Records/Milestones up for grabs in Bowls and significance of them

Just thought it was interesting thinking of a few records up for grabs.

Marcus Davis is 72 yards away from Andre Davis's single season record and is 109 yards away from being VT's first thousand yard WR in a year.

Despite LT's very disappointing year he's 217 yards away from the 3rd 3,000 passing yard year in VT history and 230 yards away from matching his total last year. LT will easily move to 3rd in all time career passing list with a 107 passing effort. If LT gets a total of at least 172 yards he breaks his own record for total offense in a season. LT has already account for the most total plays in a season.

A few bad stats out there as well in that unless LT runs for 128 yards tomorrow then VT will have it's lowest amount of yards for the season rushing leader since 1992. If LT rushes for less 57 yards then lowest output for rushing leader since 1988. If JC Coleman doesn't out rush LT by 43 yards then first time a QB leads VT in rushing since at least the past 20 years.

You can see other records here:

All together some records broken but in the wrong spots. For an offense that is supposed to rely on running the ball having a leading rusher at 528 yards suggests that improvements are needed. The only record that matters is win - loss to me and the real record to care about IMO is if we are above .500 after Friday.

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I do think it's a great thing for recruiting cc: 1,000 yard WR

Think having that mark can help out w/ recruiting WRs.

I'm surprised Davis is so close to the receiving record

He already has shattered the school record for missed blocking assignments. Quite a historic season.

I just....

.....laughed a snot bubble. bahahahhaa