Hokie Tracks Are All Smiles

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Rivals.com ranks the Hokies 12th in their 120 countdown. They echo HokieJoe3's modest and reasonable expectations for Logan Thomas.

Thomas has garnered all sorts of hype, and his size and athleticism have even resulted in some comparisons to Cam Newton. But no reasonable fan should expect Thomas to replicate Taylor's 2010 season, let alone Newton's Heisman-winning campaign.

Rivals preview isn't hurrying the next Hype-O-Meter off the presses (or exported out of Photoshop as it were). I'll be happy if Logan just mitigates rookie mistakes and takes command of the huddle.

Virginia Tech had 32 takeaways and only 13 giveaways last season to lead the nation in turnover margin. It will be interesting to see if the Hokies take care of the ball equally well this season now that they are inexperienced in their backfield.

Positive turnover margin (+2 BC, +2 NC State, 0 WF, +1 Duke, 0 GT, +6 UNC, +5 Miami, +1 UVa, +2 FSU), that's how Tech overcame the shortcomings of a young and average-at-best defense last season to win the ACC. The ball never bounces the same way twice, so I'm not banking on us leading the nation again.

BeamerBall.com has a slew of practice updates. There'll be a 42-scripted play scrimmage today for the "younger" players. There are potential opportunities for underclassmen and newcomers to contribute at thin positions like tailback, defensive line and in the secondary. This scrimmage will go a long way in determining for the coaches which kids to redshirt, and which ones to get ready to ball. It seems like true-freshman Luther Maddy has a chance to crack the two-deep at defensive tackle this fall, more so than the more highly recruited Kris Harley. Harley also had the benefit of playing under a similar scheme as Tech's in high school at Warren Central, Indiana.

Beamer Co. expects D.J. Coles and Mark Leal to miss Saturday's first open scrimmage due to leg injuries. Opportunities for Dyrell and Ricardo to move back up the depth chart after their own injuries forced them down?

Running back Dominique Patterson is out two weeks with a "typical ankle sprain."

Emoticons in the stands? David Wilsons's smile is contagious.

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Cribs is going to be back for season two, the Frankinator announced during media day the Hokies are raising money for a new indoor practice facility.

After Beamer spoke Saturday, associate athletic director Tom Gabbard provided some details: The project, which includes a renovation of Rector Field House, will cost approximately $25 million and be located adjacent to the Hokies' practice fields. About $5 million has been pledged, but ground will not be broken until all the money is raised. The complex roof will be high enough to practice kicking, and the school will install high-tech video equipment. If completed, the indoor complex will increase Tech’s recent football facility upgrades to $132.5 million.

Beamer Ball is at the heart of every decision made by the football program. Of all the amenities that could have been cited, "high enough to practice kicking," was at the top of the list. That's not coincidental. No longer will inclement weather derail Beamer Co's assembly-line-like efficiency of booting punts and field goals. Conservative game plans, full steam ahead!


Whats with this huge concern for our secondary

I realize many of these positions are thin. Some, like Safety, prosciutto type thin. Nonetheless, younger guys like Fuller have had decent playing time while maintaining a degree of success. At FS theres starting stud Eddie Whitley (a Sr.) backed up by Hopper ( a r-So) with one of the VAnDykes possibly coming in as a true frosh. Rover is of the most concern as our most senior guy is a r-So in Exum. These guys were responsible for much that beautiful turnover margin we obtained last year though. As well, Torian Gray is what I believe to be one of the most undervalued assistants in all of college football. Foster is so successful because of the help of guys like him. Lastly, if we handle the run D any better than last year the pressure will lax off the newbies in rotation. I may seem naieve here but equally so I believe in our staff to recognize talen, evaluate, and develop it.

fyi, Cole is a backup at Rover but is already impressing the shoes off Gray. The great thing about our coaches is that no B.S. Policy. They dole out praise when deserved as with Frank about LT and brutally honest observations with Wiles calling one of the boys a robot haha.

The guys in the secondary have the potential, but there's no on the field experience to back it up. I don't think you can judge any player, good / or bad until you see what they can do on the field. Fuller was a stud last season, and one of the few kids who actually made open field tackles in the first few games. I never would have believed that until it happened.

At 6'3" 208 I have high hopes for Ronny Vandyke backing up Eddie Whitley.

We'll know a lot more after today's scrimmage.