Logan Thomas

I may be in the minority on this, but I think we've seen Logan's final game as a Hokie. I just don't see him coming back for another year with what will likely be a revamped offensive staff and playbook when there is millions of dollars up for grabs in the NFL. If the NFL advisory board tells him he'll be a 1st or 2nd round pick, my bet is that he bolts for the pros. There's simply not enough reasons for him to come back and learn a totally new offense while he could be getting paid in the NFL, especially given the fact that he's losing both offensive tackles and his top two receivers in Davis and Fuller.

I don't have any insider info on this, but given the circumstances, and his post-game quote when asked about his decision ("I can't tell you now. I have a big decision in front of me. Either way it goes, I'm proud to be a Hokie."), my gut tells me he's gone. Thoughts??

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I don't see him being a very high draft pick

If he decided to enter the draft it would be in a later round and i honestly wouldnt use a draft pick in him at all if i werent a Hokie. All he has going for him is physical potential and that doesn't cut it in the nfl. His accuracy is worse than it was last year and his throwing mechanics have gotten worse since the sugar bowl and didn't improve throughout the season. This isnt necessary all his fault as i feel the coaching he received this year was terrible and the o-line/running game didnt take a bit of pressure off of him. Yet that could also be a sign of how he would react in a faster paced harder hitting nfl. If he had entered the nfl after the sugar bowl i could've seen him getting picked up in the second or third round but at this point he has no guaranteed money in the nfl and ultimately it would be best for both Virginia Tech and LT3 if he came back for his last year unless Thomas has given up on a NFL career.

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I'd agree, but I'll wait to see if there is an overhaul of the offensive staff.

If we bring in a Tom O'Brien-level quarterback developer, I think he stays to get some real tutelage.

If there are no offensive coaching changes, I think Logan should go to the pros regardless of where he'll be drafted. There's too much risk of injury involved in being asked to plow into Alabama's front seven next year. He'd do better getting real coaching and sitting on a bench making even the league minimum.

He's Gone

Since he did not say last night he was coming back......I would say he's gone. He said he has some tough decisions to make....that sounds to me like he is ready to go.

You all can kill me all you want for this comment, but I do not think he is that good of a QB and I think we needed a change at QB. Just my opinion.

him leaving would be a huge mistake

he's clearly regressed. i'm not x's and o's guru but all i know is he's gone from really good to really bad. from the first throw last night he was off and we all knew it was gonna be a long night.

as far as learning a new system, that might not be such a bad thing. look at tajh boyd after one offseason in a new system. a good coach can do things like that.

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i read that he just graduated and i agree i think he's gone. every draft expert says its a mistake so i hope he doesnt, but i just cant see him staying

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

Why would you draft him earlier than the 4th rd? He just isn't ready, that simple. He needs lots if work on mechanics and vision. Hopefully we get a much better QB coach next year!!

His Choice

If he wants to leave, then let him. He has no business entering the draft after a season like that, and frankly name one game he's really showed up to other than the Miami game last season.

I'd rather him stay, I mean I like the guy and he brings leadership and experience. Besides when used right he is our biggest offensive threat right now.

But if these offensive changes happen and we install a new system, it wouldn't be the end of the world to have a new QB. Leal is a mobile guy which has seemed to work for us in the past. I don't know enough about the team and recruiting to know if there is anyone else who has a chance at taking that spot next year.

For such an awful year

From Andy Bitter: "Thomas finished the year with 3,500 total yards, breaking the school record of 3,482 he set last year in one fewer game.

Thomas, who had 524 rushing yards, became the first Tech quarterback to lead the Hokies in rushing for the season since Bobby Owens led Tech in 1965 with 526 yards."
He still has a lot of untapped potential and the pros will likely see that. But I hope he returns for one last season. We need an offensive staff that can unleash him and his teammates. With the right coaching and plays, I could easily see him putting up 4,000-yards of offense next season.

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If I were an NFL GM

I would draft Mike Glennon before I drafted Logan.

He had the benefit of a great coach in the development of QBs.

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VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

If you ask Tom O'Brien, he would tell you that Glennon is a better QB than that guy playing for Seattle right now. If that's true, I'd draft Glennon 1st round. Although, I doubt anyone considers O'Brien to be a great evaluator of NFL talent.

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Glennon v. Logan

While Glennon may be a more polished quarterback at the moment, most teams, especially those with established quarterbacks, are going to draft based on potential after the first round or so. Say you're a GM in the second or third round and you can either take Glennon or Logan- you almost have to take Logan, make him your backup, and hope he develops into a star. With Logan, you have that possibility. With Glennon, I personally don't think you do. The ceiling is just so high with Logan, while Glennon's ceiling is more of an average NFL quarterback who may get you 8 wins in a good year.

However, I'll be the first to admit that Logan has looked bad at times this year, partially due to his supporting cast but also partially due to poor mechanics and bad decision-making. He definitely could use another year of refinement in college but I think he's out the door and will likely go in the 2nd or early 3rd round.

DJ Parker is onto something here...

I like where his head's at. Would love to see Bryan Randall on our offensive staff

That'd be awesome!

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I've got an interesting idea....

..let's hire the most qualified guy we can for the position? They don't need to have played at VT or coached here. Just hire the best guy. Pretty good chance that Bryan Randall isn't the most qualified guy out there.....


