Tyrell Chavis, UVA de-commit considering Tech

Fork Union football player Tyrell Chavis said Wednesday that he is decommitting to Virginia in the wake of Cavalier coaching changes this past week.

"I'm going to decommit and see what other schools are interested," said Chavis, a defensive lineman who originally signed with Virginia in February but did not meet NCAA eligibility requirements. "I still might end up going to the University of Virginia."

Chavis said he has talked to coaches from Miami, North Carolina and he also is looking at Virginia Tech.

Chavis, from Varina High School in Richmond, was recruited by Jim Reid and Jeff Hanson, two of four UVa assistants who were relieved of their duties last weekend.

"It was shocking," Chavis said. "I really didn’t know what to think."


Chavis was rated as a 3-star guard by Rivals and a 4-star defensive tackle by 247. It sounds like he'd play DT at UVa.

"He's a violent player. He's not fundamental," Coach Brown said in an interview in May. "He's got to work on his technique, but gosh is he violent. One of the Division 1AA coaches that came in here said he reminded him of Deacon Jones because of how aggressive he plays. Tyrell is a good talent."

Chavis attended Blue Ridge School his sophomore year before returning for Varina last fall. Brown was certainly pleased to have the big man back in the fold.

"He was one of the more dominant players last season. He didn't get the accolades he should have, maybe because we were 6-5," Brown said. "This kid dominates. We play him at the 3 technique. He is as good an offensive tackle as he is a defensive tackle, but his style of play equates more to defense."


Other than Wyatt Teller, Tech doesn't have a defensive lineman committed in the 2013 class. I believe Woody Baron comes in as a greyshirt. It would be nice to land a kid who could potentially play guard since there are DLs in the pipeline and coming up in 2014. It would also be nice to land a kid out of Varina. We'll see if the coaches go after him.


Get Shane on a plane right now. Violent hands are a big factor in Maddy and Marshall's success.

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I saw Kevin Sherman's comments on TTL this week that the coaches are still trying to find "one really good" WR before February. I guess this means some of the athlete commits don't project as well, or may not be able to step in and play from day one? I thought it was an interesting comment.

Joel Caleb?!?!

Does this mean Sherman has given up on one of our biggest recruits last year?

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I'm not sure, it seems like a strange comment with both Stanford and Caleb in the wings and a lot of young talent in Knowles, Asante, and Irick. Then again, I'm not sure Sherman is still going to have a job in a few months so take it for what its worth. Just hoping Caleb does not have a similar development plan to Marcus Davis.


Sherman said in the same interview "I think what you'll see is a guy that's hungry, competitive, impressive athletically. I like what he's about" re:Caleb. I think its more that due to lack of bodies in the secondary/size & skill set of the athletes coming in they will probably get a look on the defensive side especially Prince and Chuck Clark.

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake


Not to mention the vitriol spewed at Tim Harris on Twitter, and I can only guess Chavis at this point as well, goes a long way in showing the true colors of the New Hoos

Tim Harris

Hopefully Tim Harris follows suit and hopefully they both come to the real exit 118B

Anybody know where we stood with him before he committed to the Hoos? Did we recruit him hard before? Is this a long-standing relationship, or would we be new players?

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Comparing him to Deacon "The Secretary of Defense" Jones is pretty lofty praise.

don't read too much into sherman's comments .. it's a numbers thing .. you want to get X number of receivers every go round ... it's not secret that hamilton is at the top of that list. we struck out on the other names (they were very doubtful anyhow).

as far as harris goes ... it'll be tough. i doubt we get him (and we don't really need another db in this cycle though we'd probably take him).

I think we would be happy....

...just to distract Harris enough to have him go to not-UVA. But, if we can get him, more the merrier.

I think Sherman's comments are just the thinly veiled allusion to Hamilton. He can't say, "We really want Desean Hamilton!" but he can say, "We really need an impact receiver!"

Another derp by mikelondon

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I think he is simply saying they want to sign one more WR as part of the class. Two graduated last year and three graduated this year. One more will graduate next year. You want to keep the numbers rolling. I wouldn't read too much into the "really good" portion of the comment. Ideally they want ever player they recruit to be really good at their position.