Tech Tidbits: Sizing Up Virginia Tech's Chance to Beat the Jackets and Seize Control of the Coastal

The Hokies have a chance to erase the demons of the last two years against GT, and take a big step toward winning the division in the process.

[Mark Umansky]

At long last Hokies football is back, a welcome sight in this thoroughly unusually timed season — but does it really have to involve Georgia Tech?

While just about any Virginia Tech fan will tell you they hate UVA, or even Miami, more than the Yellow Jackets, the Hokies' annual matchup against the other Tech and the triple option elicits a sort of dread that's unique on the schedule.

And that goes doubly so this year, coming off a performance against UNC that offers just as many positives as negatives.

Sure, things would be worse if the team was licking its wounds following an embarrassing loss to the Heels, and the whole squad showed laudable resolve in hanging around and earning the comeback win. But the game also showed that there are big problems left for Tech to address if it hopes to win the Coastal, and with the toughest stretch of the schedule looming, the Hokies are just about out of time to solve them.

Justin Fuente has yet to beat the Jackets in his VT career, with a puzzling home loss to a backup quarterback becoming one of the lower moments of the 2016 season and a maddening fourth quarter dooming the Hokies' chances in Atlanta last year.

All of that is to say that anxiety levels are quite high indeed ahead of Thursday's game, for reasons I'll outline a bit later. At the least, the team won't have to worry too much about the impacts of a short week, as the schedule does allow for both plenty of time for preparation for Paul Johnson's bunch, then plenty of recovery afterward.

As for the rest, well, for a short week, it's feeling awful long.

Option Inexperience?

The Hokies have benefitted from an experienced defense the last few years in whole host of ways, including the unit's familiarity with defending the triple option.

It hasn't always translated into results! Tech allowed 401 yards to the Bees a year ago, and 343 yards in 2016, so it's not as if that experience has made a huge difference in practice. The Hokies' propensity to allow big plays against the triple option was particularly problematic last year, in fact.

But this year, outside of a few veterans like Ricky Walker, Vinny Mihota and Reggie Floyd, this team just hasn't played much against Johnson's bunch, as Mike Barber of the Richmond Times-Dispatch points out.

After that, many Virginia Tech defenders will be getting their first first-hand look at the Yellow Jackets' punishing offensive approach. And that's a scary thought for coach Justin Fuente.

"Part of the challenge is not just simulating the play but simulating the speed with which they execute it," Fuente said. "I'm always fearful that on the very first play of the game, the defense is going to look over to the sideline and go, 'Yeah, we recognize that play but it was executed so much faster.'"

At least the team is getting a little help from one very experienced hand.

Now, part of the reason this defensive group doesn't have much experience playing the Yellow Jackets is they still don't have all that much experience playing anyone. The much-discussed offseason attrition hit the defense especially hard, including guys like Mook Reynolds, who were long big parts of the game plan in defending the Bees.

However, where it might matter most isn't in the secondary, which certainly has plenty of growing up to do, but on the defensive line.

DL coach Charley Wiles pointed out to reporters Monday that Walker will be a huge part of stabilizing the line, and is recovering well from his early season foot troubles, especially with relative newbies like Jarrod Hewitt and Emmanuel Belmar getting their first extended doses of option action.

Luckily, it also seems some reinforcements are on the way too.

Mihota still didn't play much against the Heels, but perhaps with a week of rest, he can finally make an impact, in what is rapidly turning into a lost season for the senior. Tech's defense would certainly be well suited if he can.

Taking Stock of the Passing Game

This little bit of insight from Monday's presser might seem small, but it represents an interesting reversal, nonetheless.

So why is this a change? Because Justin Fuente told The Key Play before the season that the team noticed just the opposite trend as the season went along last year, which he used to illustrate why the offense struggled a bit down the stretch.

"I think part of it was people played us a little bit different and we struggled on the outside more," Fuente said in August. "Like, we played East Carolina, and the entire game they played off and inside and we threw 14 out routes to Cam. Well, that's the end of that, they played press every snap from there on out, the other teams did. Those easy throws were gone and we, at times, struggled with that tight coverage, weren't able to win those 50-50 balls, weren't able to throw the ball into smaller windows and that kinda contributed to it, at least."

