This Is The Best Virginia Tech Team Ever

Not best women's basketball team ever. Not best basketball team ever. The 2023 women's basketball team has a case to be crowned as the best team that's ever been in Blacksburg, regardless of sport.

[Virginia Tech Athletics]

You're mad.

It's cool, we can just start there. You saw a headline, disagreed, clicked out of reaction, likely armed with some sort of argument you're having with the imaginary version of me that you have in your head (I hope I'm kinda fit there, at least?)

"But what about ___(insert your favorite era of football team here)____?"

"The Sweet 16, Buzz Williams Hokies?!?"

"The 2010 Tyrod Taylor year??"


And to that I say...I hear you. But you're wrong.

The 2022-23 Virginia Tech women's basketball team is the best team to ever don the maroon and orange, and the only way you disagree is if you've never watched them play this year. My reasoning? Well take cover as I launch the hot take of the century:

They're really, really good.

Oh wow, a 27-4, ACC Champion and #1 seed is good? How brave. But we're really overlooking just how magical of a season this has been. We're not just talking about a talented college basketball team. We're talking about the best program in the best league in America. Tied for second at the end of the regular season, winners of the conference tournament, chosen by the selection committee as one of the four best in the country.

If we just stop there, we're already getting into uncharted territory for any Hokie squad of any era across any sport. But it's not just about the results, it's about how dominant they've been. They're 16-2 since the turn of the year, with those wins coming by an average of nearly 12 points per game. They must be blowing out scrubs and bottom feeders, right?

Think again.

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