Report: SMU Interested in Seth Greenberg

Lane Casadonte of CBS 6 Richmond reported the following via Twitter late Sunday evening, "Sources tell #CBS6 Sports that #VT's Seth Greenberg is a top candidate for the job at #SMU #ACC".

SMU fired coach Matt Doherty on March 13th after going 80-109 over six seasons. SMU Director of Athletics Steve Orsini stated the following.

"As I have said previously, we have set a goal of top-25 status for our men's basketball program and want to compete for BIG EAST championships. With our membership in one of the best basketball conferences in the nation, the Crum Basketball Center, our $40-plus million renovation of Moody Coliseum and our location in the fertile recruiting grounds of Dallas, we believe we have the pieces for a championship-caliber program."

At first, SMU might sound like an illogical destination for Greenberg. But when you consider SMU is transitioning to the Big East, a premier hoops league, is located in Dallas, and has invested serious dollars into its hoops program, it sounds a little more plausible. It might even remind you of Greenberg's takeover scenario at Virginia Tech sans the gobs of local talent.

Keep in mind Greenberg turned down St. John's in 2010, a job, that considering his background, he seemed extremely well-suited for.

CBSSports Jeff Goodman reported on March 24th that SMU had targeted Marquette's Buzz Williams, a coach who has made the NCAA Tournament each of the last 4 seasons, including a pair Sweet Sixteens, to replace Doherty.

It's unlikely that Williams, a Texas native who has led the Golden Eagles to four consecutive NCAA tournament appearances in his tenure, would leave for the Dallas-based school. However, sources have told that the Mustangs are prepared to make a lucrative offer in excess of the $2.6 million per season that the 39-year-old Williams is currently earning in Milwaukee.

Even though the 2011-12 season was a disaster, Seth has significantly raised the profile of Virginia Tech basketball during his tenure. He may not have the same level of fan support he had pre-2011, but Athletic Director Jim Weaver has publicly backed him, repeatedly. I've never heard him sound anything less than enthusiastic when talking about his, and his team's, future in Blacksburg. If Casadonte's report is true, do I think he would consider the job if offered? Yes. As of right now, do I think he'll be the next coach at SMU? No. What do you guys think?


Money talks

If SMU is willing to pay $2.6 M per season and has shown that they are willing to invest all of the money to make that program a winner then Seth would be foolish not to listen. Considering they haven't been a BCS program, he would likely be starting from the same position he did at VT.

I would be surprised to see him take the position but if it gets into a bidding war I can't see VT coming anywhere close to what SMU is offering. Greenberg has done a great job turning the program around but it would be silly to pay roughly double what he is making now. That type of pay should be reserved for coaches who make the NCAA tournament just about every year.

Not sure how I feel about this.

I'm firmly on the fence when it comes to Seth. I don't want to see him go yet, but with the way last season went, it might be in the works. I hope he turns it around next season, because he'll probably be gone if he doesn't.

I'm more worried about what may happen if he leaves. I don't trust Weaver to make a good basketball hire. When Dunkenberger was fired, he basically walked down the hall and handed the program to an assistant coach. I understand we don't put much emphasis on women's basketball, but come on. Seth is good enough for now. If Seth isn't getting it done, lets wait for the next AD to make a splash with a big basketball hire.

Having said that, to quote The Key Play: If SMU pursues Seth, and he turns into a contract extension, this will be my reaction:


Go Hokies

Go Falcons

I agree with everything you said. I think you can make the case for him both staying and leaving. Me personally, if he does leave I'd like to see us go after Shaka Smart or Norfolk State's hc.

Shaka aint comin, he's already rejected NC State and Illinois in recent years.

He either loves VCU or he's waiting for an elite bball school. A lot of people are saying he's waiting for UCLA to fire their coach next year.

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

I think if he does try to leverage this for an extension

We should show him the door. That said, he's shown himself to be a coach who can turn a poor team into a decent one, but can't turn a decent team into a really good one. Also, Greenberg coached at UVa?! Who knew?

Take the money, Seth. Take it.