ACCCG Live Chat

Just throwing this out there if people want to chat during the ACCCG....I know its F$U and GT still want to see who goes to the Orange Bowl

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GT chance at first ACC Title

Unless this gets taken away too

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Oh boy cant wait to hear him talk all game

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Last Post Until Someone Else Response

How long until FSU's second team gets put in?

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If all the people aren't here, then where are they? They're certainly not at the game. At least we know VT sellls out games in Charlotte.

I think they are watching Inception on TNT maybe I should have started a topic about that

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I'm emotionally spent after the SECCG. Best game of the season and I don't think any bowl will top it. I turned off the ACCCG, FSU is having their way with GT up front, and the Bees aren't coming back. The B1GCG is moderately entertaining.

Still Watching

Until Half it looks like

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thats all I can say about the game...I just want to see PJ Explode

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Hey look

A GT pass completion.

Such an exciting game. I can hardly stand it.

And there goes the goose egg

If I was ESPN, I definitely would have tried to get out of the contract that made this the prime time game on championship saturday...


This game has all the excitement of a WNBA game


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Still Chopping

Feel like I have to post these two videos because of the teams playing:

For Gt the Chop Block:

For F$U Still Chopp'n:

Connections are fun

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Well kids

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I was watching Survivorman and it was more compelling than this snoozefest. Fsu is part of the problem as to why the ACC sucks.... they can't put away a team with a HS offense and turrible defense.

Side note: SEC championship was epic. I belive UGA went to the Mike London/CFB school of clock management. 15 seconds and first down inside the 10 and you don't spike it? WTF? Idiotic end to an otherwise great game. Anyone looking forward to VT getting smashed by Alabama next year?