Looking ahead to 2012 Recruiting

Editor's Note: The perfect segue from this morning's post.

This year more than ever, I got into the nitty-gritty of following VT recruiting, spending entirely too much time concerned over the decision-making process of 17 and 18 year old strangers. I definitely picked the wrong year to take it so seriously. No reason to stop now.

Here's a list of the early top-25 players for the state of Virginia:

What are your thoughts? Who do we need a most? Who do we have no shot at?

Tech seems to be in good standing with Korren Kirven, a big defensive tackle and the early #4 player in the state. He's from Zach McRay and Logan Thomas's high school in Lynchburg, so I think that bodes very well for the Hokies. Also, Cornell Brown is now recruiting that area and has all-American status and a Super Bowl ring after playing on the defensive line for the Hokies. That definitely doesn't hurt.

I think it is absolutely critical to the 2012 class that we load up on quality offensive lineman and at least one game-breaker at running back.

JC Coleman, the #5 player in the state, is a shifty back with breakaway speed. He's small, but could contribute immediately given our current depth at RB. The only catch is he's from Oscar Smith HS in Chesapeake. It's my understanding that that program is not too happy with how Greg Boone was never given a real shot at QB at VT and has since been giving us the cold shoulder. With Bryan Stinespring recruiting the area and selling early playing time, I hope we can turn the corner.

There are plenty of quality offensive lineman prospects littered in the early top 25. VT seems to be the leader for Win Homer, who besides having a great football name would definitely need to redshirt and bulk up 40-50 pounds. I don't think the answer to improving offensive line play is to continue playing 275 lb tackles. Matt Grey from Woodbridge already has NFL size and could play guard or tackle. It's always a good sign for a lineman's potential when Boston College is busy trying to nab a player out of VA.

Receiver is also a position that needs to be addressed with so many seniors leaving after next year. Tech has decent immediate depth with Davis and Boyce, but will need to bring in some kids this year. I don't think E.L. Smiling is the future of the VT receiving corps.

I think that the coaching changes and buzz about the program should help to net the Hokies a good to possibly great class this year. Work the new young coaches, show off the facilities, talk about early playing time (no more redshirting the best running back VT has had in 10 years cause he might not be able to block perfectly), and bring back every VT alum in the NFL for the spring game to hammer the point home. The Hokies have a great mix of coaching experience and young enthusiasm, beautiful new facilities, players in the NFL, and a tradition-ladened, CLEAN program that is always in the hunt for a BCS game. That combination is something that Penn State, UNC, Virginia, and Clemson can't say.

Now would be the time to use these things to our advantage.


From what I heard it sounds like we only had one slot open last year for a lineman, this year we're looking to sign three of them. Like you JPC I hope they're actually linemen and not dressed up tight ends.

You would think we would have a shot at Devin Vandyke too, with his brother committing to us in this last class. Interesting that there is not many playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. I don't see a QB in there, and only Coleman at RB with 3 WR's scattered throughout. Looks like a very defensive based top 25, but you never know with these rankings...they can always change. A lot of Richmond and 757 talent like always, interesting to see how Shane and Stiney do in their debut's in those areas.

North Carolina Prospects could be huge..

Keith Marshall who is one of the top RBs coming up in the country is right down in Raleigh and I hope that he sees the great opportunity at VT for playing time and decides to come here. There are some good OL prospects in NC including the Stadnik brothers as well as DJ Humphries from the same HS that Kevin Asante is from in Charlotte.

In Virginia definitely want at least one of the top headline players in Eli Harold or Joel Caleb. I'm hoping that Kirven is a lock with all of our connections in Cornell Brown being a standout DL national prospect from the same area that stayed in state with the Hokies making it to the NFL. I will be disappointed if we don't offer Bruce Smith's kid a scholarship. Win Homer would be a huge get for us in that his dad is also the head coach which could pay off for getting future prospects from the school as well as our big need at OL.

For QB I heard theres a really good prospect coming in 2013 from Virginia in Bucky Hodges. Always have to trust in QBs with unique names.

the Boone thing

surprises me. We installed the Wild Turkey just to get him on the field, with Tyrod and Glennon both fighting it out things were already crowded. If that's really true you would think the coaches would understand better.

#09 Romond Deloatch

I want this "person". Great name and striking looks. As always we have need on the OL, like everyone here has stated, true OL not TE/OL. I know we whiffed this year big time but we need a linebacker or 4. I miss Adibi and Hall more and more every day.

expect one top state kid

to verbal after the spring game ... supposedly in the bag. last guy i said that about T-good, didn't then screwed us. sigh. If it makes anyone feel better, T-good has bout $500 in VT clothing he has to give away.