B1G retaliatory strike?

Not being the most well-informed CFB fan, I would like to get the considered opinions of others with regards to the B1G raiding the ACC and Big East. My background being military/law enforcement, I have to say that the timing on the B1G's expansion is very suspicious, coming shortly on the heels of Notre Dame realinging with the ACC and in effect, rejecting the B1G as a future home. I think it is no secret that the B1G has openly courted ND at various times in the past, and probably still harbors hopes of incorporating them into the conference.

To achieve the goal of bringing in ND, the B1G would need to de-stabilize the ACC, thus giving ND little room to manuever in the ever-evolving conference realignment battles we are currently witnessing. Is this the hidden reason for the attack on the ACC that offering UM big money to switch conferences really represents? The B1G will likely need the help of the Big-12 and/or the SEC to pick off a few more ACC teams in order to truly weaken the ACC, but my question is: Was Jim Delaney's goal simply to up TV revenues by tapping into the huge TV markets on the eastern seaboard, or is he actually trying to force Notre Dame into the B1G while at the same time giving his conference the biggest piece of TV pie in the country?

In other words, what is that old scoundrel Delaney really up to?

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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It's pretty obvious that the B1G intending on expanding at some point. When Notre Dame dropped out of the picture (for the next number of years), the B1G decided not to wait any longer. Enter -- Rutgers

But everyone anticipates conferences moving to 16 or more teams any way, so there is still room for Notre Dame in the B1G. Hell -- any conference would MAKE room for them, even if they were already up to 16.