Virginia Tech to open the season against Georgia Tech on Labor Day

The Hive is reporting Georgia Tech will open the season against Virginia Tech.

The Jackets will play their first game on Labor Day at Virginia Tech.

Over the last few weeks we had been hearing rumors that this was a possibility. We've followed-up The Hive's initial report with one our trusted sources who says it is a done deal.

We reached out to the ACC for an official response, and if/when we receive a reply it'll be posted here. Edit: this is the response we received via email from Michael Kelly Associate Commissioner (Broadcasting/Communications/Football), "The 2012 ACC Football Schedule is under development and nothing is confirmed until its official release. Any speculation prior to official release is premature since there are so many factors beyond our control and since dates frequently change."

What does everyone think about the game?


Another night game?

Who doesn't like starting off the season with a night game in Blacksburg vs GT?

Maybe we'll double GT in total yds rushing, this time!

Seriously, that triple option has no chance against us, if this is true. Our D looks like it could rival 2006's. However, will prepping for their offense for the opener, hurt us the rest of September? GT always seems to give teams a hangover, no matter if they win or lose.

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Since 2004, we've only lost in the week after paying Georgia Tech twice..

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Not sure

how I feel about it yet. I love that this give us a ton of time to prep for them, and lets us conserve our bye-week for someone besides them for once; maybe we can use between FSU and Klempsun or sometime further down the stretch. I just hope we don't come out flat like we tend to after these long breaks.

To open with

a night game in Blacksburg would be incredible, though.

early thoughts

bud gets all summer camp to prep for the triple option
home game

no rb with experience
limited ol experience
vt a notorious slow starter the last few years
gt a fast starter under cpj, but against shit opponents for the most part.

Gonna make the offseason that much tougher to get through..

Not sure how I feel about this. Our offense is going to need to be able to find some sort of tempo early otherwise I'm not sure how long our defense will be able to keep us in the game. Time for some Beamerball?

Logan 3:16

On Par with Boise St

I think the caliber of opponent is on par with Boise St, although GT is not returning as many key players as Boise did in 2010. GT does return its entire chop-blocking O-line, so assuming someone can take over for Roddy Jones and Stephen Hill, they'll be pretty good. It'll be close, and likely come down to Logan's ability to make plays with his feet and limiting mental mistakes.

It'll be interesting to see what Foster rolls with for that game. Collins at DT, KFuller at Whip? Does he dare change it up from last year?

The biggest negative is the ability of the defense to adjust after the GT game. Overall, VT has done pretty well, better than most schools, but with a short week, it'll be tough. Of course, playing a team that averaged only 16.7 pts against D1 (1 FBS, 9 FCS) opponents the next week helps significantly.

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GT not close to Boise State IMO

We played a top 10 Boise State team that had a defense returning a lot of senior starters, good returning offensive skill players, and a great college QB. That Boise State team was also coming off an undefeated season in 2009 which included beating Oregon and winning a BCS bowl game.

GT is coming off an 8-5 season in which their last 7 games resulted in 2-5. GT played a schedule in which only 3 of their wins came against teams that ended the year with winning records. GT loses 4 out of their top 5 leaders in catches including the only deep threat in Stephen Hill. They also lose RBs Roddy Jones, Preston Lyons, and Embry Peeples which accounted for 31% of their rushing production last year.

Why I say it's on par with BSU

I agree, BSU is whole lot better than GT. Better players, better coached, better production. But, I base this on the fact that it will likely be a close game. How many times has VT played GT in the Paul Johnson era without the game coming down to the final quarter, and typically the last drive? This last year, was the most convincing win VT has had over GT, and it was close enough, that a few bad bounces or bad calls, GT wins. BSU game went down to the final drive and if a few calls go the other way, VT wins. That is why it is on par with BSU, because GT is so tough for VT. The game will go down to the 4th quarter and possibly the final drive.

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Keep in Mind

There will be zero travel after this game. I agree with HokieJoe3. No one should really be comparing recent Georgia Tech to recent Boise State...

