The Team of Destiny

In the Final Four and undoubtedly one of the best teams in the country, is it really that crazy to think Virginia Tech women's basketball might also have fate on their side?

[Virginia Tech Athletics]

There's a very decent argument that the greatest what-if in 21st century basketball has roots in Blacksburg, Virginia. The paywall could go up right here and I still think you'd all know what I'm talking about.

In the mid 2000s Seth Greenberg didn't extend a scholarship to a scrawny high school guard whose biggest claim to fame at that point was that his dad's jersey hung in the rafters in Cassell Coliseum, and it's haunted the program ever since. But the what-if here is not "What would the Virginia Tech athletic department look like if the Hokies offered Steph Curry?". On the contrary, it's "what would basketball look like if the Curry as we know him didn't exist."

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