Certainly, it speaks to the difference in personnel in the receiving group — Cam Phillips might've been a great receiver, but a big body he was not. Hazelton and and Kumah are considerably beefier than Phillips or Sean Savoy, the focal points of last year's passing game, so it's not a huge surprise, perhaps, to see cornerbacks less willing to get physical with them at the line.

So the question becomes whether or not Hazelton, Kumah and the rest of the receiving corps can adjust to that change and beat the coverage.

Kumah and Savoy certainly performed well against the Heels, even on a frustrating night for the offense, recording five and six catches, respectively. Hazelton, on the other hand, seemed to have much more trouble, recording just two catches after putting up huge numbers early in the season.

Ryan Willis clearly was interested in finding Hazelton, targeting him a whopping 11 times for the game (including six times in the fourth alone). Perhaps the Heels (correctly) observed his importance to the offense early in the year and focused on stopping him, in which case it is a bit mystifying that Willis would so incessantly target him.

Fuente wasn't willing to make it a huge issue Monday, noting that he "didn't feel like it was an overriding theme throughout the entire game," but would say he wasn't entirely satisfied with Willis' performance.

"We missed Damon on several times that we shouldn't've but I didn't feel like on multiple occasions, maybe on a few, we weren't distributing the ball to the right place," he said.

So, whether it's Willis or the receivers themselves, it's plain there is work to be done in the passing game. The Jackets haven't exactly been great against the pass, allowing 230 yards per game through the air to rank 77th in the country, so maybe this week will be a chance for some progress.

Coastal Chaos

In case you've been solely focused on Blacksburg recently, or perhaps taken a brief break from college football during the bye, you've missed things in the rest of the Coastal getting...weird.

Outside of the Hokies, Miami is the team widely viewed as having the best shot of heading to the title game.
And, well, things have gotten bizarre down in South Florida. Mark Richt has been playing an unusual game with his quarterbacks, especially following UVA's upset win over the Canes last week.

Richt yanked talented redshirt freshman N'Kosi Perry in favor of last year's starter, and early season triggerman, Malik Rosier midway through that loss. Now, he's even gone so far as to declare Rosier the starter for this week's road game against Boston College, though he says Perry will still play.

If all that sounds strange, you're not alone! Perry struggled mightily against the Hoos, and was inconsistent in Miami's last-second win against FSU the week before. But Rosier has a limited ceiling, which prompted the move in the first place, particularly after the Canes got so thoroughly whupped by LSU to start the year.

Now, Richt's staff is offering back-channel answers to the Barry Jackson at the Miami Herald to justify the move.

The Hurricanes believe Rosier is better equipped to decipher veteran defenses, according to a Canes staffer. What's more, Rosier is better at audibiling out of bad plays and into better ones.

Perry was flummoxed by Virginia's senior-heavy defense. And Boston College also has a veteran defense: 7 of 11 starters are seniors; the others are juniors.

The Eagles also have a savvy, experienced defensive coordinator in Jim Reid, who has coached since 1973 and was linebackers coach with the Dolphins.

So Rosier, the staff believes, is better equipped to pick up blitzes and disguises and all of the things that an older defense with a respected coordinator are capable of doing to rattle a quarterback, especially one as young as Perry.

It will also be an emotional atmosphere with a loud crowd, and Rosier might be better equipped to handle that too, in the staff's eyes. This will be Boston College's annual Red Bandana game, in which the school remembers a hero of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In case that reasoning seems a bit flawed to you, well, hear it from Cameron Underwood at State of the U:

Malik Rosier is a 51% CAREER passer. He threw 1 interception vs UVa and had several other balls either dropped by the Virgina defense, or broken up by Miami receivers, who had to do their best to keep Rosier from throwing even more INTs. Yes, N'Kosi Perry threw 2 interceptions, but at 10-0, Richt should have been able to calm him down and gotten the youngster to elevate his performance; that's what coaching is about.

We've seen this movie with Malik Rosier starting. We know how this is going to go. And, if he were such the better option at QB, Perry wouldn't have taken his job during the FIU week, Perry wouldn't have started against FSU — a team he beat by throwing 4 TDs vs 0 INTs I feel obligated to remind you — and he wouldn't have started against Virginia. But he did. Because he's both the more talented and better player at QB.

