Fuller/Tweedy Interception Footage

I've watched it many times while cutting up the footage for French's review. I still think it was a clear INT. What do you guys think?

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Clearly an INT... I don't know how it wasn't overruled.

ACC Replay


A new season...new hope

Maybe even the ACC refs hate our offense so much that they want us to lose so we'll make some coaching changes??

It was definitely an interception!!!!!!!!!!!

The ball was always 4 to 6 inches off of the ground! The ACC refs suck giant donkey ballz!


I think it's an interception. However, like the announcers said, it's hard to tell if the ball hit because of the color of the logo. If it were called a pick on the field, I think it would have remained.

Any physics students?

Seriously, if the ball hit the ground there is no way it carried that much velocity/distance from a bounce AFTER already being tipped. Fuller didn't just bat it as it was bouncing up either. Refs couldn't see if it hit the ground or not. Fine. How that ball exploded from underneath his hand though highly suggested it didn't. On a call already made as a pick....

the question is whether the tip of the ball hits the ground..

from the replay its tough to tell if the nose of the ball hits the ground before he flings it up in the air.

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I was no physics major but it is pretty clear that the nose did not hit the ground. The bounce angle would have been very different regardless of his hand being under it. Also there WAS one angle the commentators looked at that you can clearly see it about a foot off the ground and never hit.

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Clearly the ACC reviewers don't understand how to review anything. Look at this whole season. We have been getting BS calls all season. I won't even mention THE CATCH during the Michigan game. the ACC refs and reviewers need to be retrained. The NFL replacement refs made some crazy calls, but damn, look at the ball guys, from all camera angles the ball remains on a single axis (tilt wise) when it reaches the area of his hand and does not changes when the ball "bounces back up" off the ground for at least 2 feet(sarcasm intended). Just by the laws of physics, if the ball struck the ground in any way, this would be impossible. The Clemson game showed that they were blind as well. Also that they like to call QBs down when they are still moving around in the pocket ( defender tickling his ankle or not) The ACC refs are a joke and we have all known it for years. I cant remember what year it was, but there was a ref that threw one of our guys out for backing into him on accident. I understand you don't touch the official, but you'd think that, " Sorry bro, didn't see you there, my bad." would have at least made the ref think it was an accident. Above all, it 2012. 2012. one more time, 2012. You mean to tell me that the ONLY camera angle we can get are all from the worst angles. Its 2012, BUY MORE CAMERAS! USE THE TECHNOLOGY!

Its really hard to win the games when we keep beating our selves with playcalling and stuff that we should be doing flawless by now, but when we have to beat the refs and ACC officials.........

Soapbox dismounted..............Nice job C. Fuller way to be the man. Sorry you got rammed by the refs. Keep up the good work.


Sugar Bowl was PAC-12 officials, but yeah. ACC reviewers are terribad this year.

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Thanks Frank!

I agree with you on just about all of those points, except the last one. That was Kyle not Corey haha

OOPS!!! I done mixed up them Fullers! lol. Thanks for the correction.


Hokie backing into a ref

I believe that was Mr Jimmy Williams you are referring to, and I think it may have happened in the same game as the Elvis stomp. Considering Jimmy's history, he was probably mooning the ref when he backed into him or something that would equally justify his ejection. Not that I don't love our players, but some of them make questionable decisions at times.

oh, well I stand corrected on that one............( ACC officials in disguise :P )


INT for sure

The ball is curved. When the ball is parallel to the ground the tip of the ball is farther away from the ground than the middle of the ball. The tip could not have hit the ground if the center of the ball didn't hit.

I think the replay officals just don't understand physics. It has happened over and over this year. What is really going on in the booth? Maybe they are watching other games or pornos.

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They're in the booth watching "ThanksKilling 3"

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Thanks Frank!