Does anyone know if the game is on TV tonight? HokieSports doesn't have a station listed but I find it hard to believe that this game won't be on TV at all.

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I can't find it anywhere, and I've looked all over. It's not even on ESPN3.

It's not on anything. Guess we have to go back in time and listen to the radio! Multiple places, including VT bball Twitter, say its not televised, not even online.

Only game

This is the only one of the season that is not being broadcast on any platform of television. Only can be heard on radio.

I was just as nervous listening to it on the radio as I would have been watching.

Rip his freaking head off!

This one would have been a good one to watch

Green scores 31. and Raines is second leading scorer with 16. He really stepped up for this one. I would really like to have seen this one because of how well he played. Green and Raines were carrying the team in the first half.

That performance

pushed him to #1 in the nation in scoring average, with 25.4.