But, instead of supporting him like he did Rosier, Richt panicked and went back to "old faithful", a player who has been around the program for a long time and who Richt knows is neither as talented nor as good as the younger Perry.

For who? For what?

Instead of messing with the kid's confidence — even IF Perry were to start from here on out, he'll surely be walking on egg shells, worried that any mistake will be the end of his time on the field — the clear and only decision to be made is to start N'Kosi Perry, upgrade/update/improve the offensive playcalling to give him and the offense a reasonable chance for success, and move forward from there.

And as if that all isn't enough, news broke Monday that Perry was reprimanded for posting a video on Facebook of him flashing wads of cash. So, not exactly inspiring confidence from the coaching staff, I guess!

It doesn't help either that the Eagles are a bit feisty this year, and a weird Friday road game will surely not help matters.

It's not like Miami is doomed, even if they drop this game, but with a final stretch of Duke, at Georgia Tech, at the Hokies and Pittsburgh (remember last year?), things could get bad in a hurry for the Canes.

All of which opens up quite the lane for Tech, right? Well, maybe. But it's worth considering the team on the other end of that Miami loss.

Yes, the Hoos are...good? Strange as it is to say, UVA is 3-1 in conference, 4-0 at home and 5-2 overall, so perhaps things are finally clicking for Bronco Mendenhall.

And, as David Teel notes at the Daily Press, UVA faces a considerably different end to the season than they did a year ago, when similar buzz started to build in Charlottesville.

A final contrast to 2017 is the schedule. At 5-1 last year, Virginia had yet to face AJ Dillon and Boston College, Lamar Jackson and Louisville, undefeated Miami and nemesis Virginia Tech. Indeed, the Cavaliers were underdogs in each of their last four regular-season games.

This year's schedule is far more accommodating. U.Va.'s next three tests — North Carolina, Pittsburgh and Liberty — are at home, and the Cavaliers likely will be favored in all of them. They then close with road contests at Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech.

Of course, it would be no surprise to see the Hoos stumble with back-to-back games against the Techs and see this all come crumbling down. But I am also quite thankful that the Hokies will get UVA in Lane this year, and am starting to get ever so slightly nervous about that one.

All of this underscores the importance of the next few weeks for the Hokies. Miami looks to have real trouble brewing, and UVA's record when it comes to delivering on a promising October doesn't inspire confidence.

The path to a Coastal title is pretty clear for Tech — but when have the Hokies ever made things easy?

Of course, there's always this fun Coastal scenario to consider: dial up that seven-way tie!


Somebody is going to have to win the Coastal, and as of right now everyone has a shot.


Somebody is going to have to win the Coastal

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Ugh, this game is going to rough on the old ticker. We need to just score a shitload of points and hope the D gets one or two stops so GiT can't keep up.

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All of that is to say that anxiety levels are quite high indeed ahead of Saturday's game

wait was the game moved because of a hurricane??? /s

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Whoops. These Thursday games, they'll really get after ya.

"He'll get after ya"- Frank Beamer, repeatedly.

I think this game could be Dax's coming out party. I could see him blowing up plays all night long with his lateral quickness. I think he may be a big part of the game plan. Also, would love to see Watts take a big step forward.

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

Also, would love to see Watts take a big step forward.

The corners are going to make or break the defense in this game. If we thought the deep passing attack was getting us worked before just wait until PJ uncorks one after 10 straight runs where Farley and Watts have to help support the edge.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

would love to see Watts take a big step forward

As long as its not too many steps forward and he gets beat over the top by an efficient passing offense.

I couldn't help it

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

I'm hoping you're right. It seems like if we have a week off, we forget how to play against the real opponent, and GT will definitely us.

A landmine in our own gameplan would be to play ball control offense just to help the young defense. Just score to make Georgia Tech play from behind and their wheels will fall off. Time of possession be damned (sorry HOAT).

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I fear we will be playing from behind. I expect GT to score, rather easily, on their first two drives, while all of our first year starters adjust to their offense. Hopefully we score early, otherwise I think it will be a long night.

