David Wilson Cruises for 57 Yards in Tech's First Scrimmage

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Unfortunately I couldn't make it to Blacksburg today, but I was able to keep up with the scrimmage via Twitter (@VT_Football, @RaleighHokie, @HokiesJournal, @NormWood and #Hokies), live stats and video on HokieSports.com.

Thoughts on the Highlights

  • What a block by Martin Scales on Bruce Taylor to spring Tony Gregory for nine yards.
  • Beautiful blocking on David Wilson's 22 yard scamper. Drager pulled around backside to kick out the end, Brooks pulled and sealed off at the second level, backer. David Wilson did all the rest. It's a lofty comparison, but Wilson on that run he reminded me of Adrian Peterson, his re-acceleration after taking a hit was unbelievably quick.
  • ZOMG, we're rolling the quarterback out of the pocket! What great touch on LT3's pass to Drager, contrast that with the zip he put on the ball to MD7.
  • LT3's interception to Dyrell was way under thrown. Growing pains to be expected all season.

Notable Tweets

These Tweets caught my eye, and here's what I think.

Blake DeChristopher, get well, get well soon, we wish you to get well.

A popular theory about Reeves during his recruitment was he'd play receiver, that seems to be the case.

Hopefully it's nothing serious, but man, tight end has gone from one of our deepest to thinnest positions pretty quickly.

Myer's biggest issue has always been his consistency, he has a bigger leg than Journell. Going perfect (2/2) on the day will certainly make the Frankinator have a little more confidence in him.

Inexcusable. Concerning. Fixable.

Statistics that Stood Out at Me

  • Logan Thomas went 4 of 8 for 79 yards with a pick and a touchdown. Mark Leal completed 6 passes for 116 yards with one TD and pick.
  • David Wilson only carried 5 times, but for 57 yards, that's 11.4 yards a clip.
  • Danny Coale and Scott Demler each punted three times, Coale averaged 42.7 yards, Demler 40 yards.
  • Cody Journell hit field goals of 35, 22, and 35 yards, but missed a 44 yard attempt. Meyer was perfect on kicks nailing a 52-yarder and connecting on another of 28 yards.
  • Luther Maddy led the team with 8 tackles, 4 solo, 4 assisted.

For those of you that were there in person I encourage you to leave your observations below for the benefit of everyone who couldn't make it.


Check out David Wilson's touchdown replay on Hokie Sports. Unbelievable. Channels Ryan Williams on the "two guys can't tackle me at once" run from Miami

DW is going to break ankles this year

Also, seeing referees in shorts is off putting for some reason.

I was pleasantly surprised to see LT dump the ball on screens for nice plays.

LT thoughts

It appears he's getting it more and more. Were all going to have to remember he's a first time starter this year. Though. He may give us a few OMFG moments when we really don't need em. The media and haters will eat it up. I just hope they don't cause an L and he keeps that TD:int ratio positive.

Although his pass was under thrown to straight burner, lets not forget he was up against a future 1st round draft pick in Hosley. The one thing I don't like about scrimmages is for every great play it means there is something to note/be concerned with on the other side of the ball.

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

Defensive Line

“We've been putting a lot of work into (freshman defensive tackle) Kris Harley, and putting a lot of work into Luther Maddy, and both of those kids have gotten better this week," Wiles said. “I see here that Luther made some plays. I know you noticed him a little bit. He got tired. It's not fair to give him a really true evaluation when the kid's tired, but he played more than what was scheduled for him to play due to the injury (to Battle). Then, we lose the other guy [Tucker], and we're really short-handed and you're playing three groups. You've got guys going back-to-back (series'), playing 12 plays in a row. That's not realistic. That's not going to happen. We're obviously not going to play a kid 12 plays in a row."

Hamlette has caught Wiles' eye the most this week in practice. At 6-foot-5 and 291 pounds, Hamlette's offseason work has put him in position to get some serious playing time this season.

“If you look at his (weight room) numbers, you look at his body and all that, he's gotten a lot bigger," Wiles said. “I don't know if you guys have really seen him. He's gotten bigger. He has improved. He's more physical. I wouldn't call him just an overall physical kid, but he's more physical. He does have great movement. That's why we were able to move him inside. I would say he's probably our third defensive tackle right now based on the week of practice. After that...it was pretty much Kwamaine and Hamlette, and if you take Kwamaine out of there, then you've got to go with Luther."

