The End is Near

I'm sure most of you have already seen this, but the end appears to be near for the Big East.

ESPN - Sources: 7 leaning to leave Big East

I've been waiting for this happen. Too many different factions within that conference for it to be stable.

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Could they possibly

Grab Notre Dame to form the Fightin Irish and the 7 Dwarfs conference???

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The 16 team superconferences are coming to a television near you. RIP Big East, you fed your neighbor confs well.

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So the Mayans were just predicting the end of the Big East, not the end of the world?

I dunno,we haven't seen the Sun in Jax for a few days... They mighta been onto something haha.

The Catholic basketball schools really misplayed their hand.

This is a scathing, although factual, summary of how it all burned down:,0,639077.column.

If the hoops schools had been smart enough, or less stubborn, about football being the future while they were counting the cash rolling in, the Big East wouldn't be where it is today. They could have continued to leach from the football schools, and probably had brought in more dough than they will on their own.