Accounts of Commonwealth Cup's Past.

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Now, to tie in with everything they've done. I simply wanted to create a section for the message boards to reflect on Commonwealth Cup's past. Feel free to give accounts from games, tailgates, etc where you realized you were a part of the rivalry.

I was not a Virginia native nor understood the rivalry for much of my high school career. I got a glimpse of how things would be, but I'll save that for the other post.

My first game as part of it all happened back in '03. I was a Freshman and knew little about how big this game was. Older fraternity brothers tried but like most games that year I just wanted to see us win. We lost, I was pissed, but I wasn't ready for the slew of arrogance and horseshit awaiting me back in my dorm room.

20-30 new messages. With Facebook still in its infancy I was bombarded by a sea of AIM Instant Messenger windows. People I hadn't talked to since high school, many who didn't even go to UVa were telling me 1. How much we suck and 2. How a degree from Tech was a joke.

That was the last day I associated anything to do with class and those shitheads up north.

I've witnessed the streak since then in Lane Stadium or at home during the breaks. Like most of you, last year was especially great; and the first time I had actually seen a game in Hooville. For brevity's sake I'll just bullet my observations.

-- assholes
-- more assholes
-- lots of cheese
-- not knowing players names
-- guy yelling "your not my dad" after actually commenting a UVa player
-- drunk piggy girl screaming "safety school" not realizing the irony that she was her own version of a safety net for the male population
-- dudes in blazers slipping down "The Hill" on their asses into the mud
-- 0 points scored
-- tears

That day will be forever in my memory. Feel free to share your favorite games in the series.

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Oct. 18, 1980

(Technically, this pre-dates the Commonwealth Cup, which was started in 1996.) The wahoos visited Lane Stadium, which was nearing completion of its first expansion. Seating was getting close to 54,000 fans, as I recall. The weather was cold, with a few showers in the area. Bill Dooley's boys brought their A-game. Tech used a stiff defense, and Cyrus Lawrence to crush the wahoos 30-0. The Roanoke Times had a picture of the stadium taken from a plane overhead the next day, showing the crowd....and that lovely 30-0 score! What a game! It was my birthday weekend, and what a birthday present!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

my experience

November 25, 2006 was my first Commonwealth Cup experience. The day after my 12th birthday. I experienced a tantalizing defense led by Adibi that was in the backfield the whole game and gave Jameel Sewell hell. Eddie Royal had the fantastic catch and run and we won 17-0. I loved every bit of it.

Saturday's my birthday and there's nothing I want more than an annihilation of the Hoos. I expect us to bring it, and I hope most of the students come back for the game despite the rough season.

VT Class of 2017

i also must remark, we wore #ALLMAROONEVERYTHING during that game in 2006 #BRINGBACKALLMAROONEVERYTHING

VT Class of 2017


North end zone. Scoreless first half. Bryan Randall, Josh Hyman, and Cedric Humes.

Rushing the field.

It's still one of my mom's favorite pictures.

(Also, damn did we have a good team and good unis that year.)

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Thanks Frank!


The year was 1998, the day was November 28th. It was my sophomore year at the fine Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

At 8-2, the Hokies were having a pretty decent season considering the fact that in order to preserve Michael Vick's redshirt we had to put Safety Nick Sorensen behind center more than a few times that year. Highlights 'til then included a 37-0 road thromping of Clemson, a 27-20 overtime win over Miami in Lane, and a 27-13 win over the cousins in Morganhole. Low points included an embarrassing homecoming loss to Temple and a heartbreaking 4th quarter loss at the hands of Donovan McNabb in the Carrier Dome. (That Temple game is the most embarrassing loss I have ever experienced as a Hokie. Luckily I wasn't present for JMU in 2010.)

This made for a pretty good showdown in Blacksburg between the 16th ranked Hoos and 20th ranked Hokies. I felt pretty good about our chances, but I wasn't overconfident.

I brought down my Dad and 2 bothers-in-law to the game. My two brothers-in-law were born and bred in the Commonwealth of Virginia - at the time, they were both UVA fans (but I wouldn't call them Wahoos). My Dad really didn't have a horse the in the race, but was pulling for VT because I went there.

At any rate, Tech jumped out to a 29-7 lead at the half. Things were looking peachy and the Hokies looked like we were set for our 9th win of the season.

Well, then the 2nd half happened. We scored just one field goal in the second half, while UVA scored 14 points in the 3rd quarter and 15 points in the 4th quarter. Down 36-32, a potential 4th quarter comeback was snuffed out when Sorensen through an interception with 40s left.

UVA won 36-32 and my brothers-in-law made sure I knew it.

After that game I refused to ever again bring a Virginia fan into Lane for the UVA game.

On the plus side, since that game Virginia Tech has won 12 of the last 13 games vs UVA.

best memory was in 08... uva had to beat us to get to a bowl game. before every game that season, a guy at the tailgate did this big toast that always goT everybody pumped for the game. for the uva game, he ended it by singing, in reference to uva, "i'llllllll be hommmmmme for christmassssss". so funny.

i've been going to the tech-uva games in lane my entire life... first experience in c-ville was '03. ugh. went back in '05, '07, '09, and '11, and each victory was more sweet than the last.


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Need I say more?

get some dum-dums!

All of them

In '04 we snuck my Wahoo friend in using my ID and a student ticket, then he didn't get the whole "hand me my wallet" so I could use my ID again. Gate guard didn't care - all cool.

Some of the best memories might be at Charlottesville though:

In '05 a buddy and I stayed up until 4am the night before painting a banner in my friend's dorm (which I have hanging on a wall in my house) with the Grinch wearing Tapp's jersey and saying "Our Hero: The Grinch; Terrorizing the 'Hoos since 1957." About 15 minutes into the game and already 15 points down, our Wahoo friend said "Ok, I'm going to go pack, and let's leave for home at half time" (This was the weekend before Thanksgiving break).

In '07, as commander of the Army ROTC program, our friend got us in the stadium before gates opened to "sell seat cushions" and we then reserved front row seats in the student section for our group.

Then last year... 38-0...

cant remember the year (good start)

it was a game in Lane in maybe 01 or 02 and I went to high school with the UVA safety Jerton Evans. After we beat them we rushed the field and after I said hello on the field to him, I watched as my drunk older brother would walk up to the police (with his arms raised) and say that they couldnt arrest him because he wasnt doing anything wrong.