Donaldven Manning Will Remain with the Team

Update 11/14/12: Manning will remain with the team, but not travel to Boston College.


The original thread "Donaldven Manning's Status with Team Uncertain" follows below:

When I was told something was brewing earlier in the day, I did a little searching through the Virginia general district court online case information system (Montgomery County General District / Christiansburg). I found five charges for a "MANNING, DONALD LEMAV". The name is not an exact match, but the birth day and month match Donaldven Manning's (year is hidden in the online record). The details of the charges are viewable here: It would seem to corroborate Mike Barber's report. I was told both pot and maturity issues may be part of the reason why his status with the team are in jeopardy.

Two defensive backs, Boye Aromire and James Farrow have already left the program this year.


So let me get this straight: we're losing our strength at BeamerBall with the poor special teams, the offense is regressing to the same frustrating results we saw before Tyrod's last two or three years, and now we're starting to lose our rep as a "clean" program...? (Journell, now Manning... Who's next?)

The program had had arrests throughout Beamers tenure. Dadi, XBoyce (child endangerment!), Marcus Vick @ least 3x (including picking up 15 yr olds with Brenden Hill & Mike Imoh), Ike Whittaker the alcoholic, and on and on...

Maybe we chalk it up to stepping up the recruiting game resulting in recruiting players of questionable ilk. Who knows...

You are correct... But yet everyone always commends us for running a tight ship. At least I thought they did?

You were incorrect.

We initially had a rep as a dirty program in the mid to late 90's (there's a reason he is referred to as Jim Drunkenraper.) We even had a rape case go to the Supreme Court associated with our football team.

Since then, we've been lucky that we just have had your usual fallout.

And, a reminder: 1/3 of every recruiting class flames out. Usually for things like this (pot is usually the reason for "suspended for violation of team rules" announcements).

This isn't unusual.

That's like one off-season of transgressions for an SEC team.

On a good year.

Overreact much???

"Losing our rep as a clean program" Come on man, It would appear that Beamer is kicking this kid off the team, and a kid that plays a position of extreme need right now. Most programs would give him a nod and a wink and say, "Now, stay away from that weed son." At most, they would suspend the kid for a game (see Clemson).

"starting to lose".... In other words, maybe we should look more into the character of those we recruit as well as talent on the field. I understand it's not rampant, it's only a few cases but that doesn't mean it deserves to be downplayed.


Recruit kids who don't smoke weed? We couldn't field a team.

Just recruit kids who are smart enough to not get caught.

Best comment I've ever seen

How much of a recruiting advantage is Colorado going to have?

Or will the team still ban the use?

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Isn't Pot an NCAA rule and not a team rule? I would think they would still not be allowed to smoke on the trippy stick.

The first charge

is 'Defective Equipment Generally.'
I think that's also a sign on Stinespring's door.

I think you can pretty much say

that this is definitely a football player. My reasoning: Jimmy Turk, y'all.

Jimmy's been the Official Defense Attorney of Virginia Tech Football for longer than I've been going to football games.

So Joe, I think you are correct in assuming that this is Manning.

Considering the charge and the fact that the possession charge is no longer on the record, he should get off pretty easy as far as the state goes. But with Beamer? That may be another story. But hey, Frank gave Journell a second chance, which I never, ever would have predicted...


This story needs a lot more clarity. He has already finished his community service and the rest of the charges have been dropped so if he was being let go because of this, it would have happened sooner in the season.

If anything he does not feel he fits in the program as he is being used less and less each week.

from what

i understands, it's not a continuation of what happened over the summer ... he's continuing to have issues and i'd have to guess that something else happened. pretty sure this isn't a "gonna take my talents back home coach" ... i think manning wants to be here ... just can't keep his nose clean.

Don't Want to Jump The Gun

Hard to criticize the kid too much for doing something that many of Virginia Tech's "smartest" students (engineers, BIT, etc.) and professors do everyday after class. Seems like a maturity thing with the large number of small infractions, hopefully he can pull it together and be a contributor in the next few years, we definitely need him.

"I oughta punch a UVA fan right in the neck" -Colin Cowherd

"Hard to criticize the kid too much for doing something that many of Virginia Tech's "smartest" students (engineers, BIT, etc.) and professors do everyday after class."

...thats not the point. When you accept that scholarship and become a part of the team, you become an ambassador for the entire university. Students, Faculty, Alumni, etc. You are out there for the world to see, representing your institution. Now we can get into debates over how many of these kids actually understand that, but thats a different issue. Truth is, it doesn't matter if other people smoke weed; what does matter is that he is doing so, getting caught by the police (or whomever), and it reflects badly on everyone primarily because of his place on the team. We all want Tech to win, but I'd feel better cheering for guys with character.

The dude smokes weed... big deal. If he played for Univ of Colorado, never would have even been an issue. I hate the hand wringing over guys being 18 year old kids. Marcus was a basket case and a train wreck. Manning appears to be a normal dude who got caught breaking a law 90% of the posters on here are probably guilty of as well.

More like Hokie Stoned. Drugs are bad, mkay.

Proud to be part of the other 10%.

Everyone chill out with the name calling

Just gonna go ahead and drop some knowledge here.... These are still college students, that do dumb college student things. Every athletic department has them, and so does every team. In terms of pure proportionality of behavior, I'd say the football team is better than most other teams on campus. Arrests, DUI's, and drug possessions happened with the swim team (myself included), two track players got kicked out of school for throwing 40 bottles out of the 5th story window of cochrane at passers by, and baseball, softball, and even women's soccer had arrests. It's a a part of college, and in examining a cross section of students with one of student-athletes, there's really no difference.

It's not indicative of a dirty or bad program, or loss of control over student athletes, it's indicative that most of these athletes are still students. Attacking character for mistakes made in adolescence is just plain ignorant. If you all were perfect angels at VT, then by all means, cast the first stone. Summers in Blacksburg (when he got caught) are the worst, as there are less distractions for the Blacksburg and Campus Police. And Ike "The Alcoholic" Whitaker is a pretty disgusting way to disdainfully refer to a kid that obviously has problems with vices, that I've been told is doing well now.

Use some discretion when referring to 17-22 year olds, and get off your high horses when talking about a "dirty program" or "entitled players". Do they get some benefits? Yes. Do they Work for them? Absolutely. Do you think Manning walked in today full of swag thinking "ain't nothin'", no. He was scared out of his mind that his future may have been ruined. Some athletes are trouble through and through, but so are some students, we just don't have beat writers tweeting every one of their indescretions. Ease up, give them a break, and stop being so judgmental.

As far as "clean" is concerned, pride yourselves on the fact that we haven't been busted in some big recruiting scandal, and not on the actions of kids that are still far from growing up.


38-0 bro

Well Said

I decided early in this season when it was obvious which direction it was headed that it is stupid as hell to get angry at college team's players. They are a bunch of 19 year olds.

exactly .. some things are obviously much worse than others .. it sounds like dmanning has a few things to get straight .. seems like a good kid so i'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he will .. these guys are growing up and learning what responsibility to others is -- a lot of them mess up .. most of them don't do it twice