1-0. I cannot tell you how good that feels to write. Again, we're one-and-zero. That hasn't happened since 2008, but you don't need me to remind you of that. You were there for the losses, and you felt the pain and frustration. It's been a disappointing start to the last three years of Hokie football. But today, we got off on the right foot, finally. I'm ecstatic.

I hope this post will be a place where we can share all of our thoughts from the game. Mine are as follows:

-- The offense didn't look that much different than those called by Stinespring, but the execution was that much better. Rolling up 518 yards is all well and good, but not turning over the rock once, especially when the game was over two minutes into the second quarter, shows me the focus was there.

-- Logan had just an OK debut. His numbers were average, and he didn't make any costly mistakes, but he missed some wide open guys, over threw some balls, and fired some lasers when touch was needed. Tomorrow though, the only thing I'l remember is him lowering his shoulder and trucking some mountain-man back to Appalachia.

-- Gayle is going to live up to the hype. He dominated the line of scrimmage.

-- David Wilson averaged ten-yards a carry. He looked amazing this afternoon. I mean the kid took his first carry of '11 to the house. Enough said, tone set. The runs that needed to be bounced outside went towards the sideline, and he banged it into the box when called for. Oglesby was a great compliment to Wilson and proved himself capable of reducing DW's load.

-- The offensive line looked pretty dominant pass blocking. The one sack on LT3 was on him. He didn't see a wide open Marcus Davis and if anything he should have made a play to the outside. On some plays the pushed the d-line off the line of scrimmage, but on many Appalachian State was able to fill their gaps. Those runs that DW bounced outside had to go there for a reason.

-- How about that defense? They held a formidable App State offense under 300 yards, a lot of the stops coming from second- and third-stringers. The hyphen played pretty damn well and even picked another ball off. How about that Coop?

-- Demler averaged just 32 yards a punt, which will no doubt have the Frankinator tossing and turning tonight. Other than that Beamer Ball represented itself well. A blocked kick, no missed kicks and we Jayron straight hammed returning the ball.

-- It. Was. Just. Appalachian State. We should dominate them, with the team we have this year, anything else is inexcusable. It's ECU week now.

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ole school nature boy.

hahaha-- nice move there.

In LT's Defense...

There were at least two throws that LT had that were dropped by receivers, including the would-be TD dropped by Davis in the first quarter. LT looked alright, but man, I was also impressed by the way that Leal was throwing around the ball, he was hitting targets almost as well as LT. Great performance by the entire team honestly.

Logan 3:16


Looks we were writing the same thing at the same time. I agree. Great game by all though!! HOKIES!

Good Read Out

But I think the analysis that Logan's performance was just OK is a tad bit harsh. I thought he managed the game well, with no delay of games, no bone head plays, and he protected the ball well. He only threw into coverage once that I saw, and Roberts made an amazing catch. Even if Roberts doesn't come up with that ball it would have just hit the defender in the back and gone incomplete.

His 9-19 completion ratio looks worse than it was as there were 3 drops on catch-able balls, including one by Marcus Davis that likely would have been a touchdown on what was a perfect throw on a post route.

I did think like Tyrod his first season, Logan seemed to make a decision to run or keep the ball without going through all of his progressions. And I agree that the sack was his fault, not taking the time to see Davis open. Otherwise, I would give his start a B to B+. 2 touchdowns in his first game matched Tyrod's total for his whole 2008 season.

Logan Wasnt Great. He was OK

I agree with this assessment of logans performance today. His numbers werent great and neither was his play. I agree that he had 2 drops that hurt him, but if it werent for the STRAIGHTBURNER he would have completed one less pass and against a quality db thats a pick. His game management was good, and i liked how he was careful with the football, but he looked uneasy in the pocket and was playing not to lose instead of playing to win. He is young and he will become more comfortable with his role as starting qb, but that will take time. Lucky for him he has a good line, is surrounded with playmakers on offense, has a good defense, and a very talented special teams unit. He will get there, but we have to recognize the bad with the good.


