Oh look it's Frank Beamer Wearing a WVU Hat

Since we were right in the thick of the changes to the coaching staff I decided to back-burner this until now. Also, what I saw abhorred me.

A couple of weeks ago Twitter via @vatechsports alerted me to the fact that not only was Coach Beamer in attendance of the February 18th Brad Paisley concert in Roanoke, but he also came on stage during the song "Alcohol". Awesome. I asked for pictures and Amanda (@paeza) answered the call.

I was shocked however when I saw this.

From Amanda:

During the song, Brad walks up to shake hands with Frank Beamer, and somehow manages to get a WVU hat on his head. Coach was laughing and some pictures were taken to commemorate the moment. When the crowd realized it was a WVU hat, the mood was more "that silly Brad Paisley" than "torches and pitchforks". The hat was on his head for less than 30 seconds. I'm sure if it was on any longer, the hat would have started to burn from the awesomess it was encountering. Coach then took the hat off, laughed, threw it to the ground, and stomped it. The crowd went WILD and all was right with the world again."

It's all in good fun then.

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What an odd melding of my worlds!!! Frank knows that Morgantown is fun!