Any time LT3 runs someone over, it's getting GIFed.

Hey, do you guys remember this time last year when we were 0-2? That sucked. Thankfully it's 2011 and we're 2-0. An ugly, ain't no winning second prize in a beauty contest 2-0, but that's our record an I'm thankful for it. The Frankinator always says the biggest improvement comes between week one and two and right now I'm not buying it. Well...

The defense held ECU to 112 total yards (compared to 361 yards last season) and picked off a pass (that should have been a pair of passes). The defense straight hammed, and it's a relief to know we can once again bumble around on offense and win a game because the defense is there to get our back. Bud's ain't fooling around like last season.

Logan Thomas: 8/20 91 yards a pick and 11 carries for 66 yards.

/decreases Hype-O-Meter

Growing pains. He's not Cam Newton, bounce that idea from your brain if you already haven't. It's apparent he's raw and learning how to be a quarterback. Logan didn't have a great game, but he ran another corpse over, and the offense struggled against a rejuvenated ECU defense. On the plus side, Wilson and Oglesby looked complimentary and dynamic gashing ECU for yards at will. A very impressive performance by that duo.

His headphones got knocked off. Awesome.

Also, I thought the offensive line pass blocked like a group of All-Americans. LT3 wasn't sacked. This is the best pass blocking group we've had in years. Other than that, there were dropped balls, fall starts, lack of surge up front and an offense still searching for an identity. Reverse to Marcus Davis on 1st and 10? That's how you set up a three-and-out Stinespring O'Cain. But...

We fucking won. We won! That's all that matters. We've looked more impressive in losses, but it doesn't matter because we're going back to Blacksburg with the W and a laundry list of things to improve on and that'll serve us well this season.

/Demler just punted this piss-poor excuse of a column for 30 yards.

MagDuff's wins.

Some highlights to watch here.

Your thoughts are requested below.


Defense is gonna come up big this year

If they play like that the rest of the year, we'll be able to absorb LT's growing pains a lot better.

Pass Interference

Apparently the defensive player catching the ball is now pass interference...Where was the short passing game. Seemed like years passed where we would run the ball and get no where the first 2 downs then try and make a third and long. Would have been nice to see some slant and wheel routes to get LT3s confidence up in his passing game. I guess I just have to remember that Taylor's first two years were more about him making plays with his legs then his arm.

A new season...new hope

That call was the most ridiculous thing I saw all game. Those refs were so terrible...

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Thanks Frank!

Oh man that call ranks up there with the horrific pass interference call in 04 against USC, though not as big in that we won this time around. Overall I was really impressed with the defense's ability to limit ECU to very few yards gained after catch or contact. Also, as you pointed out OhioHokie, Tyrod's first two years throwing the football were inconsistent at best and at times downright awful (see a few games in '08). LT3 will be fine- this was a huge test he passed even if by the skin of his teeth.

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I'll take it

The mistakes that were made today are very fixable. Penalties can be neutralized...especially when the game is called even, LT3 will have some interesting things to look at on film this week, but we were not out played at all. There was no systemic problem that showed in this game on offense or defense. I took it as everything that could go wrong was and we made it through. And I loved, absolutely loved, Frank's statement after the game that he was going to apologize to the team for not having them ready to play. While I honestly believe that Frank more than had them ready, I believe that a statement like that is going to go along way with the young players, showing them that EVERYONE in the program is accountable; not just the players...I love Frank!

The thing that scares me

Is how much the hypo meter has fallen. I wasn't sold on LT after App St and fully realize how green he is now. Jarrett Boykin did drop two consecutive balls which was disheartening and that INT wasn't all his fault. The WR needs to come back for those. However, in my birds eye view at dowdy-ficklen there were many high and away catches that needed be made. That Danny Coale grab was astonishing. At least LT kept the turnovers to a minimum and can absolutely drive his body forward. When he can make plays while rolling out will be that difference maker as shown by the missed opportunity in the third when he rolled right and had Boykin open but couldn't connect.

