This QB from Hanover High School. Y WE NO OFFER?

I've seen this kid play and I desperately want to get some of his film in the hands of VT's coaches.

Sam Rogers, Quarterback (AND STARTING LINEBACKER) for the Hanover Hawks from Mechanicsville, VA has carried his team to the state semifinals finals (outplaying 2 FBS-committed players, one of which is committed to Stanford) with his legs and his arm. He reminds me of a Tebow-like runner (or more like Manziel, just not as fast), but he can actually toss the ball on the run pretty well.

His stats in his final game-
25 rushes for 109 yards and a touchdown
11 of 21 passing for 134 yards and two touchdowns (7 and 27 yards).

He's a little shorter than previous VT QB's and what seems like Franks ideal of a QB (6'0", 205lbs) but some time with Gentry could pump him up.

His brother Ben played center for Hampden-Sydney.

Here's some film of him (#10)

Why hasn't any FBS school offered him yet?

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Seems really under the radar, I didn't watch the film (probably should, studying) but is he a senior/any offers?


He's a senior, and Rivals says he's receiving interest from Alabama, BC, JMU, VT, and UVA among others...with no offers yet.


Imagine him on read options.

Already found his nickname, too.
Sam "HULKSMASH" Rogers

You wont like him when he is angry

'Roids much?

I played against his brother and him growing up.
It's definitely genes.
They were the biggest kids I had ever seen in my life, and I doubt they had started taking steroids at age 6

That's still pretty damn scary. Like he looks like he's raging in that picture.

Even Russell Wilson knows whats up

Football program contact info... is probably the best bet

also twitter some links @CoachSBeamer

My take on this guy looking at film is that the big ??? is can be be an effective passer in BCS football? As a runner he's got great burst/acceleration and agility, and appears to have a good sturdy build for running the ball as QB. However, he lacks elite top-end speed and probably won't be a home run threat in the ACC. Note that he makes Jonathan Allen look slow while escaping pass rush but in another highlight he gets caught from behind by a DB 40 yards into a long run.

1) He's short for a QB at 6'0" (translating high school measurements, he's really 5'11") that's not a killer but it is a limitation that has to be overcome with exceptional vision, and great passing skills.
2) his highlight passes look on the money but the highlights I've seen don't show him throwing as much as they do him running
3) release he seems to have a quick release, even on the move, which is certainly a positive considering he may have to shift around in the pocket to see down field at times.

From the limited highlights, it looks like Hanover has a run-first spread offense, with plenty of QB power runs behind the TB. How often is he passing the ball?

He seems like a guy who could be really effective in a Oregon style spread offense where the QB has to have excellent burst to get around the end on the weak side when running the read option but isn't relied on to be a home run threat.

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From the same town

I went to Atlee and Hanover is our in-town rivals so I've seen him play plenty. Hanover definitely plays a run-first offense, but he has a pretty good arm and he's pretty smart with the ball. He doesn't have explosive speed but he can make people miss in open space.

oh snap

I went to Lee-Davis. Watched him beat us single-handedly a few weeks ago.

Also: whats the story with Morris Jackson @ Atlee? I've been hearing and reading he's having a ridiculous season, but I haven't seen him play. Is he looking at any FBS offers?


He gets the ball an absurd amount of times, usually 35+, but he doesn't disappoint. Has run over 300 yards multiple times this year(had 7 TD's against Henrico this year). Atlee tended to get in a lot of track meets this year so he got the ball a ton.


I didn't get a chance to go to any games this year but I know he ended up with over 2,000 yards. From what I have heard he pretty much was the offense in some of their games.

As far as any offers, I have no idea if he has gotten any.

Great Kid and a Great Player

Made an account just to comment on this.

I went to high school with Ben(Sam's Brother) and have known Sam for a long time. He is just an all-around great person and one hell of a football player that any school would be lucky to have. I don't think I've ever seen a player as committed to winning (a lot like Tebow in that sense) as much as Sam and it shows in his play. He's started at QB for Hanover since he was a freshman and from day one he's been the leader for what has been a very successful team that is in a pretty tough district(Capital). The kid is He's also played TE, H-Back, WR, LB, Kickoff coverage, kick return and is a punt returner. He's even the holder for field goals. There really aren't enough superlatives to describe Sam as a person and player.