GT scored on the first possession in 4 of their 7 games this season. Touchdowns against Bowling Green, Louisville, Alcorn State and a field goal v. South Florida.
Pitt, Duke and Clemson held them scoreless through the first quarter. Against Pitt, they didn't score until the 2nd half.
We can get out on top of these guys. We've got to play with a lead to keep them on their heels.


I swear, if we come out and play a conservative, ball control, timid offense, I will lose my shit...

Amen... the timid BS QB draw plays on 3rd and 6 because we can't run or pass protect apparently.

Any bets our first play will be a "long" pass play? (say... 20+ downfield?)

CPJ said earlier this year that the way to beat them is to force turnovers and get up 2 scores. Like most acc teams are able to do against them regularly.

Why the eff can't we be like most ACC teams in this regard? I mean, damn!

that anxiety levels are quite high indeed ahead of Saturday'sThursday's game

1-0 every week

I'll drink, should have refreshed before posting

1-0 every week

I'm guessing Ladler looks more like he did versus FSU and even takes on a little bit of the Kyle Fuller role. Maybe not lining up in the A gap all night, but moving all over the field.

We can mathematically eliminate GT from the race with a win on Thursday night. We would hold a 4 game conference lead of them with 4 games to play and we would have the tiebreaker. So let's go ahead and do that please. The triple option on Saturday Dec 2nd primetime against Clemson is a bad look for the league.

This is the year where FuCorn HAVE to figure out the GT defense and take advantage. This is a team that has not had a solid defensive unit in many years and we are seemingly the only team that always fails to take advantage. Stinespring was the poster boy of making horrible defenses look like world beaters, but that's exactly the feel I have gotten from the last two GT games. The defense is young, I have enough belief to hope that they step up and make some stops in this game, but we cannot force them to win the game for us. It's time for us to put 30-40 points on this GT defense and win the game with our offense. Let's make GT play from behind (for what feels like the first time ever) and they will make mistakes and force passes.

You nailed it. Our play calling needs to be creative where of what Georgia Tech is giving us, and take it.

I would love to see a lot of quick slants with Kumah and Keene drawing a lot of attention so that Hazleton and Patterson can light up the Deep routes.

You say Stinespring but give our boy, the mastermind behind the 0-0 Wake game, some credit

That would be an awful scenario for us on three fronts:

1. we'd be ineligible for a bowl without winning a makeup game on Dec 1
2. UVA would break the streak
3. UVA would advance to their first ACCCG. They and Duke would be the only teams 4-2 in the Coastal and UVA beat Duke H2H

I wonder how likely we'd be to get a bowl waiver at 5-6. We have strong academics and it's a bit of a bullshit scenario that left us with only 11 games to play.

Not that I want it to come to that, just trying to spur conversation.

"I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you you were terrible." -Justin Fuente

It's entirely upon APR, how many teams are above us, and how many unused slots there are since pecking order is:

1. 6-6 or better, max 1 FCS win
2. 6-6 or better, max 2 FCS wins
3. 6-7 teams (waiver from conference championship game OR team is/played Hawai'i)
4. Liberty if they're 6-6 (team in last year of transition to FBS)
5. 5-7 teams in order of APR ranking.

We're 91st in APR in FBS and there are a lot of teams in the 4-7 loss column that are ahead of us in APR.

I'm going to stay positive and think about how well Ashby has been playing and how Ricky can get some stops behind the line.

"What are you going to do, stab me? - Quote from Man Stabbed

I'm heading into Thursday fully expecting a loss. Not being a pessimist, I just see a lot of factors playing against our favor. Having all our linebackers playing their first game against the flexbone is a recipe for disaster, I expect our corners to be out of position against all 4 of GT's pass attempts, and I don't trust Willis to make the right reads consistently to take what the Bees are giving him.

Having said that, I prefer going into games like this expecting a loss, because it's hard to be disappointed and a win feels that much better.

"I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you you were terrible." -Justin Fuente

All of those are great points. And because of that I am going to disagree. I think we do win this one. For some reason when all the information/data/analytics say we shouldn't win we find a way (obvious big underdog games not included). We should have trouble with their offense. Our offense has been pedestrian at best. We have a bunch of kids playing defense against an offense they've never seen before. Everything says we should struggle and that's why I say we take care of business.

