By the (Advanced) Numbers: Stressed Until Chestnut Hill

Don't expect an air assault on Friday night. A low scoring affair stands to be determined by whichever team can run the ball more efficiently.

BC running back Pat Garwo averages nearly 6 yards a touch. [Boston College Athletics]

Even among those of us ready to move on from the Justin Fuente era, a Virginia Tech win always feels great and slightly lowers the temperature on the hot seat. I won't read any more into the win over Georgia Tech than I would the single loss against Syracuse, but it did feel like players were still motivated to play.

Now as the team turns its attention towards a struggling Boston College, the question becomes whether they will show up hungry again, or GT was a blip. Coming out playing slow and uninspired football will have many more fans grabbing pitchforks and torches; dominating the Eagles will have others suggesting Fuente is turning things around. We've hit the point in the season — and the head coach's tenure — where every game turns into a referendum on Whit Babcock's decision.

Where the Season Stands

Virginia Tech is currently 4-4. The actual and predicted score difference and odds of winning each game are:

The odds of each possible regular season win total are now:

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