Antone Exum Was Santa

This is everything I love about our program right here.

Here's a picture of Exum with the happy kids (via his Instagram). (I'd be happy if I got a PS3 for Christmas too.)


Several of our guys gave customers in the store the remaining

balances on their cards as well. I am soooo proud of our guys!! :)

This was necessary.

^^ Might be one of my favorite memes to come from TKP.

Also the top story on Deadspin

Accomplished student-athlete at DBU, rapper, and philanthropist. Good stuff, Tone.

Merry Christmas keyplayers!


Makes me proud to be a hokie fan. Shout out to Short Pump/ west end/ Goochland/ Deep Run for putting a great influence on this young man.


Hokie Proud

Classy move. Combined w/ Tech's decision to honor those from Sandy Hook with the helmet decal, we've already won this bowl season.


Very wonderful thing for Antone to do!

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

This story is on the front page of Yahoo this morning. This is what Virginia Tech is all about. Bravo