Nick Acree Sets Bench Press Record
It's the first video. I thought this deserved its own forum topic. 505 pounds and it looked like he could of done more! I hope his knee is healing properly and hopefully he can start to make an impact on the line next year.

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Here's the embedded video since takes about an hour to load.

He throws it up with ease too. Like you said mikey, hopefully his knee continues to heal up, and he can continue the progress he made at tackle in August.

Hokiesports has got to be one of the worst websites for a program like ours

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agreed is the worst site update I have ever seen.

1. The videos take forever to buffer. Especially pressers for some reason
2. Mobile usage is almost impossible.
3. The quality control on the video files are laughable. they don't render the field order right half of the time and the other times they don't stereo mix the audio. Shoot sometimes they don't even include the audio. This is just careless export issues. Then they upload them without double checking the playback.

Jacked up.
That site is useless.

But hey we got to dumb a$$ video of the team eating food. All of us where waiting on the edge of our seats for that one.

“I hope that they’re not going to have big eyes and pee down their legs so to speak,” -- Bud Foster

I still find myself aimlessly staring at the roster that hasn't updated player profiles at all since they were freshman.

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

I've said this for years...

Unfortunately, the entire site is run by ONE PERSON. The video department is completely out of date - and lacking simple Tech upgrades that are a must.

Like our coaching staff, our business end of the program is old - old as dirt.

I blame lack of major national sponsorships, high visibility of our program on the national stage, and commitment to building our student fan-base all on the business operations of VT Football.

It's a sick joke in my mind - and I'm shocked nobody else has seen the potential it has to improve.

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...this is not another case of a player who "Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane." Well-wishes to Nick!

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yeah, he threw that up with ease. With his size and strength, he should be pushing (or throwing) people around next year.


is there a worse site??????


Don't want to take away from him but I want to see some records on the field!