Weaver on SEC... Faux Pas?

Weaver on Kyle Bailey show. Now if anything is going on, its likely WAY over Weaver's head. Still, its hard to see how his comments can be 'misrepresented'. Hnmmmmm


20 Nov 2012
Kyle Bailey@TheClubhouseKB
"I really haven't thought about it because the discussion has just come about three or four days ago..." (cont.)

Kyle Bailey@TheClubhouseKB
"I'd like to defer my comment for right now, but there may potentially be some interest." - Jim Weaver on "Tech Talk Live" @STH_Hokie

Also, from earlier in the day:
Ty Hodges@STH_Hokie
Weaver: "The answer to that is, Dr. Steger and I meet about once a month...and we will be ready for whatever comes in the future" #Hokies

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Weaver has cost us $50 million of exit fees and two or three years of SEC revenue because of his stubborn personal attachment to the ACC. The athletic department operates marginally in the black, so he's probably destroyed more value in the last couple years than he created in his entire tenure as AD.

Weaver is a part of the good ol boys club in the ACC. He's not going to do anything to jeopardize that while he is ad