I guess Marcus isn't a candidate for OC anymore.

So this article just popped up on my twitter feed...

Marcus Vick Gets New River Valley Jail Time

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By the time VT gets around to making an announcement, Marcus should have already served his 5 days and be ready to join the staff...


Marcus Vick, the gift that keeps on giving

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Anyone know our record for games played while Marcus either has warrants out or is in jail?

There are so many jokes possible here. Would cost me a few turkey legs though.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Double-edged sword

How is it, that from the same woman, we can have both the savior to our football program and his exact opposite? I was in school with the elder Vick and watched our rise to national prominence. I just assumed that was the life I would lead as a Hokie...every year, every season, we would be contenders. I have learned at my ripe old age to not take such seasons and players for granted. Then you consider the latter. Impregnating under-age girls, stomping on opposing players in bowl games, holding up a McDonald's, and consistently having run-ins with the law. How can we get two polar opposites from the same family? I sure would like to rid my memory of the embarrasment that the younger Vick has caused. I'm sure big bro would say the same if asked. You always want that big talent on your team, but sometimes it comes with a heavy price...ask the Criminals---err, I mean Seminoles.

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I would be surprised if his brother's massive success didn't have something to do with it. They were both from a relatively rough neighborhood, not particularly well off, and then one of them hit it huge, started making tens of millions of dollars.

Little brother sees that, gets a part of the millions, and expects that the same will happen to him. Gets a little spoiled by the cash and the attention and did all of the wrong things instead of staying focused on football.

And, just in case you forgot about Bad Newz Kennels, his brother hasn't exactly been a model citizen his entire life. He just happened to wait until after college (after he had some $$) to show us.

I called my fantasy team Bad Newz Kennels for years

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

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I mean, I love MV7 more than anyone

But he isn't exactly Tim Tebow out here. Weed on the airplane, admitting to never studying film, not being a team player in ATL, and the obvious dog fighting. Michael seems to have turned a corner though, which is great to see. Marcus on the other hand is just an idiot.


Uh, Mike Vick, not the greatest dude ever.

Marcus was "worse" because he had the context of Mike's fame and money in his formative years to deal with. But, "worse" is a pretty personal decision. Marcus is a trainwreck, Mike...well...is a convicted felon.

There's also the fact that Mike waited until AFTER he left Tech to start screwing up. It doesn't reflect quite as poorly on our program as Marcus did, since his debauchery happened while in school.

I've been asking this for years and still don't understand it. If you're the starting quarterback of the Virginia Tech Hokies and your brother is Michael Vick, why are you screwing a 15 year old?! Be like AJ McCarron and bag a model!

Rip his freaking head off!

3 reasons

She was there

It was easy

Peer pressure

And, well, there's a chance he didn't realize she was only 15...

Marcus Vick and Ryan Leaf for co-offensive coordinators? While one is in jail, the other runs the offense?

Leaf has the right connections

At least for acquiring illegal drugs. How else can we get our players big enough to play Alabama...

On to the next level, baby!

I'm just glad

That MV7 didn't/couldn't (is he still on the court ordered budget?) give him the $40,000 to keep outta jail.

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I think I saw on a clip for MV7s show a while ago that he was letting Marcus clean his own messes up now. I could be wrong, but it would be smart of MV7 to do that.