The OL however, is up to snuff. I loved the protection but failed to see too much finish with the run blocking. Nonetheless ECU wanted to win BADLY. That defense was ready for a ground and pound often having 7 or 8 in the box. DW didn't look flashy but the man still got 138. Love it.

I know I'm captain pessimism but just some scary things I can see us working on going forward. That also means you Imoh I mean Hosley. Woof on PR yesterday.

Oh and defense ummm, sorry for having to be the back pack and thanks.

Lil Wang is out 8-10 weeks.

Wang, a 6-foot-1, 300-pound sophomore who is Tech's No. 2 right guard behind starter Jaymes Brooks, suffered a fractured right foot Saturday in No. 11 Tech's 17-10 win at East Carolina. After the game, he was wearing a protective boot on his right foot and walking around on crutches.

He's scheduled to have surgery Tuesday to repair the fracture, which occurred in the first half of the game. He's expected to miss eight-to-10 weeks.

With Wang out, Tech (2-0) may turn to redshirt freshman Matt Arkema to get some valuable backup reps at guard. Also, Tech could opt to move true freshman backup center Caleb Farris to the backup right guard spot. Courtney Prince is the backup left guard behind starter Greg Nosal.


That's not good.

that sucks.


Does anybody know where I can watch a full replay of the game? I accidently cut my cable before the game while doing some yard work and missed quite a bit.

Hokies Replay

It's on at 3:00 on CSN in Northern Virginia.


That stat is the best thing I saw in the aftermath of the game. How many teams in the nation took the total rushing yardage given up and REDUCED it? My guess would be not many. Impressive statistic, even if ECU doesn't run it a great deal (and I'm sure that probably includes sack yardage too), but don't it feel good!!!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

a couple of losses

unless LT gets a lot better.

He isn't seeing the field and when he does he either hesitates or misses the target. A couple of balls dropped that were nice, but too many behind the receiver. That is something that will get better with reps, but he's a yr away from being as good as we want him to be. Wait til the DC's at Clemson, Miami and UNC get 4-7 games of videotape on him. Luckily it appears the OL is pass blocking better, now let's see if the game can slow down for LT and he can speed up.

I still work about teams that can line up and mash our D, UNC and Miami both have huge lines and we know what GT can do. The D won't be the weak link this year tho.

First Road Game

It seemed like a loud stadium. This was LT's first start on the road and was a big learning experience. I think it will get better.

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Hopefully soon

The LT3 highlight is of him completing a huge pass downfield and not trucking a guy.

My other biggest worry coming out of this game is David Wilson. Yes, he finished with well over 100 yards and yes, several were of the highlight reel variety.

My concerns are the same that I had last year. He is not anywhere close to being the same natural running back that Ryan Williams and Darren Evans were. His effort, speed, and athleticism are unmatched, but he makes runs more difficult than they need to be. He misses holes repeatedly, and his second effort, while tremendous, puts him in position to take some very big licks, and could result in more fumbles. He just isn't the kind of running back where you can line up and give him the ball 25 times a game for 12 games. He couldn't even finish long drives (more on that in a second.) He is going to get banged up unless he can figure out a way to bust a big run without having to run through 4 guys to do it. Even though the OL was far from perfect Saturday, there were holes for him to have an even bigger day.

Oglesby though had one hell of a game around the goal line. He looks much quicker than in 2009, and shows power and a nose for the goal line. Again though, he doesn't make runs easy, and you can expect him to wear down a bit once we get to the meat of the ACC schedule.

Both running backs look to bounce outside, but the most running room was consistently right up the gut.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

WTF "highlights"

I like how the "highlights" start with a dropped TD pass, a shanked FG, the interception, a TFL on DW4... and then the guy calls halftime "intermission"

I know we looked bad the first half, but there were some bright spots... show those!

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Thanks Frank!

I was thinking the same exact thing.

It's the ACC Network

They should do a better job promoting their own product. Maybe the editor is from F$U, uva, or even some other conference.

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