LT3's performance

In response to pabooth's analysis on Logan Thomas' performance today, I disagree. I think he managed the game well and did exactly what the coaching staff expected of him. He was given a 7-0 lead 47 seconds into the game and wasn't asked to "win" the game. When you're dominating a team like the Hokies did today, you don't need your quarterback chucking the ball around "trying to win" as you put it. We have one of the most dynamic backs we've seen here at Virginia Tech in the back field and it would be ridiculous to ask LT to try and put up huge numbers. He will manage the game throughout the year. DW is there for the excitement.

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Ok, Thats Not What I Said

I said he managed the game well, but he made mistakes and he has room for improvement. He underthrew Dyrell, but had a couple of drops that hurt him. Overall, he had an OK day, but we will need him to go out and win games when the competition crowds the box on DW and dares us to use Logan to beat them. If they are open throws, he has to hit them in stride, and overthrows are better than underthrows all day. Good corners will pick that ball off that he threw to Dyrell. I am not bashing Logan, he is well on his way to being a great QB at Tech, just realize that he IS going to need to be better especially if we are talking another ACC Championship in Blacksburg. Just because I said his play wasn't great doesnt mean it was poor. It was just OK, he completed under 50% of his passes, 9-19 (47%). This is App State and its a good start for LT3.


we have to remember

the beginning of the Tyrod era. As a freshman, he made MANY a mistake, held onto the ball WAY too long, and still won some games. After some training...he was killer. There has been a tradition of training the QB's for the system, which is why this game was huge. He faces better D in practice, but this was real-time. He didn't do anything stupid, and has a foundation to build upon.

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Game Today

LT3 was better then I expected after Tyrod Taylor think back to Sean Glennon after Marcus Vick. David Wilson showed us all that he is the back we all know he is. The recieving core also played as advertised. I think the offensive play calling was better then it has been in years. I dont remember thinking to myself during the game 'Why the hell are we running this play again?' or 'If that play didnt work the first 20 times we ran it why did the coaches think it would work now?'. The Defense looked as good as it was 5 or 6 years ago. Right now I am just super psyched for the rest of the season. Why didnt we schedule like this the last 3 years?

A new season...new hope

Logan Thomas is big

It looks like a Nerf football in his hands.

lol #newhoos


He could almost hand it off to the receivers

#Let's Go - Hokies

Phreak's Highlights


More video highlights at hokiesports.com

#Let's Go - Hokies


Didn't get to see past the first 2 series...
How was the play calling without Stinespring????

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Fairly encouraging

I don't think I complained once about the playcalling actually. Lots of runs to the outside, couple quick slants, plenty of open receivers. Few cases of the dropsies unfortunately but I'd give the offense as a whole an A- from yesterday.

I agree with previous comments that I wasn't asking myself, "WTF, why are we running that play again?". There was also at least once (and maybe twice) that I remember LT throwing a fade to the corner of the endzone, which I don't recall during the Stinespring era. I'm assuming O'Cain was playing it pretty conservative all day, so I'm anxious to see what he'll do as the season goes on and as we start facing better competition.

I'm trying not to get too carried away, but man I'm feeling good about this team after yesterday. I thought we looked great on both sides of the ball and Logan basically did what was asked of him. David Wilson looked amazing. I wish he would hook me up with some Chick-fil-A right now too.

I'm watching VT Sports Today right now - The Beamer/Roth bookstore commercial is great.
Did anybody else not know that Drager is a Rhodes Scholar?
Beamerball is still alive and well, but I'm concerned about our kicker. I thought he looked too slow from the time the ball is put in place until he kicks it. I'm worried that better teams will block him.
The crowd looked good yesterday. I'm always concerned the incoming freshmen are not going to show up on time.

Thats all the rambling I'll do for now. We're 1-0, bring on the Pirates!