And why does it have to be someone Beamer knows? He can't just look at tape, interview them and talk to people??

In an odd way, we value staff stability too much

We seem to be worried too much some "outsider" will succeed then leave. Who cares, deal with it. And we don't need to honor all our former players with coaching jobs. Does Bryan Randall even coach?

Randall still plays. In 2012, he played for the Allen Wranglers of the IFL. He threw 3 TDs to Terrell Owens in a game, remember that on Sports Center. According to wikipedia, he also played for the Pittsburgh Power in the AFL in 2012.

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those who can't do

teach. Where would half my professors have been without the opportunity to do so? You don't have to have won the Heisman to be a good coach. Randall is awesome.

He's gone

Bills fans are gonna love the highlight reel of their 1st round pick they show at the draft of him bouncing passes to receivers over and over.

He needs to stay. I would question if he even wants to be a quarterback.

One good year, one bad

Not enough consistency to be a high draft pick. Went downhill this year from last. There is a lot of risk in picking him. NFL QBs need to make plays under pressure. LT did not show that ability this year. Probably had a good first year only because of a veteran O line and receivers. They made it easy for him.

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No, he succeeded last year because he wasn't the work horse of our running game

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Great player, hallowed Hokie

..but, literally, he is not a coach.

He is going to shock everyone and declare as a TE

all maroon everything


That would be his best career move with teams employing big, athletic TEs

I doubt he'd declare as a tight end. Way too much potential. Scouts salivate over his frame and arm.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

So if he leaves

Then who would play? I don't think Mark Leal is really much of an answer, but don't see Beamer playing a true freshman either.


38-0 bro

If LT leaves

Whoever the qb would be would not survive against bama next year

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How do you know Mark Leal is not an answer? He has done fairly well in the spring games and has great athleticism. He'll be a runner with passing ability, but his ability on offense will depend on scheme. If they hire a guy like Kleinikus to run pistol, he'd be much better suited to run that offense than Logan. Plus, it seems every Hokie to come out of Atlantic High turns into a stud.

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Agree on Leal in terms of Logan leaving

If Ocainspring stays:
He has done well when he has got in the game. His arm looks good and he can escape when needed. With Drew coming (and maybe Edumunds) to help JC, I think our run game will look better if we go back to our old-boring-but-kinda-somewhat-effective-when-we-have-a-mobile-qb offense. For those reasons and a few more, I wouldn't be too worried if LT decided to go. Maybe a 3 on the worried scale, 10 being panic, if we can go back to the offense that fostered the run game.

If we get new offensive staff:
Won't really know what to expect, but I still feel confident in Leal from what I've seen of him through the years. I've seen him throw some passes in tight windows and move the chains. He has some mobility and that's never bad in college football. Plus, I don't think you can get too much worse that some of the stuff we've seen this year from our qb/offense.

That being said, I still hope LT stays.

I think it depends on the staff/scheme, but don't think it's a bad idea for him to leave early. He'd be a perfect choice to be second string and learn from another QB.

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I don't care one way or another on what he does. If he comes back then hopefully a new offensive staff can fix him. If he doesn't then I trust Leal to be good next season, and the worst case scenario would be Bucky Hodges. I think he should leave because I don't see him improving his draft stock next year, take your 2nd or 3rd round selection and see if an NFL coach can have better luck fixing you than O'Cainspring.

Rip his freaking head off!

He has graduated, so unless he wants a masters, I can't see how he wouldn't go unless the draft board tells him that he won't be picked.

I think he is a hell of a football player, and VT has a better chance to beat Bama with him than without him. A competant staff and running game will bring the player we saw in 2011 back.

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Do you think his degree has that much to do with it?

For me, the question would only be how to maximize my potential for success and/or financial reward in the NFL. His consideration (to me) would be whether or not it makes sense to continue his development in a cutthroat (but financially rewarding) situation in the NFL or to come back to Tech. As has been said, I think he'll be a flyer pick in a later round right now, which will put him in a position where they won't hesitate too much to cut him if he doesn't start to develop pretty damn quick.

If he feels he can come back and improve in Blacksburg and come out as a 1st or 2nd round pick next year, I think he'll do it. I think that depends on whoever is in charge of the offense and QB coach next year. Somebody needs to tell him what's going to be up next year and if it's a new coordinator, he's got two weeks to convince Logan he can make more money by staying a year.

To me, whether or not he has a degree is immaterial. I believe Corey Moore graduated in 3 years, but he was here for a redshirt senior season.

Let's not forget......

....Kiper had him at #4 overall preseason. Sure he now has some bad tape that has forever influenced his value, but he has A LOT to gain by coming back.

Exhibit A

For everyone that says LT isn't ready for the NFL because of this year's performance, I present contradictory evidence: Tony Romo.

There is only one "LT" and it isn't Logan Thomas. This feels exactly like calling VT "Va Tech" to me.

Hope he stays so we have a shot at Bama though.

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I called him LT3, but his play this year lost him that nickname.

Rip his freaking head off!

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When he gets into the HoF I might be just "OK" with it.

"I never surprise myself"

Suddenly, Mike Glennon is looking ill-prepared for the NFL

He's pulling a Glennon! So far State has 5 turnovers, including 3 interceptions.

If he can get drafted in a high slot, LT3 probably can too.

The ACC has a good chance of tacking on 3 bowl losses today. Business as usual.


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