Offensive Changes Needed

I have heard a number of people make suggestions about coaching changes on offense that need to happen. I completely agree. But, this is not anything I have heard from anyone . . . hire Tom O'Brien to run the offense. As a former Marine, he could the yin to Bud Foster's yang . . .

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highly doubtful

He will almost certainly pick up a head coaching gig, if not at a BCS school then at one of these top tier non-AQ teams losing their coaches to BCS teams. He was let go for merely being average in the ACC, not an entirely terrible indictment

Above average. Bowl team 3/4 years right?

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4 of 6

4 bowl games in his 6 years as HC, including the last 3. 2/3.

Average number of bowl-eligible teams from the ACC during that span? 8.5. Take out the 3 that didn't go bowling because of postseason bans, and that number drops to 8.

Out of 12 teams, that makes 2/3. An "average" ACC school goes to a bowl 2 out of 3 years.

Wow, that actually works out a lot nicer than I had expected.

With the amount of money that schools are shelling out for coaches though his resume might force him to spend some time as an assisstant.


Have you seen his resume?

He turned Boston College from a wildly inconsistent program with a few good seasons into an annual contender.

In the 54 years before O'Brien, BC played in 7 bowls, all coming within the previous 16 years and 3 during Flutie's last 3 years.

After 2 down seasons, he took them to 8 straight bowls, winning the last 7, with 8+wins each of the last 6, culminating in a 10-3 campaign in 2003 before he left for NC State.

Once in Raleigh, he went to 4 bowls in his 6 years at the school, worst record of 5-7, best of 9-4. Essentially average, for the ACC.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him get picked up by an NIU or Kent State caliber program.

Sonny Dykes Going to Cal

This is according to

"Cal: We have learned that Sonny Dykes will be named head coach at Cal. We're told to look for an announcement "within 24 hours". "

We'll see what Tony Franklin's next move is. If he's hired as part of Dykes' staff at Cal, then I have to assume he's not coming to Tech.