Now, with all that said he's probably not a D-1 QB. He is a legit 6' and as the picture above shows a solid 205 (possibly more now) but he would be much better suited for a RB/FB role (Think Zwinak at PSU). He has amazing power and vision running the ball and has a great burst over 10-15 yards. He also has superb hands. He could also be a D-1 LB (Think Jack Tyler, but faster and better ball skills). I also would think he would see the field very early on special teams (possibly punt protector) just based on his effort and game knowledge. VT could plug him in just about any skill position on offense (except flanker) and I think he could do reasonably well.

I also think UVA has offered him and he's already gotten several walk-on offers and 1AA offers. So if VT is serious about him they probably need to get to him quick.

Here's his film from his Sophomore year(I think). It's pretty lengthy and has some repetition, but it shows more of him throwing than the previous videos.

I think he could, like you said, play anywhere.

I definitely see some potential for him as a running back Toby Gerhart-style, fighting for extra yards and finding the endzone (which is what VT desperately will need after Martin Scales graduates this year).
I'm picturing a Greg Boone offensive scheme set up just for him ala the Wild Turkey formation we used to run, giving him a chance to run a few quick read options and/or slants & sluggos.

I think you nailed it on the head speaking of his character, which I know is unbelievably solid for a high school senior. Hopefully he gets a chance somewhere.


Not discrediting the player at all, but it seems like everyone keeps forgetting that Trey Edmunds will be available on the roster next season after redshirting. He's a RB that can break a lot of tackles and also make one sharp cut and get to space. In other words, if what French has been saying about Edmunds is even halfway true (and I trust French's judgement), and he sees the field, we have an every down/every situation RB.

And if Drew Harris still comes here he's also another big and fast back that definitely can be the every down kind of guy.

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This kid plays at my former rival high school, and unless they've changed drastically in the past 4 years, the offense caters to a running QB like Rogers. Like the stat line suggests, he probably carries it 15+ times a game, and I don't blame the coaches when the kid's built like that. But I doubt he'll play QB in college, especially at 6' even. I think the DI programs are looking at him as an athlete rather than a passer.

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Kids a Winner

Sam Rogers is a flat out winner. Was at this game a couple weeks ago. He completely took over (24-34 235 yds passing, 200 yds rushing, 3 TD's) His run @ around 0:30 is what he's all about. Definitely an underrated kid with alot of upside.

Kid dropped in several pretty over-the-shoulder balls. Hit his TE in the seam in stride. Tough throws to make. He looks off coverage a few times too. Pretty advanced stuff for a high school sophomore. Interesting prospect. Not sure if we'd take 3 QBs in this class.

Looks like

He looks like the prototypical triple option qb. I think he'd be a better fit at a place like jmu more so than VT.

According to Twitter, he's coming as a walk-on

It was a catch

Nice. Is this confirmed? I'm kind of excited about this. I think this kid could be another walk-on success story.

Seems confirmed to me

I don't expect this guy to be Tim Tebow or anything close to that, but I'm glad he's coming to Tech and think he is the type of football player that can have an unexpected/unseen impact on a team. Between Cody Grimm, Danny Coale, and Jack Tyler, you can certainly appreciate those players who just understand the game. Rogers seems to be one of those guys.

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It's true

My gf went to Hanover, and his sister tweeted that he was going to be a Hokie last night. He looks like a full back to me.

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I could see him as the next Jack Tyler

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Lots of rumbles that Rogers may be the starting fullback. The starter of this thread? GENIUS.

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They say he watches game film and studies the play book late into the night. Also that he understands the new offense better then anyone.

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I work with a family friend of sam. Despite being life long UVA fan, hes coming onto tech as fullback since tech has a better shot at a natl championship

(Tech actually coaches up players)

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Poor kid having to endure that for his entire life. No wonder he turns green when he's angry.

Thankfully he's on the good side now.

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I am so excited about this guy. We desperately need this mentality on our team. He is going to elevate the play of everyone else. I predict right now that this 2013 Hokie team will shock college football this year. We have some very interesting elements coming together.

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