Preseason Position Grades

The Hokies begin preseason practice on Thursday. Aside from the games themselves, August camp is when we learn the most about the players on the team. A the end of camp we'll know how good or bad we are from listening to the coaches, reading practice reports and watching the scrimmages.

But how do we stand right now? Here's my modest attempt at ranking each position. For the most part, I'm trying to avoid the hype and positive prognostications and evaluate each positional unit based on actual on-the-field evidence as the average sum of its parts. Experience and depth matter the most.

Quarterbacks: C+

The quarterbacks are all talented, have wowed us in practice, but have very little actual game experience. The unknown scares me. It's perfectly acceptable to be impressed by freakish athleticism and dominance in exhibitions. However, quarterbacks proves their worth by how they perform in games, under pressure while taking it in the chops.

Fullbacks: B-

Joey Phillips proved he could open holes during goal line situations last year. He'll be fine handling the starting duties this season. Martin Scales adds the necessary depth.

Tailbacks: B+

I believe David Wilson and Josh Oglesby will compliment each other quite nicely and uphold Tech's tradition of a dominate rush attack. However, for a position that's seen more than its fair share of injuries over the last two seasons there's little depth. Tony Gregory has a bright future, but hasn't taken a hit since tearing his ACL last fall and James Hopper didn't become a household name during spring.

Wide Receivers: A+

A quartet of players with a diverse skill set who've all hauled in balls during crunch time.

Tight Ends: C

I think Drager will be fine transitioning from defensive end back to tight end, but a second tight end needs to assert himself, hard. Our zone runs are extremely effective when they're run out of two-tights sets.

Offensive Line: C

Four senior returning starters; this should be a position of strength. However, the last couple of seasons the line has bloomed late, and has lacked the viciousness that dominate lines play with.

Defensive Tackles: B

Tech really likes to rotate defensive linemen so a fourth tackle needs to join the Brothers Hopskins and Kwamaine Battle for this to be a complete unit. Incoming freshman Kris Harley could be the answer.

Defensive Ends: C+

It's James Gayle and the gang. Some of the other defensive ends are going to have to step to the front of the stage. Drager's move back to tight end probably means the coaches are sure there are some diamonds in the rough to polish.

Mike: A-

Bruce Taylor is one of the best middle linebackers in the country. Former starter Barquell Rivers and coaches' favorite Jack Tyler are capable, can play if necessary, and provide legitimate depth.

Whip: C

During spring Whip didn't look quite as foreign as last season to Jeron Gouveia-Winslow and Alonzo Tweedy. But they have a long way to go before either make us forget about the play of "Death Backer" Cody Grimm.

Backer: C+

Tariq Edwards, Telvion Clark and Chase Williams all have the potential to be great backers. Right now the job is Edwards' to lose, and I think Clark and Williams will push him for the benefit of the entire unit.

Rover: B-

Exum got a great deal of playing time last year as Tech's nickel back. He can hit and play in space. I'm optimistic. If they had to, I'd think the coaches would shuffle around personal instead of playing Boye Aromire, he just hasn't had enough time to develop.

Defensive Secondary: A-

Jayron, Kyle Fuller and Eddie Whitley were all starters last season and held down a shoddy, by Bud Foster's standards, defense. The backups are spotty and I don't know how any would fare if they had to play full-time.

Specialists: C-

I should be more panicked that we're replacing our kicker for the fifth straight season and our best punter is a wide receiver. The returners are an asset though and help avoid a 'D' grade.

These grades are fluid and undoubtedly the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the team will change as camp progresses. I'll examine these grades before the start of the season.

For now, what do you think?

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TE (D-)

Unforunately, this position might be what will holds our offense back. Huge concerns in the blocking game, which makes offensive sets more focused on 3-4-5 WR's... My biggest fear is that the lack of run blocking ability by our TE will lead to a one dimensional offense... This will put a ton of strain on Logan, which is another huge question mark for our offense.

But who knows, we have somehow built offensive lines with TE's so maybe there is hope!

Uh oh?

Well if that isn't ominous I don't know what is.


Are we talking something minor or season ending? For instance could rubbing some of Beamer's favorite sauce
on it fix the issue?

I am always drunk when I make my videos.


Is this info straight from the athletic department?

According to BeamerBall he's only out for two weeks. Hopefully they're right about that. Last year they thought Rivers would be healthy for the Boise State game and that didn't quite work out.

Give him extra time

I recently heard Davey Johnson say when a player was ready to return he held him out an extra game. Granted, 1 out of 162 isn't the same as 1 out of 12 but maybe they should hold BDC out until ECU or Ark. St. Losing him against the ACC schedule would be tough.

Just my opinion

I'd drop QBs down to a C or C- considering our lack of depth. Hopefully Leal or Young will come around...JuJu is all washed up.

No pressure, no diamonds.

Just a thought

Our same mediocre lines have helped us produce two 1,200+ Rushers in the last 5 years, 10 win seasons, ACC Championships, etc. Theyre never stellar but they do support our Offense. Many may be worried that LT isnt as mobile which certainly helped alleviate some pressure but he has the potential to give spacing. At 6'6" he can read through progression from less steps back, deliver the ball with a little more elevation, and with a little more zip. I see having 4 great WR's and an explosive RB as a platform to start with more dip and dunk scenarios. this will allow for that spacing and its not like our guys wont gain any on the ground after the catch.

I sense the hesitation. Scramblers have prospered while the more pro style guys have been OK. Things have changed though. I see gameplans revolving around LT versus the ok we know you can run if things get locked up deep, make it work.

With all the experience on the line, and the improved backup situation, I'd push them up into the Bs. Or I would if DeChristopher wasn't hurt... that throws a kink into things.

I would have to split the FS (in the B+) and corners (A). Eddie is great, but if he goes down we have NO depth behind him at one of the most critical spots for our defense. Whereas we do have decent depth at corner (Hill and Bonner both have experience and ability) and there's also also not quite as much of a learning curve there if we had to play a newbie.