but why would you believe this? If he beat them out in the spring, why wouldn't you expect him to again? Them getting starting time will definitely level the playing field for next year, but the coaching staff obviously has faith in him, which is unlikely to change.

If you're talking about this year, that's probably true, but I'm guessing, barring one of those two going full HAM and winning the ACC, Jackson is going to be very in the conversation again next year.

Because there's good in practice, an there's good in live games.

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Ryan Willis is 0-8 as a starter, JJ is 11-5. Not saying he's gonna stay winless, but I really don't get where the love comes from. He had ONE good practice that we know of, and looked ok against ODU.

Its just basic mindset of an angry football fan. The backup QB is always the most popular player because when things are going right, the change gives hope. Even if it's not the right decision. Willis looked great in the spring game and people latched on. But his stats both at Kansas (to be looked at with the proper lens, they are terrible) and in limited action here are worse than JJs.

Now I think he'll put up similar numbers as JJ but he will probably be more careless with the ball, which long term could cost us a game or win us a game if the WRs make plays. Which is why I think the race was an open competition with JJ winning, because he is the safer pick to get the ball to the playmakers and run the offense. We shall see if Willis can be the guy everyone was clamoring for, I hope he is. I also wouldn't be surprised if the same people calling for Willis are calling for Hooker or QP if things start to go poorly.

I've got no particular adoration of Willis, and no particular disdain for JJ. You asked why someone might believe Willis could outperform JJ when JJ won the QB competition, and the answer is that sometimes people just perform better in games than they do in practice. Some people are obviously baking in that being the case with Willis, and it's not as preposterous an idea as you seemed to think it was when suggested.

Also, yeah he was 0-8 as a starter but...it was Kansas. That kind of comes with the territory.

"I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you you were terrible." -Justin Fuente

I also don't have particular attachment to any of the three QB's (leaving out QP because I just don't think we go there this year). Honestly, I don't believe there was probably a huge gap between the three and I think they can all be successful (open to definition) in this offense right now. Oline and skill players need to step up, though.

I don't think it is fair to knock Willis's 0-8 record at Kansas. He was also a true freshman when he got his first starts - surrounded by Kansas quality skill players. Just like we talked about Jackson developing from his RS freshman year to this year, I have to believe that Willis could do the same. The fact that he seemed to be a close #2 would appear to indicate that.

This sucks. Both for JJ (speedy recovery!) and in general for the past couple of days.

That said, it will be good to see what adversity breeds here. We can lose a lot more games this season, but we can't really go much lower from here.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

Did we also get an update on Deablo?

They ask you how you are and you just have to say that you're fine when you're not really fine.

I don't know how I missed that Deablo was hurt and wouldn't play. what happened to him? Lingering injury from last year?

He was sure missed when the DBs didn't play well on Saturday. He's one of the few vets on this team, and was being quite the leader the last two games.

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OOC games don't require a health update like ACC games do, I believe. So no requirement, no word. Nobody knew anything about Deablo until game time. This week, I believe we need to provide the ACC an injury update on Thursday.

Not sure if anyone with #sauces knows anything more about Deablo....

Fuente said on Tech Talk Live last night that they hoped to get DD back this week.

So he will be back in time for the ECU reschedule? *ducks*

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I wish him a speedy recovery. I would imagine that unless our QB at the time is really struggling, JJ won't see the field unless he can beat out the competition again in the spring. I think Willis and/or Hooker bring a lot more threat in the QB run which will make the offense better.

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I don't know about everyone else...but my head is still spinning. What the heck is going on? Had to take a few days off from sports and TKP to recover from what I think I witnessed on Saturday. Late to the game here...that was the Hokies playing ODU, right? Still not completely certain.



Get well soon, JJ.

Thoughts and prayers to you in your recovery, JJ17

Now we see how Willis handles his role as the starter. I see more high risk/high reward plays, particularly in the air.

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Wishing Jackson a speedy recovery. At least the nice thing about bone breaks is there's a smaller chance of reinjury than there is with ligament issues.

Regardless, here's hoping Willis balls out and earns the coveted "MF" to become RMFW 2.0

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Disappointing but expected.

I'm a fan of all of our QBs, but I thought Jackson was our best chance to win this year. Although, I don't expect a drop off in performance with Willis. If Willis does perform well it'll be interesting to see what happens if Jackson returns this year.

Wish him the best in recovery. That said, I've been itching to see Willis regardless of JJ's health. Largely because we sat next to each other in a class a few semesters ago, but still

The million dollar question, is Willis a Sean Glennon or Sam Rogers in person?

I mean I only interacted with him a little, just normal small talk between neighbors in class. Seemed like a pretty normal dude. I saw him studying plays during class before the spring game (2017) lol

I hope the surgery goes well and the healing goes quickly.

When was the last time we had a starting QB go down with an injury for this long? Trying to remember and really can't think of where they have been out for more then 3-4 weeks...

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Brewdog's senior season.

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Yep, and I think was it the catalyst for change. One may argue That OSU game and the rest of the season could've been slightly different, and who knows. Maybe we don't lose 2 or 3 games (beamer doesn't retire and... ) . But, the past happened as such and, here we are. I just think that injury changed Virginia Tech Football history and is lost in the sauce.

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I think we see Hooker sooner rather than later.

Always choose joy.

Wouldn't surprise me at all if Hooker trotted out on the second series Saturday. Fuente named Willis the starter quickly, but may have done that in part to throw off Cutcliffe and Co.

We could very well see some alternating possessions while the two battle it out for the starting role going forward. If so, I hope Fuente sticks with one if they start to have significant success and the other does not.

Wishing JJ the best and looking forward to seeing him healed up.

This could get interesting. Everyone loves a good gunslinger. But things can get away quick without a solid defence to help overcome the inevitable increase in turnovers. That or every game is a shootout like in the Big 12. I guess that's not all bad, but could be a new style of Hokie fb. Hope Willis can find the right balance of gusto and good decision making.

All I want to see in the next three years is Quincy beat Lawrence at QB any and every time they might meet.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

If Lawrence plays to the level they expect, he'll be gone after next year

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

He won't be draft eligible until the year after next (2020 season, 2021 draft)

If recovery is 6 weeks +, can be bee red-shirted?

He's already had a redshirt year

Medical redshirt should be in play

I believe you can only get a 6th year if you have 2 seasons lost to injury. He redshirted two years ago, so he would be ineligible for a medical hardship waiver.

Again, this is just my understanding. I have not stating this as fact.

edit: The rule changed this year, and apparently Jackson would be eligible for a 6th year if this injury keeps him out the rest of the season.


you are correct, so unless he had some kind of unreported (until now) injury during his freshman/redshirt season he only gets the 1 redshirt season and his injury this year just burns eligibility

Thanks for sharing