Vols Fans are more delusional than LOLUVA

Hokie in Tennessee

And of course... the Hokies are wearing Maroon for the Orange effect game.

Leonard. Duh.

It should be noted that we were wearing orange unis the last time we beat Georgia Tech. Not to mention we received this blessed image.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

That awesome 2 point win over mighty 3-7 GT that had 1 acc win.. woo hoo.

"...Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering..."

Leonard. Duh.

This might be a good week for you to practice the age old adage of seen not heard.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

Yes of course. No GT frustration allowed.

Look around plenty of posts about frustration not winning against GT etc. your just comes off as old man yelling at clouds.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

And here we go...can you also temper your personal dislike here? dc has been pretty damned reasonable. If not, maybe practice what you preach?

Shouldn't this be the one week where DC is allowed to vent out all of his pent up GT hate?

We all dread the nuisance that is GT and it's difficult to put out a fire that don't need a startin'

Let's Go


My bad, I was just trying to have a little fun. Won't happen again chief.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Winning the conference is not going to happen by accident. GT will present problems, but I believe that VT has the offensive pieces to make it very difficult for GT. This is going to sound Skip Bayless level stuff, but we need to be disciplined on defense. Paul Johnson knows he has young guys trying to process a lot on the fly. Expect some tricks early and often to go with the chop blocks to try to throw them off and go for the jugular early, use their aggressiveness against them.

I think this is the time when VT takes a step back up. It think we grab an early lead and are able to keep pace with GT. Something like 35-31 good guys.

That UVA game is looming large. My wife is making me pick between that or Miami for kid watching reasons. At this point, my heart says Miami, but the Coastal could be on the line against the Hoos AND the streak?

The Dude Abides

I need to see Coach Fuente not be so tight against GT first. He is correct that every possession matters, but he tries to call the perfect game on offense, no mistakes, ball control and it doesn't work. GT is not a good football team. They are average at best. Yes the triple option is tricky, but we need to be aggressive on offense and score some damn points. This is not Leoffler throwing drags to Kalvin Cline. This is an offensive minded staff, with some weapons on the field and guys that have been in the system going on 3 years. We should be able to move the ball on GT and force CPJ to play from behind. Duke beats them every year. UVA beats them and scores a bunch of points. Clemson toys around with them. They are not Alabama. VT makes their defense look like Bama though and GT pops enough big plays on us to win... as they finish 5th in the coastal again. Time for the VT offense to step up.

I have to say that I agree with this post. The Hokies last jumped on the Jackets in 2005. Every year since then, it's either been a loss, or a skin of the teeth 2-4 pt win. It's time for runaway win.

Leonard. Duh.

What about 2011??

Still close for most of the game. Things were rolling in their favor and we were about to go 3 and out and give them the ball right back before the Attaouchu punch on Logan Thomas that gave us a first down. The offense did play well in that game though.

Quick google reminded me the exacts situation. It was 26-21 with GT leading in the 3rd quarter. we get the ball back, go backwards, and on third and 19 get completely bailed out by Attaouchu punching Logan Thomas in the head during an attempted sack.

I was in the endzone on the far side of the field away from that punch. All the GT fans were pissed at the call. Then the jumbo tron showed the punch and they apologized to me for their conduct. It was odd.

I was fortunate enough to be at that game too with great tickets. I was on the GT side near the 50 (got tickets from a buddy on my freshman hall whose parents were GT boosters) so I didn't have a great look at it but I could see what happened and most of the old guys around me didn't see it until the replay and they all calmed down. It was rather egregious haha.

I felt like it was more back-and-forth until the Attaouchu (bless you) foul. My point being (in response to the comment further up) that TECHnically we did in fact defeat them by more than 3-4 pts since '05 (even since '07). In fact, we smashed them in Atown, 27-3 in '07 & 17-10 in '13.

I forgot about the the Glennon stolen jersey game. You're right, good sir.

Still though. It's time to beat the snot out of those guys.

Leonard. Duh.

