Alston Smith commits to VT

Per VA Preps, and confirmed through other sources, three star tackle Alston Smith, son of defensive legend Bruce Smith, has committed to Virginia Tech. Smith had offers throughout the commonwealth of Virginia, though UVA never came through with an offer. Smith has potential to play on either the offensive or defensive line at the next level, though you wonder whether or not he'll be pushed to play offense given the need for recruits there and the big fish still in play for the defensive line.

Smith is the ninth Top 25 VA player to commit to Virginia Tech.


Homer Simpson: "Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.". A philosophy that UVA can certainly abide by.

Loving this coaching and recruiting situation all around. Not only are we going after some of the more 'highly touted' and 'blue chip' guys but also literally keeping it in the family and sticking to a formula which made Tech such a force in the ACC over the last few years. It's a great blend which needs to continue because it is a great selling point to recruits and FOR the University. Plus from what I understand Alston will step up to a much higher level than his 'three star' label. Love this move, love a lot of the recent moves by VT AD and coaching staff (minus Bama game). For once I am not pulling my hair out during an off season due to recruiting or other mess. Just full of love, man! (usually I can be rather bitter at this point of the offseason).

Also, as to the comments on UVA not trying...what's new? If anything's difficult their AD/Coaching staff since Welsh just gives up. Why try when you can win 6-8 games and get a mediocre bowl bid (if that)?

Welcome Home Alston! Gotta love the mohawk as well.

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