Mike London Loves Him Some Mike London

Frank Beamer doesn't put his face on shirts for recruits. He just beats UVA 38-0.



Where are the 38-0, bro T-shirts? Thought we'd have those in stock by now!

You know, they really should have made those Mike London shirts with one of those really neat 3-D graphics, kind of like the old baseball cards.....you'd see London in the pose above, then move a little bit, and you'd see him crying....that could be a fun shirt...

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I am definitely in line for a 38-0 bro shirt

They're definitely coming.

Along with some other neat stuff.

Mike London is that dude at the party that won't stop talking about how he does P90X and then stuffs his face with M&M's.

you are EXACTLY right!!

Is it..

Is it the Mike London TM football (MLF) program or UVa Football?

Jo Pa was the face of Penn State forever but he didn't put his picture on a shirt.