Wiles' biggest issue with his backup defensive ends is there's no consistency and too many missed assignments. He wants more out of redshirt freshmen Duan Perez-Means and Tyrel Wilson, a Hampton High graduate, at the No. 2 end spots, but no other players are really pushing Perez-Means and Wilson.

“I've put (freshman) Corey Marshall in a position to try to beat one of those guys out," Wiles said. “Right now, he's not taking it. He's just not physical. He's not playing very fast. It's kind of like I don't know if his mind is tying him up...You see signs. He looks great. He's 258 pounds. He can run, but he's just been very inconsistent."

Wiles said just about everything defensively has been installed except for the goal line defense, which he said is “fairly simple" from a defensive line perspective.

In terms of his other backups, Wiles said freshmen ends Dadi Nicolas and Matt Roth are both probably a year away physically [“(Nicolas) runs around like he's on the playground. It's not playing within the structure of our package. He's just kind of out there like he's playing pickup basketball or pickup football."].

Wiles added redshirt freshman defensive end Zack McCray, who dealt with a knee injury late in the week that caused him to be in a blue jersey indicating no contact and limited work, is playing faster and more physical, but Wiles wants to review film to see if he sustained it in Saturday's scrimmage. Finally, Wiles said freshman defensive end Justin Taylor has leveled off and has struggled with some injuries.

Oh, if you're wondering about Tech's projected defensive line starters — tackles Antoine and Derrick Hopkins and ends J.R. Collins and James Gayle, a Bethel High graduate who had two sacks in the scrimmage — you'll be hard-pressed to get an ugly word out of Wiles about any of them.

“I'm not a bit concerned about James Gayle and J.R. (Collins)," Wiles said. "James Gayle, J.R. and the Hopkins brothers [Antoine and Derrick] — they're playing great. The first group is not the issue. We've got to get depth."

via Norm Wood http://weblogs.dailypress.com/sports/college/accblog/2011/08/a_full_repo...

Battle's injury was a sprain to his knee, the same one he tore his ACL in last season, although according to Hokiesports.com it's being treated as a minor injury. Downside, he's the only proven depth we have. Upside, if he's out a couple of days the younger guys will get more work and Wiles has more film to evaluate to settle on the 4th defensive tackle.


They're saying its an ACl tear..

Logan 3:16

That's the official word from BeamerBall.

I feel horrible for Battle, to work hard to rehab that thing in less than a year only to tear it again has to be depressing. Like any ligament it's always going to be weaker after a tear. I wonder if he was playing with any sort of brace around the knee.

Hamlette, Maddy and Harley are going to have to step up, particularly the freshman. They have a great opportunity in front of them.

On the bright side, at least we're talking about backup depth, not the starting two.

Wishes for a speedy recovery Kwamaine.

Really sad to see this. Reminds me of Kris Jenkins when he came back last year and re-tote his ACL on the third series of the Jets opener versus Baltimore. Really hope he can recover and become a force once again. Best of luck on the road to recovery once again. Gotta really hope those frosh DL's step up bog this year to fill in the depth chart effectively.

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The bombs need not end!

What's to keep Drager from playing both ways?

Awesome Slo-mo Video

Slo-mo video of Saturday's scrimmage at HokieSports http://www.hokiesports.com/videos/

Love the Barquell Rivers spin move after he makes the pick. DW looking strong!

#Let's Go - Hokies

question y'all

HD's chat today somebody asked if DW would break RMFW's single season record...I thought there could be something to that. If the O-line really has improved, our slack schedule, one man show, stays healthy, etc...

Lots of ifs but within the realm of possibilities for sure.


Since he is the feature back

Not sharing carries. Entirely possible if everyone stays healthy, good weather, ...

He has the ability to break off long runs with his speed.

Does he have the vision, quickness, and cut-back ability to find the holes? RMFW has that and a great burst when he finds the opening.

I would love to see him challenge it.

#Let's Go - Hokies

I think it was Joe recently (during BCO's top 20) that said that he got the sense that RMFW was truly doing something special when you watched him run...couldn't agree more. I believed then and still do that he was a generation-type player, and he almost made me forget about Suggs/Jones.

But I remember thinking (along with others) when that was going on that DW could be the best of the 3..it will be interesting to see how he does or if current events are/were more heavily weighted over the past. I don't think any of us were guilty of this with Ryan Williams.