This Many People Attended Virginia's 2017 Spring Football Festival

Foxfield or football


Virginia held its annual spring game, err football festival on Saturday, and some supporters of the Hoos had a conundrum on their hands. Watch the Cavaliers' final spring practice or attend the Foxfield Races. And as Streaking the Lawn noted, the Hoos managed to take an L during their spring game too.

Though many fans expressed their frustration on Twitter that the "spring game" was scheduled on the same day as Foxfield, head coach Bronco Mendenhall has previously stated that the spring football festival is treated just as another practice, rather than a showcase or pep rally type of event.

"You saw a very similar format to what we've been doing the entire spring today," Mendenhall said after the game. "We didn't alter it much for our last practice. That gives us one more chance to evaluate our team, our depth, and area of our team that are strong [as well as] some areas that need improvement."

The Richmond Times-Dispatch estimated Scott Stadium attendance of a "few thousand" people, while Streaking the Lawn capped the crowd at a "couple thousand". The Hoos' spring game had similar turnouts in 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012.


Or did they intentionally schedule it the same day as Foxfield because they already knew no one would show and they could have something on which to blame the poor attendance?

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There seems to be a lot of excitement for year 2 of Bronco.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

If its just practice (Best AI impersonation) why do they call it a Festival?

Year 3 is coming up!

Well, to be fair, those horses do have a better chance of making a bowl game than UVA football does

Per David Hall of The Virginia Pilot

"Virginia's senior quarterback had just taken every snap of about a 75-play, full-contact scrimmage, signed countless autographs and talked with the media....."

So I guess 'Countless autographs' means none?

I'm gonna go ahead and recycle my Twitter joke:

Found this gem in the comments section...

Why be excited about this thing at all? At this point I'm only holding season tickets so I can have good seats for basketball.

Sometimes I like to leave off the /s just to mess with people.

Wow I think I actually feel bad for them. Football season needs to get here quick so my pity can turn back into hate.

Get a hold of yourself. Be strong!

What is the level of patheticness where it is no longer fun to lol@uva?

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
“I served in the United States Navy"



Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

Once we reach that level, I'll let you know. However, I'm certain that I'll be willing to keep trying even then.

Another thing is, the players had to wear plain white jerseys with no numbers or names stiched on them making it hard for the handful of people there to follow along. Makes me glad we didn't hire a guy like Bronco.

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"Hey that kid made a great tackle! WTF was it? "
"Well he has freckles and that goofy stride. Write that down."

Year 3 is coming up!

This stuff writes itself.

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I'm sorry but that is some fantastic cleavage......

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Why are you sorry?

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

It looks like the crowd was doubled last years turn out. What excitement!

So a couple of things come to mind when I read about Bronco's Methods of "Coaching".

I believe that he is (probably accidentally) creating a culture of "Caesar at the Coliseum" wherein he decides who is worthy and who is not. He is "The Ultimate Wahoo" and determines who is worthy to have the privilege of a number, name, helmet logo, or to even set foot upon His practice field. He watches practices and meetings and any sign of failure means that they are not worthy. Punishing honest mistakes and setting asinine and arbitrary tasks does not endear a leader to his followers.

Also, how DARE what pitiful remains of the rank and file of 'Hoo fans hope for a demonstration of the prowess and abilities of the team they pour their hopes and money into! Bronco is CAESAR and is not one to perform for the unwashed masses! You will see nothing but Yoga and Position Drills and you will like it!

This style of leadership is historically...perilous and disastrous. Yeah, giving the team something to work for is good, but it has to be done right. Recognizing Top Effort guys, "If The 340-LB DLineman Catches The Punt No One Runs", those are activities that designed to inspire maximum effort and make a team. Withholding identity (numbers, nameplates), membership (helmet logos), and instilling odd rituals (3-point stance after possession changes? REALLY?) just demoralizes and embarrasses players. Leave that to your opponents, coach.

If I may make a suggestion to the Jeffersonian cosplayers: somewhere around week 3, I'd be donning my Praetorian Guard gear instead.

#HardThingsTogether #ExtendBM

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

Does "doing hard things together" mean more than one person watching LOLUVA football? If so, they're going to have a hard time getting multiple people together, based on their Spring Festival attendance.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

A horse that trains on a treadmill probably won the Foxfield thingy, so Hokies win again.

Leonard. Duh.

Given the estimates I heard on the radio, the attendance at Foxfield + the Spring Festival attendance still is less than what we had at the spring game.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

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On another wonderful hoos note, I am now back to loling at them: "On the other end of the spectrum, Virginia had its streak of 33 years with at least one (NFL Draft) pick come to an end."

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
“I served in the United States Navy"


I tried to Google image search "UVA Spring Game 2017" for some more embarrassing shots but the first page of results contained the following images:
11 of VT football including the top two results (Fuente and Coastal Champ trophy), 20 different CFB program photos, 2 from MLB, 2 of UVA basketball, 1 NFL stadium, and 2 of an empty Scott Stadium

Hammerin' Hokie

You know, as much as we make fun of them, wahoos really are great wingmen. I mean only a true friend would always be there for you the way they have.

We have our four worst seasons in a quarter century (2012-2015) and they still manage to do worse and let us keep two of our few bragging rights going. Not only did we keep the streak over them alive, but beating them in 2012, 2014, and 2015 salvaged our bowl streak. Thanks LOLUVa!!

This year, we have a very disappointing showing at our spring game due to weather issues (rain and predicted thunderstorms). We only have 16,000 show up. To make us feel better, Bronco schedules their spring festival for the one saturday in April that every preppy socialite has reserved (Foxfield races) and doesn't even let his guys wear numbers or names on their jerseys. Then he doesn't even attempt to make it a game style format so the fan can be entertained. End result? Our spring game attendance looks down right prolific in comparison. Thanks LOLUVa!!

The NFL draft was a kick in the nuts this year. None of us expected any of the seniors to go early, but when three of your most influential play makers declare early, you have to hope that they make a splash on draft day. Instead, Chuck Clark is the first off the board in round 6 (good for him, btw) and Bucky, Rogers, and Ford join him across rounds 6 and 7. Evans goes undrafted. Couldn't be worse right? How about breaking a 33 year draft streak that, honestly, was the only thing LOLUVa football still had going for it. That's right, LOLUVa had ZERO players drafted, even though God's gift to college football, Smoke Mizzell, was up for grabs. Thanks LOLUVa!!

So, I'd like everyone to remember that even when things get rough, our rivals to the north east are always there to soften the blow.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

It's also pretty helpful for recruiting efforts. Sure London conned a few kids and took advantage of a few more through the Thoroughbreds debacle, but just imagine if those pansies were a serious football contender. As it stands right now basically all of our recruiting competitors are from out of state. If LOLUVA was even on par with a school like UNCheat (much less an elite football school) recruiting could be much harder than it already is. Most "southern" states have at least 2 halfway decent football schools so I think we're pretty fortunate in that regard.

Sometimes I like to leave off the /s just to mess with people.

Surprised Smoke didn't get drafted, he could play. A shame (for him) they wasted his talents. I guess Blanding will be the last of the great potential players they sucked into their vortex of sub-mediocrity, at least he'll get drafted though.

I'm a little surprised, too. Mizzell was the one guy I worried about when we played them. He had some chops.

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Ravens did sign Smoke as an UDFA but every time I think of him I see him getting run down by Bonner.

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, and hetzers gonna hetz

Quick tidbit related to our attendance, Zion DeBose was amazed at how many people showed up for our game despite it raining off and on all day.