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I like the opening matchup for us a lot

I do understand the concerns over us potentially not covering our base defense enough playing the option but having a whole off season in which we can devote portions to stopping the option is a huge advantage for us. I do understand that we will be playing a fresh option QB but also our D will be fresh and hopefully injury free. For matching up its great that we are returning all our defensive front against a running team while starting young DBs that shouldn't get much of a test.

I hope that playing GT first brings about an added focus on toughness and physicality this off season for the defense.

As far as our offense against their D we have a young OL but GT also loses 2/3 starting DL and a starter at LB in their front 7. GT's defense was ranked 44th in total defense and ranked 66th in rush defense which hopefully they don't improve much over the season for the young running game. I imagine it will also be tough for their players to accurately mimic our passing game to give their defense a good scout look at what our players will be able to do.

Conversely to what alot of yall are saying

Yes it gives Bud the whole offseason to prepare but it also gives PJ the entire offseason to prepare for us.

They're gonna get yards and chew up clock, Washington will have another spring and summer under his belt in the system.

I guarantee PJ will have something cooked up for us we've never seen before

But with Logan at the helm I'm confident we'll win

I would have rather played FSU 1st if for no other reason just the excitement leading up to the game

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Both Teams

Are returning quite a few defensive players. The Al Groh led 3-4 Defense however is much less stout than Bud's 4-3 base. The biggest thing with any game is cutting down on turnovers. Look at the GT-UNC game last year. Turning the ball over to a time draining triple option hurts any chance at redemption. My main concern will be the new RB situation. As terrible as Groh can be he knows how conservatively we'll be coming out the gate. Run first, pass later.

Nonetheless, I'm pretty excited about this one. It's been quite a fun rivalry.

Does lightning strike twice?

This is an opener 12 years in the waiting.

I'm assuming Corso's VT victory prediction still stands for this one.

Yes, the game that never happened was technically preseason, but I love this matchup and expect that it will be at night. Combine this opener with the stronger 2012 non-conference schedule and we could move up the rankings quickly if we start the season strong.

As in 2000, we will again start the season in the middle of the top 25 with a returning quarterback that makes us all think the sky is the limit.

That article says Corso picked Virginia Tech to win that game...

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i was at that game

it sucked getting stoked for the game, dumped on for 30 minutes, and then having to drive home soaking wet .. that day sucked -- big time

I was at the Underground to watch the game with some friends, when they called the game and my friends didn't show I decided to walk home (Apt Heights). Needless to say I got soaked, that day did indeed suck.

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Lesson learned?

Wasn't it only a year(ish) ago that we, as a football team, were swearing up and down to stop scheduling hard season openers? And that we, as fans, were bitching about Weaver's poor scheduling because of these hard games??

Gah Tech isn't an Alabama or Boise State caliber team, but they sure aren't Austin Peay either. I'm a much bigger proponent of letting the boys find their legs against the Little Sisters of the Poor instead of "challenging" them in a tough opener. Just because its a night game and seems more exciting for fans doesn't mean its a good decision for our football team.


Big Boys

Those openers didn 't hurt our competition's prospects. If we can't win those games we don't deserve any shot at a NC.

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I agree

with jmichons. And you'd better get used to it because 2013 starts off with an even tougher opponent.

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@jmichons I'm confused by what you mean when you say it didn't hurt our competition's prospects. But the point is it DID hurt us, physically and mentally. And the fanbase was super bitchy about it then, but super pumped about it now. If we can't win ANY of our games we don't deserve a shot at the NC, whether its Bama or Boise or Cincy or Gah Tech, no matter when they're scheduled.

@h0kie13 As for getting used to it, the Bama game is expected and has nothing to do with scheduling of the 2012 season in consideration of our turnover on defense. My point is that people were complaining about this kind of scheduling a year ago, but are now celebrating it. Pick one.


I dont get the argument

How is this on par with any of the BIG matchups of years past? Most of them were at neutral sites. USC @ FedEx, Bama in ATL, Boise St @ FedEX, etc. Sure we hit that miserable trap game in '08 with ECU but other than that I dont see how scheduling a DIVISIONAL opponent in the ACC as some huge opener. Yea, we've historically battled for the coastal crown after our match-up in November. Nonetheless, the game is at HOME against someone weve seen annually since '05. I'm just excited its a bigger matchup than some silly FCS school. And no, Austin Peay is NOT JMU.