Definitely go to to the UVA game. You'll get to watch Tech 38-0 bro them on their way to Charlotte

The VT offense needs to be prepared to put up 40 points. I don't see how this year's defense can be reasonably expected to have the discipline level needed to consistently stop the GT offense.

GT has had fumbling issues. Let's hope that continues.

That Duke game was like 7-7 or 14-7 and then GT just kept giving them the ball back to go down 3 scores. I think Duke actually had a make it take it off of a kickoff fumble by GT inside the 10. I'd love to see them do that against us.

If we go 4-4 in the ACC after being 3-0, I'm donating $100 to the Hokie Club.

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

I will also match this.

(add if applicable) /s

If we go 4-4 in the ACC after being 3-0, I'm donating $100 to the Hokie Club.

Right after I finish my nap in the middle of I-64.

I'm cool with it as long as we beat LOLUVA and schedule West Virginia for championship weekend and burn down Morgantown while we're at it

These younger defenders do have 1 thing going for them. They haven't lost to GT before.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Man oh man, I sure wish we still had these guys on our "D"...
Go Hokies, #BeatGT!

Go Hokies!

Really bums me out to see so many resell tickets going for like $5-6 for this game.

I don't know about you, but the Thursday night game just doesn't have the same appeal to me as it used to. This may be the same way a lot of the fan base feels. The Thursday night games don't seem to have the same buildup. Perhaps the scheduling and NFL games has watered it down. On top of it all, I'm someone with a very flexible schedule that can get down to them pretty easily. I'd rather go to a 3:30 Saturday game.


You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

I'd rather go to a Saturday game, too. But this week's game is on a Thursday, and I'm a little worried about what that crowd is gonna look like. The apathy of this fan base is really starting to show, and it's unfortunate, but it's also understandable I suppose.

There's a one-step process for the team to sell more tickets.

"Our job as coaches is to influence young people's lives for the better in terms of fundamental skills, work ethic, and doing the right thing. Every now and again, a player actually has that effect on the coaching staff." Justin Fuente on Sam Rogers

1-0 every week!

Is that why even Saban is complaining about attendance? There is not anymore one way to keep attendance high. You may sell tickets when you win a lot but doesn't mean they will come to games or stay for long.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

I hate this game, its so annoying. I think our offense needs to play our regular game, not this slow developing plays that may or may not yield yards (see UNC as an Example). Special teams will have to be Special and run the Jet sweep to widen them out or fake it, force them to respect our options and please use Rambo.

Hokies, Local Soccer, AFC Ajax, Ravens

Obviously we are going undefeated in conference, but who would represent if there was a 7 way tie at 4-4? Highest ranked?

Saw it mentioned elsewhere in the post, but I believe it is uva... Goes to head to head and then Coastal record


Well no matter how bad GT has been in the past we have seemed to struggle beating them. I don't know when the last time we had a double digit win against them was.

I don't have a good feeling about this game. If our defense last year got torched by the pass I'm not confident that this young defense will be able to stop it while trying to stuff the run game. We smoked their run game minus one play last year and other than that 3 passes for scores or long gains and that's all she wrote.

So as poor as the GT may be their horrible wrinkle that will never get them anything in life called the triple option is enough to trip the young hokies up this year again IMO. Not looking forward to it and will gladly eat crow on this one.

Willis needs to have a great game and drive that offense but UNC didn't inspire much confidence save the last drive. We shall see and I'll be cheering them on from the couch.

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Hey guys...

Just letting everyone know we're going to lose this game. Our defense is really young against the Georgia Tech triple option that they've never seen before. I think Bud is a declining D coordinator and Ryan Willis looks like the evil rich kid in every Disney channel movie.

He does kinda favor all those kids. Maybe Disney up the hair a bit but the rest is there.

There goes 7LOP, up to his old tricks again.

Man, I hate playing Georgia Tech.

"That's Houdini!"

- Jon Laaser 9/24/2016

I love playing gt when we win.
I want to love this game. I want to love this game. I want to love this game. I want to love this game. I want to love this game. I want to love this game. I want to love this game. I want to love this game. I want to love this game.

Ut Prosim Ad Dei Gloriam