Derrick Green

I am not that up to date on VT recruiting, but one of the biggest questions I have is why isn't tech a favorite for Derrick Green? With the pedigree of backs that have come through Blacksburg, as well as being a proven winner (this year aside), I don't understand why he isn't considering the Hokies more seriously?

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Gotta think it has something to do with the plethora of backs there now. Only one (#SCALES4HEISMAN) is graduating and Trey Edmunds won't be redshirting. Plus Drew Harris is also a factor. My best guess.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

That never stopped Ryan Williams from coming here after we already had Darren Evans, and didn't stop David Wilson when we had both of those guys.

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No, I don't think that at all

People actually underrate how big HS kids egos are. No top of the line RB is looking at our RB rotation right now and not assuming hey won't play right away. Even if all our young backs were actually producing, a guy like Green wouldn't be worried about it. Harris isn't worried about it, he could about go anywhere he would like to go.

Green just has his pick of schools, and justifiably has five schools higher than VT.

You could be right, but kids like him don't want to work for anything anymore. He would have to work to earn a starting job here. Perfect example is Phillip Sims.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Sims Dad has severe kidney issues

And spends more than 3 days a week at UVA Medical

i think it's more

along the percy harvin lines and he thinks he's better than the commonwealth schools.


his leaders are Auburn, Michigan, and Tennessee. haha.

Logically, it has to be Michigan, right? Of his finalists, it's the only school that won't go through a coaching transition, and Borges wil give him the carries he needs to be on a national stage.


I'm pretty sure Michigan is the favorite for now. Have to give them credit, they have been killing the recruiting game as of late.

I also don't buy the "too many backs" excuse. Michigan had 3 backs in the 2012 class, and at least one four star RB in each class since 2007 (Austin White just missed the cut in 2010). I know there are those who don't buy into the Rivals star ratings, and it is definitely not an exact science, but clearly he isn't shying away from the competition.

Best of luck to him, he will most likely be a great back wherever he goes.


By not going anywhere he must mean they're going to stay in the SEC Basement under Chizik


not even a sniff toward BBurg for an official.


Let's just....

Realize you cant win 'em all. Why would he want to come to VT anyway, our offense is terrible.


that's probably because

he can take an unofficial to VT that is plenty cheap enough .. he'll use his officials for locations that would require significant travel (like michigan, auburn). he's pretty much already stated that .. seems like he is REALLY vetting out his options and thinking things out and keeping his options wide option .. i think that vt is still definitely in the mix

The fact that Michigan has not been great and Auburn has been terrible and will lose their coaching staff means VT probably has more of a shot than we give credit for.

If we hear rumbles that Harris won't qualify, I would not be stunned to see Green commit to VT.

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According to, Green no longer interested in VT

According to Recruiting Nation, Green has taken VT off of his list. Granted, ESPN RN is one of the worst recruiting sites I've seen.

ESPN 150 RB Green talks Auburn visit
November, 12, 2012
By Dave Hooker |

Derrick Green is interested in Auburn no matter what.

The ESPN 150 tailback from Richmond (Va.) Hermitage said he would continue to consider the SEC school even if there is a coaching change there.

"Yes sir," Green stated via text message to ESPN. "No question."

When asked if he is worried about a possible coaching change, Green stated, "Not concerned at all."

The Tigers are 2-8 and 0-7 in the SEC after losing to Georgia 38-0 on Saturday. Media reports have claimed the administration at Auburn have taken steps to replace head coach Gene Chizik if the decision to replace him is ultimately made.

Clearly, a new staff would have to build relationships quickly with Green, who took his official visit to Auburn on Sunday. There would be just a little more than two months until national signing day if the current staff is released after the season. Auburn plays Alabama A&M at home on Saturday before closing the season at Alabama on Nov. 24.

The depth chart will be a draw for Green no matter the coaches in place. Auburn needs a power tailback. It's top three rushers are all under 6-feet tall and 200 pounds. Green is 6-feet tall, 215 pounds and only figures to get bigger in college.

"It's a real good chance for me to compete and get early playing time and eventually be that starter," Green stated when asked what he liked about Auburn.

When asked what he liked about his visit to Auburn, Green stated, "That game day atmosphere was amazing."

Green's finalists shifted last week. He told ESPN on Saturday that he is no longer considering Virginia Tech and is now interested in Miami (Fla), which has made a late push for him. His other finalists are Michigan, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Oregon.

Green was originally scheduled to take his visit to Oregon this weekend. He said he has decided to postpone that trip. Green has taken official visits to Tennessee and Michigan. Miami and Ole Miss seem like strong possibilities for future trips.

Green is rated the No. 41 overall prospect in the nation and the fifth-best tailback. He is rated the fourth-best prospect in Virginia.

auburn no matter what huh?

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Derrick Green's season done

Hermitage lost tonight to LC Bird in the playoffs... my dad was at the game giving me updates, and from his perspective Green was largely ineffective. Caveat: he scored two touchdowns pretty much on the goal line, but was pretty quiet otherwise. I don't have any official stats, so take second-hand results with a grain of salt. According to my father, he couldn't really get much going since the Bird defense was keying on him and making sure other players had to beat them.

Being a Hermitage alum, I hope he does well at the next level, though I've heard he has maturity issues that may hamper him. I'd be glad to be proven wrong however. I've seen a lot of good football players come from my high school, with Duane Brown being the most notable. In fact, VT has had a few Hermitage guys come through the program: Tweedy and Duan Perez-Means currently, and Ju-Ju Clayton as well, before he left the team.

Fun story about Duane... I was a freshman his senior year in high school and he was in band, we both played saxophone. Obviously he didn't play with the marching band during football games, but he did march in a couple of competitions, only a few people away from me. It was hilarious to see a man that big with an alto sax, it seemed so tiny in his hands.