New Facemask

I hereby propose that all defensive linemen must wear this facemask for every game ever.

No but really, these are awesome.

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Reveal The Logo

I feel like this is such a tease as to what they're going to end up putting on the side of the helmets

I just hope the tease is that they will retire one of the old school logos in style. Either the "T in the V" logo or the Fighting Gobbler on the side would look sick. I hope it's the gobbler personally though.

If I played on the team, I'd be pushing people out of the way to get that face mask. It's mint.

The D-line should have first dibs. Actually, the whole defense. They earned it with how they've played down the stretch.

I think the face mask should have an orange gobbler hanging down the front. Thanks


I like

Add a dark visor and you got a scary Hokie coming your way!

And the helmets look even better in this picture. The maroon is a lot brighter in today's picture.

You look fuckin' scary, man!

2012 Season.....Catch ya on the flip side..........

that facemask has james gayle and luther maddy written all over it


This wouldn't happen, but it's scary.

He looks like BANE

I am Orlando's reckoning.

Maybe this is their version of #ALLMAROONEVERYTHING

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson


This is awesome! Soon...

Go Hokies!

That's Gayle's helmet in the pic

I tweeted about it saying he should get one and he tweeted back at me confirming it. He's gonna look badass chasing down the QB.