Donovan Riley Committed

According to Rivals he held offers from UConn and Vandy. According to his highlight film dated 2/24/10 he runs a 4.5 40 and is 6-0 175. Riley was at the Maroon-White game.

Recruitniks, thoughts?

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Looks like a natural fit for the rover spot and can contend for playing time immediately, as we will be incredibly thin next year at both safety spots.

As we continue our run on defensive backs for the 2012 class, it's almost like the coaches are waiting for Manning out of Miami to de-commit. I know the SEC schools and da U are all over him despite his verbal to VT.

I still think we need another RB, a stud receiver or two (Caleb and Diggs, fingers crossed), 2-3 OL and 2-3 DL. Would definitely like to pick up Clarke and Moore to reinforce the linebackers. At this point, I'm pretty confident about our status with the top 10 in the state, especially if we keep hammering away.

From everything I've heard it sounds like Manning has been rocking Hokie gear everywhere he goes and he told Tennessee he was 100% committed to Miami. I think (hope) they are loading up on talent because Hosley, Hill and Whitley will all be gone in 2012. I definitely agree that we need to pull in a couple more offensive lineman, or five more tight ends that can turn into 1-2 linemen. ZING!