A reminder.

The last time we played GT in Lane.

The reasons why I think this game is a good idea:

1. Georgia Tech thinks it is a bad idea.

Good Point

Yay for being at that game

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the guy next to me said "he'll run it back you watch" I said "he aint runnin shit back man we're gonna lose in OT"

glad i was wrong

hokie magic on a thursday night

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Looks like I will be making travel arrangements soon! Go Hokies!


I bet ESPN hypes the shit out of this leading up to it

Night game in Lane to kick off the season? Why the hell not.

The atmosphere in Lane is gonna be great, regardless.

Not thrilled but it is what it is

Would prefer to see a weak team in the opener to give the offense a chance to work out the kinks and for the secondary to totally sort itself out. On the plus side, a win here puts the Hokies in the drivers seat early for the Coastal, and VT's shown they have no problem playing quality opponents early in the year (even if their record isn't so good).

I hate ACC Openers in week one....except for a team like GT

My opinion is reflected in the subject head; however, I have the same concerns that many others have pointed out so quickly stating: we traditionally start out slowly, losing this game would be a terrible start in the DIVISION (could reason the Clemson loss- not going 0-1 this year), etc, etc, etc. Though I am a heavy proponent of the SEC scheduling practices early (one FCS and one crappy FBS team to warm up for your biggest OOC game in week three), I can stomach Georgia Tech for this particular reason: it gives Bud the whole summer to focus a majority of his efforts to countering GT's attack. We cannot forget (and I can see no one has) that CPJ's record in bowl games or games where the opposition has 11+ days to prepare since becoming HC at GT has been poor (and that is being polite). His record in openers is great cause he gets those Georgia powerhouses Georgia Southern and maybe even stretch to Charleston Southern. If this gets the national slot at either 6 or 7:30 pm then it will be a blast (but for some reason I think we will get the 3:30 ABC ACC slot. Don't ask why but its just what my gut is saying...or that could be the Beaconator speaking). But, just to clarify, if we are not prepping for a non-traditional or unique offense, then I want Austin Peay, Richmond, or another FCS school to get the season off the ground. A big loss in week one is a back breaker and in 2009/'10 we got lucky that the coaches and team responded so well each year. Hopefully we can deliver a haymaker in week one to GT and get them to play from behind the entire season. LET'S GO HOKIES!

As for an ACC game in week one: I was biting my fingernails the entire game against NC State in 2005 until Marcus Vick and David Clowney bailed us out in the fourth quarter. That game didn't sit well with me and I don't think this one will be any better; however, still CAN'T WAIT.

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Y'know what's funny?

My roommate senior year, her father went to Richmond, and claims that if they ever played Virginia Tech, that they would win. *giggle*

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This is how I feel

IF we are going to schedule an ACC contest to kick-start the season, than I would prefer it to be GT over any other opponent. I am not going to reiterate what has been mentioned before regarding the advantages of having ALL offseason to prepare for the triple option. As much as it will help, defensive preparedness will not be able to make up for having to settle a new offensive line, or prepare any of our running backs (and I'm going to assume that Coleman and Holmes will be getting a majority of the carries at the start of the season) for pass protection.

The fact it's a night game at HOME does go a long way to placate my reservations about all the uncertainties that come with the beginning of the season. What happened in 2005 in Raleigh is something that Weaver should ensure never happens again. Neutral site games against high-profile opponents have their place in generating exposure for the program, but looking back, that was a typical lose-lose situation for us: nasty environment, against a great defense (State lined up Mario Williams and Manny Lawson, two NFL first rounders, in their front 7). Yeah, we wound up winning, but we needed Marcus Vick to play lights out in his first collegiate start and a last second interception from Aaron Rouse to seal a victory (his second of the game).

Also, does Tech need to keep Austin Peay on the schedule? I don't ask this because I'm afraid of some sort of JMU redux. That won't happen again. It just seems unnecessary. If the athletic department is so concerned about make sure it's bringing in the revenue generated by another home game, is there any way to schedule a different opponent (or hell, keep AP) during one of the other bye weeks? Why subject the team to two games in less than a week?