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

great game no doubt.

i loved how focused the d came out. they looked hungry and ready to play. fuller was EVERYWHERE and made the best open field tackle of the day IMO. if he plays that well all season, our secondary will be well, second to none. ;)

on a negative note, our punting scares the HELL out of me, good god it was bad.

and oh yeah, hyphen DID have a pic, but he still has a lot to show me until i can take his glennon status away. lol




was awful. I still vote Danny Coale for punter. A tired leg has to be better than that crap...

I thought LT looked about where I expected him to be. A couple of those passes were just picture perfect, and the drops were disappointing. Robert's catch behind the defender's head would have been an INT if the defender had been paying any attention at all. All in all, a little luck, a little skill... just have to be glad this wasn't a Boise or a Bama. Smart scheduling, for once.

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Thanks Frank!

Offense needs to hold their blocks

DW never quits so the rest of the team needs to keep looking to make blocks. I think DW could have made some longer gains if half the team kept going downfield.

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I actually thought the receivers did a fantastic job of blocking down the field on Saturday. Both Coale and Boykin had key blocks on a couple of David Wilson's big gains.

thought this as well

kept hearing "danny coale with the block" during the game, i thought they did a great job.

I agree but

Just my observation from limited highlights. After reviewing again I guess it wasn't so bad. Coale did make many blocks downfield to help with big gains. But I also saw times when there were guys standing around, after making an initial block, when the play was still alive and DW was still going. It wasn't always the receivers. Maybe they were in awe of DW and forgot to keep playing until the whistle blew as they watched him fly by.

DW knows how to use his blockers. He doesn't outrun them unless there is no one left between him and the end zone. He will slow down to allow his guy in front to hit someone. They don't always do that. I guess that is what I noticed. There were a very few opportunities for someone to make a block but they were kind of standing there wondering what to do or if they should do something. Maybe they didn't know DW was right behind them.

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Game 1 to Game 2

Most coaches always say the most noticeable improvement is between game 1 & game 2.....I think we all have something to look forward to, if that's the case.

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dw4 needs to be getting, minimum, 25 carries a game

I will tell you, after sitting in the south endzone with a shockingly great view, LT3 has the tools to be the next great Tech QB. He threw a solid ball (minus Dyrell's circus catch- terrible throw but hey, at least one was expected at some point) and made safe decisions for a first game starter. Though I wish he took more chances against single coverage throughout the game (because ASU did give him the outside with nearly zero safety help (focused on the slot receivers)), I was really impressed with his ability to make sound decisions particularly for a rookie Sophomore starter. Though bumps will undoubtedly occur he looked solid yesterday. Also, DW4 looked every bit as good as many of the previous Tech RB's minus RMFW who busted onto the scene against Bama two years ago. Every carry he took at least one ASU defender with him and it took more than one to bring him down easily 75% of the time. Though it is ASU, I gave VT minimum 90% across the board in terms of position play. One of the more complete games from a VT team I have seen in a while.

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Had 15 broken tackles on 16 carries, I'd say that's pretty damn good...

Logan 3:16

LT3 Run video

The clip of LT3 running over that ASU guy reminds me of Herschel Walker's first game against the Vols.....(if I don't get the embed thing right, I'll post the link...still learning a lot of this stuff)

Bill Bates probably still has the cleat marks in his chest...lol. BTW, you get an idea of what all orange uni's would look like on the video too.

I remember Vince Dooley talking about Walker before the 1980 season...First week of practice he said, "we might play him"...second week of practice he was saying that he'd get some playing time, third week, it was he's gonna play a lot, fourth week he was starting....the game against the vols was the 1980 opener for GA. LT3 wasn't this impressive, but you gotta love the physicality in a QB like that.

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dunno if anybody has said it yet, but we actually haven't been 1-0 since 2007. we were 0-1 after losing to ECU in Charlotte in 2008

i like 1-0

i like 2-0 more

Livin the Dream

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Seemed like the announcers kept saying we lost to LSU in a season opener as well (or maybe I just misheard LSU instead of ECU?). Obviously we beat ECU in the 2007 opener and then lost to LSU in the 2nd game of the season.

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Feels good

I hope to feel this good all the way through January.

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